Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ruffian Manicure with TC & Time for a break

I added a coat of TC on my Ruffian manicure, which I loooooooove. :L It started chipping next day that's why I put a TC to keep it on my nails for few days more. :) And of course We'll Always Have Paris Suede became alive with a coat of TC. :i

Cloudy day, daylight
Love, love, love. :L
And this is my last manicure for now, I'm taking a break from blogging. :$

More after a click... :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ruffian Manicure with 2030 & We'll Always Have Paris Suede

I'm a big fan of Ruffian manicure, it looks so elegant and classy.  :) I wanted a gold metallic polish for ages and thanks to Carolina I got it. :i Ruffian mani was officialy combined with black but since I had really bad experience with a Black Out from Black&White collection with plastic finish I decided to pick something different. :i

I don't have a shimmery matte black polish so I picked one of my favorite OPI - We'll Always Have Paris Suede and for base color China Glaze - 2030.
2030 is metallic gold polish, one coater with easy application and with a frosty finish like it's usual for metallic polish. After applying 1 coat of 2030 I added one layer of TC - if you mess up you can use a brush and nail polish remover and remove the mistakes without touching lowest layer of polish. 
Then I added 2 coats of We'll Always Have Paris Suede. It's not difficult to create Ruffian but with this polish you must work extra fast because it's drying so quick. 
I'll probably add 1 coat of TC later but for now I'm enjoying suede finish and beautiful color combination.

I even managed to capture some picture on sun, because we've such a bad weather these days. :(

I must say I'm in love! :L 

What do you think about my attempt of Ruffian manicure? Like it or not?

Ivana :k

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Houston We Have a Purple with Prancer

Instead of doing my term paper I'm posting this. :i I showed you matte version yesterday because I loved it so much and definetely more as this glossy version.
I got Prancer from Carolina a while ago but I never used it till then. It's a red hexagonal and small glitter in a clear base.
I added one coat over OPI Houston We Have a Purple, for more glittery look I should add one coat more. It gives a totally another dimension to Houston. :)

Which verison do you prefer more - glossy or matte? :)

Term paper is waiting for meee.... xo

Ivana :k

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Houston We Have a Purple with Prancer Mattified

Hiya! :) 
I'm still wearing and enjoying my Funky French Skittles so I'll have to show you something else. I showed you Houston We Have a Purple few days ago but I decided to upgrade it somehow. :i I's seeing mattified glitter all around so I wanted to try it out and that's why I'm posting matte first although I wanted to show you shiny version first. :D
I added 1 coat of Wet'n'Wild Prancer (red hexagonal and small glitter in a clear base)  and 1 coat of Essie - Matte About You. 
Weak sun
Mattified glitter looks sooooo amazing! And flakies too but I need to try that one day too (probably when I get my hands on some Nfu.OH flakies). :i

That's all for today, I'm sooo sleepy so I'm going to take a nap for an hour or two. :)

Ivana :k

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Funky French Skittles

I wasn't planning doing an Easter manicure but I remembered how much I liked Funky French Skittles at The Polished Perfecionist so for my Easter manicure I decided to make something like she did. I wish my nails were longer so the french tip'd be longer but anyway, I must say I like it a lot!

It's so colorful, just like chocolate eggs I'm eating right now *yummi* so it's perfect for Easter too. :P

 From thumb to pinkie:
China Glaze - Light as Air & China Glaze - Spontaneous
China Glaze - Agent Lavender & Essence - Forget-Me-Not
China Glaze - Secret Peri-wink-le & H&M - Blue My Mind

I used 2 coats of each polish, even for the french tip. All polishes are creme, just Forget-Me-Not has secret shimmer. :i It's so fun to make it and combine different colors. :i It's quite hard for me to find a matching blue, since I don't own a lot of blues (I've to change that :$ ). Colors are most accurate on last picture. :) Just Essie - Van D'Go became more orange after putting one layer of TC, weird. xo

That's all for today! :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

Happy Easter!

I don't have Easter manicure for today, I'm too lazy for that these days because I'm enjoying the days off the work. :i Easter is one of my favorite holidays probably just because of the competition of smashing eggs. :i I always pick my favorite egg and then I compete with mom and dad whose egg is the strongest and doesn't crack when you hit it (of course I always pick the weakest so when my egg cracks I pick another one). I'm waiting that my mom comes from work so we could start, because that's just fun. :D I'll take pictures later and show them in one of my following posts. :)

Our Orthodox Easter and Catholic Easter are on the same day, so we're celebrating Easter together. :i


I hope you're spending great time with your family, friends...I wish you a lot of chocolate eggs! Those are definitely ma favorite, I'm eating them for the whole week, all the time and I've so many left to eat. *yummi*

Ivana :k

The Fresh Air Fund

Recently I was contacted by Sara about The Fresh Air Fund so I'm posting this because I really can't say "No" when it comes to children's happiness. The Fresh Air Fund is in need of host families for this summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives. If you could help to get the word out, it would help us place these wonderful children into a loving host family for an experience that could change their lives forever.

Click here to see more details and spread the word about this. Maybe we can help. :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

Saturday, April 23, 2011

OPI - Houston We Have a Purple

I'm starting a weekend with a sorbet a.k.a jelly. :D When I first saw promo pictures of OPI Texas collection I was like - "Nah" I don't need them... But never say that before you see real swatches. :i I'm big fan of jellies but they're so hard to find - Essence had one jelly (So Wanted) and even this one was discountinued! :(

So I had to have all pinks from Texas collection. :i Wearing a sorbet is like having candy on my nails, strange. :i I picked Houston we have a purple for today - I actually had 2 bottles, which I got from Leslie and Carolina in our swaps, so I gave one bottle away to my lil' sister Veri - she's so happy because this's her first OPI. I can totally feel her because I's in seventh heaven when I bought my first OPI (We'll Always Have Paris Suede). :i

Houston We Have a Purple (what a great name :i ) is a dark magenta purple sorbet polish. It's definetely one of my favorite. I added 3 coats, because they're sheer as I expected, but the applicaiton is easy, I don't know about drying time because I immediately added one coat of Essie - G2G. 
Obviously there's VNL but I don't mind it and on pictures is shown even more than in RL. I had to play with setting to catch up its real color that's why my skin is pale too much.

They're so super shiny, glosy and soooooo squishy. :D 

Talking about squishy immediately reminds me of this scene from Finding Nemo with Dory (Nemo is definetely on of my favorite cartoons :i )...

Dory: " Hey little guy! I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy. Come here Squishy, come here little Squishy. OUCH! Bad Squishy! Bad Squishy! ..."  :O :O

Did you watch Finding Nemo? What do you think about this squishy polish? :i

Wish you a happy weekend!

Ivana :k

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OPI - Bubble Bath + Konad

Quick post for today, I have to prepare myself for El Clásico! :e

Bubble Bath is really pretty shade but I decided to stamp it with Admire from China Glaze's Romantique collection. :L Like I said, I can't even stamp with any other polishes so good as with these metallics shades.

I love it. :L It's so soft and pretty, I really need a break from colors sometimes so these kind of shades are really perfect for soft manicures. :)

What do you think? Like it?


Ivana :k

Monday, April 18, 2011

OPI - Bubble Bath & Haul

After wearing that hot Fancy Fuchsia pink color I decided to pick something subtle and Bubble Bath just pumped out of my stash. :)

I love how these kind of colors looks on my short nails that why I'm sure I'll have this manicure as long as it stays on perfectlly or at least till Friday. :)

Color is so pretty, milky, very soft and light pink creme but opacity isn't its best thing. I added 5 coats, yes, five. :i I was patient because I really love these kind of colors and it dries quickly too but for sure I added 1 coat of Essie - Good To Go. :D

Does anyone know similar shade but more opaque? :)
When I got Bubble Bath from Carolina I compared the bottle with OPI - Sweet Heart and they look quite similar but after seeing pictures, Sweet Heart is definetely more opaque and more towards pastel pink. :) I love both of them so it's totally worth to put 5 coats to get this look. :D

I bought some polishes today for myself because Essence Blossoms etc. finally hit our stores (DM). We had sould out Black&White collection since January there so I'm so happy they finally change it. And I bought Nova from Nina. Thanks! :h

Essence - Bloom-A-Loom
Essence - Forget-Me-Not

They put this new collection today! and when I checked the store at 4PM it was mostly sold out! :( I wanted to buy that ring, liquid blush and more polishes for my swaps but I guess I's late. I hope I'll find more next week. And I'm still wondering why our DM still doesn't have anything from new stuff which Essence released in March... It'll be almost May here and still nothing! What are you waiting for? xo

I hope your Monday is better than mine, I'm going to eat something, watch new episode of Desperate Housewives and go earlier in bed... I still hate mornings, can't wait Friday. :i

Ivana :k

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Orly - Fancy Fuchsia + Konad #2

Quick post right before I'm going to bed. :) 

Like I said, I wasn't satisfied with my first konadicure that's why I carefully remove the previous stamping and add another... Zebra print. :i I used m57 and Manhattan 1010N again for stamping. :)

It looks prettier on pictures than in RL that's why I already have a new manicure, which I'll probably show you in next days if I won't be tired to much to take photos. :) 

I wish you a great beggining of the week!

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

Orly - Fancy Fuchsia + Konad #1

I said I probably won't add anything to this beautiful Fancy Fuchsia but I did and now I regret it. :( I decided to stamp black over it but I didn't like the final result at all. That's why I removed the stamping and tried again but I still don't like it. I have to upload pictures of my current mani but here is my first try to make it even more prettier  - well I failed. :i
I used m73 and black Manhattan polish 1010N - after trying China Glaze's polishes from Romantique collection was stamping with this black just so difficult for me. xo And when I decide to leave it like it is my TC smudged the pattern that's why I's even more sad what I did to this beautiful shade. :D
Base color isn't color accurate, I just wanted to show you this manicure...

Like I said a couple of time, I'm a big perfectionist and when I stamp my nails they should be perfect or I just don't like it... :D That's why I didn't like it, maybe is the lenght of my nails, the pattern or even color combination... I don't know. :)

Weekend'll be over soon and I'm so sad about it, I want to be at home for another week or 2, month, year... :P

Ivana :k

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Orly - Fancy Fuchsia

I was planning to have Mimi on my nails for whole next week or at least till she starts chipping but a broken nail make me to remove her. I broke a tiny tiny piece of my nail on middle finger but long enough I couldn't have all nails in same square shape, which is definetely my favorite and with Mimi my nail looked just horrible, you all know that dark shades define a nail shape even more. :) That's why I removed her and then I filled my nail on the shortest lenght just to have square shape but it's still not perfect like I would want. :(

It was time to pick a new shade and I picked up Fancy Fuchsia from Orly's Precious collection for Spring 2011 which I got from Leslie. :k This baby look soo pretty in bottle but when I paint my pinkie with I was amazed! :o You all know I just love pinks but this baby's just became my favorite pink! :L
It's super bright pink, it definetely looks like a neon pink mixed with white polish, I hope you get the idea how this beauty looks like in RL. :L 
I added 2 coats but you can get away with one thick too, this polish is definitely more on a thick side. Unfortunately this pretty isn't fotogenic at all. :( It always looks too bright or too neon, you should visit me and see it in RL. :P

My hands look soo super tanned with this polish and I really wish my nails were longer. :$

Daylight, cloudy weather
Do I love it? YES! :i I need a back up for sure if I'll ever get a chance. :) I LOVE LOVE it! :L Maybe I'll add some stamping but this polish look gorgeous just by itself. :)

What do you think about this pretty polish? :) Which one is your favorite from Precious collection?

I change some things on my blog, does everything work properly? If you have any problems, please let me know so I could fix it. :)

Ivana :k

Friday, April 15, 2011

Zoya - Mimi

I'm wondering why I didn't try Mimi before? :L I should! Another beauty which I got from Carolina! :h

Descripction from Zoya official site says: "Royal purple sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for spring." Mimi is from Zoyas Sparkle collection. :)
Grape pop jelly base with purple shimmer, which is kind of duochrome (see the bottle and the first picture). :) I added 2 coats for perfect opacity. I thought she'll need more layers because after one was very sheer but second coat make her perfect. I always call Zoya's polishes with "she" because they've so pretty names and I really can't say "it". :$

I was taking pictures outside on a cloudy weather and wishing for some sun and after few minutes the sun started shinning. :D Mimi is really hard to capture, I took like million pictures and on the sun she always looks blue but she's not. :i But let's say I managed to capture her real color, she is warm purple for sure.

I won't spam with more pictures so I just picked the best ones. :)
She's even prettier in RL. :L I love it! What do you think about this beauty?

It's finally Friday and weekend! Woooooooooooooohoooooo! :e Time for sleeping, relaxing and just beeing lazy. :D Enjoy your weekend!

Ivana :k

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Polka dots with Crushed Candy

Here I am so tired but with "new" manicure. :) My Polka Dots manicure was so cute and like I said I wanted to last till Friday... It started chipping next day I made it but I always fixed it  with another layer of polish and dots but because I'm so tired today  I wasn't in a mood to make a new mani that's why I layered over a crackle which is really perfect for hiding tip wear. :)

I picked China Glaze Crackle glaze Crushed Candy. :L It's so beautiful turquoise, it looks almost like For Audrey but For Audrey is lighter and more blue. :brow I actually don't like how I applied it, because I wasn't careful but it will have to wait till tomorrow or Saturday. I love China Glaze's crackles, thank you so much Carolina for sending all beauties to me. :h

So bad it wasn't a sunny day today so I took pictures outside on a daylight. It looks fun and not pink like usually. :)

I can't tell how happy I'm that tommorow is Friday. :D I can't wait to slep all day long! :i

Today is a really special day for me. :$

14. 4. 2008

I you dear!

Take care,
Ivana :k

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Powerful purple with Wild at Heart dots

When I saw this beautiful manicure at ANOTHER Bottle of Polish?! I knew I'll have to try it but because I already had Powerful Purple on my nails, I decided to upgrade it with dots.
My previous polka dots manicures were made with Konad and it's so hard to transfer dots in nice circles so I lately got my first dotting tool! :e It's so muuuuch easier to make dots with and it looks like the dots are stamped. :D
For dots I picked Color Club - Wild at Heart - dark purple - another stunning beauty. :L

I'll have probably this manicure for whole week if it won't start chipping soon. :e Polka dots are sooo cute! :L What do you think? Do you like it?

I wish you a nice begginning of the week! I hope I'll have some time to post somethign during the week, but if I won't, we'll see you next weekend! :i

Ivana :k

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Magnetic - Powerful Purple

It's such a beautiful day... Again. :) Thank you so much for your comments, my wrist is totally fine now, it hurts just a little from time to time but I think I'm totally OK now. :i

The weather is so sunny and hot - even too hot for April! Don't get me wrong, I like it, because I just love sun but it's never been so hot in April till now like it's July... I think it's something with ozone hole so be sure you're using sun protection because the sun is too strong! And be sure you're drinking a lot of water. :)

But when it's such a sunny beautiful day you can't go wrong with holographic polish, right? :e I picked Magnetic - Powerful Purple, which I got from colorful bottle. Thank you so much! :k We met a week ago, she's sooo sweet and we even didn't talk just about nail polish. :i Can't wait to see you again! :h
So I added 2 coat of this lilac linear holographic polish. This is my first Magnetic polish and I love it! It contains 15ml of polish - wooohooo! :i If it would be smaller, I would definitely need a back up. :D Brush is very similar to China Glaze, application is great and drying time is fast. Rainbow is so much visible in RL as on pictures.

Here are my short nails with this pretty polish... :$

Sun, blurry
I totally forgot to take a picture in shade or daylight, so I've just pictures on sun for now. :D I really love this polish! :L I think I've a new obsession with holos, because I want all holos I see around. :$

When I got Powerful Purple I thought it's same like China Glaze - IDK and because I don't have time to make a comparison on nails I took a picture of bottles.

Magnetic - Powerful Purple vs. China Glaze - IDK
I don't think they're dupes... Powerful Purple is a tad darker and colder and IDK is warmer but have in mind I'm not good at describing colors! I'm happy to have them both. :L
What do you think? Do you like it? 

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Ivana :k

Friday, April 8, 2011

Catherine Arley - 675 vs. S-he - 427

I'm back, did you missed me? I definitely miss you all! :$ I was neglecting my blog lately and probably I'll neglect it for couple of weeks more because I's so tired and I still am but at least I can sleep long tomorrow. I started working at our administrative unit, work isn't difficult because I don't do mostly anything, just checking some papers or enter them to computer and that's it. It's not the work which makes me so tired but early waking. I don't sleep enough that's why I'm so tired when I get home and I take a nap almost every day but that gives me energy for staying late as always... So I'm going in circles... Well 3 weeks more and I'll be done. :)

It didn't happen much this week I guess....oh it was something new! I had my wrist in bandages. :$ Nothing serious as it looks like. :i I had a lump big as those little marble balls since last year but I never went to doctor.. But lately my right wrist hurt me bad so I went and they'd to make a puncture and now it's gone. It can happen again but next time they'll cut it out so I hope it won't come back. It was sooo hard and I thought it was a bone, but it was something filled with colorless liquid. I so enjoy watching surgeons during their work (my biggest wish when I's younger was to become a surgeon but unfortunately I'm not even near medicine :( ).
So I had just a little wound of injection but they wrap my wrist with bandages like I have broken wrist. :D It was fun because at work they thought it's something serious and I didn't have to do anything just sitting there and relaxing. :D

But now I don't have any bandages just a plaster. :i I just have to share this with you. :$

I wore my stamped Pink it up! manicure till today and I broke a nail yesterday - well it wasn't broken but it was so peeled that it became so sensitive and when I saw that's almost gone, I shortened them all. I'm using Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy for 2 weeks now I think and my nails are better, stronger... Just my pointer started peeling even before I started using Nail Tek and I didn't want to cut them all... So I'm glad I can start at the beginning... I'll probably make separate post dedicated to this nail hardener in near future. :)

I promised you a picture of comparison between Catherine Arley - 675 and S-he 427. S-he #427 is the only holo which we can get in drugstores... Pretty pink with great application and low price. :) When I was searching the nearest shade from CA I own to this beauty I thought it would match with 675 but I was wrong.

As you can see the difference is quite obvious but if you're not a pink lover, you definetely don't need both. But if you're like me, you must have both - I really can never have enough of holos, but if they're pink... I have to have them all!! :i
I applied 2 coats of each, fast drying, great application... :L

 Middle finger and pinkie: Catherine Arley - 675
Pointer and ring finger: S-he - 427

#675 is more pink and #427 is more like mauve pink - I'm really not so good with describing colors. :D Oh, and why my pinkie looks darker? - I really don't know. xo Maybe the light hits it under different angle or I applied one coat more? I can't remember. :D So, which one do you like more?
CA polishes can be bought online and S-he at drugstores in Europe called DM but not all DMs have it (some ha. At the moment they're on sale, because we can expect new products from them soon! I hope they'll make more interesting colors! :D

I read all your comments but I'll reply on them probably this weekend, when I will be rested!

I wish you all great and relaxing Sunday! :k
Ivana :k