Monday, April 4, 2011

p2 - Pink it up! + Konad & S-he Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Like I said I upgraded Pink it up! Last week I was searching for S-he - 427 (pink holographic) in few drugstores but it was sold out everywhere. At least I found last bottle of S-he - 333. It's metallic pink polish perfect for stamping. It has frosty finishy, that's why I'll use it just for stamping. :D
I couldn't decide what pattern should I use, that's why I picked one of my fav roses pattern from m65. You can't go wrong with this pattern. :$

I'll probably have it on my nails fow whole week if it'll stay on my nails, because I really love the combo. What do you think? :h
Prettyfulz asked me how I keep polish in a "perfect" line by cuticles and here is my secret. :) I usually use angled brush but I can't find it that's why I had to buy this nail polish corrector pen. I can be very messy with applying nail polish so this is a "must have" for me. This or angled brush, anything works just perfectly. :)
I don't know which other brands except Essence have something similar like this, but I find it very helpful. Since S-he products (which are sold in DM in some European countries) are on sale now I bought it for a quite low price (less than 2€). You get also 3 back up tips when you ruin one. It looks like those neon markers with chisel tip but more pointed, it's really easy to work with.

I use it when nail polish is totally dry or as soon as I apply a nail polish and it's still wet so I don't make even bigger mess with. :i I hope this was helpful. :)

I've to wake up early and I don't want to, I'm really not morning person. :c I wish I could work at night! xo

Sweet dreams,
Ivana :k

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  1. Hi Ivana, so nice to see your beautiful nails again, you know I am back ;).
    Yes I agree that mani can be worn for a week it is gorgeous :e!

  2. I love Pink It Up all on its lonesome, but it looks really fun with this design!

  3. Yet another lovely combo :) So cute!

    I'm using those kinda pens as well, you can also find em on Ebay as well as some online stores, and Herome also has them (but silly expensive).

  4. this one looks so nice and neat! Very good for spring I would say :) Love it!

  5. This is gorgeous! You are like the queen of perfect color combos! lol & YAY!! the nail correcter pen! I used to have one but it didn't have the same tip as yours and the nail polish remover in it barely worked. But after seeing how well it works on your nails, I will have to buy another one! Thanks for sharing! =D <33

  6. Gorgeous! I totally agree with that image being a no-fail!

    *sigh* I heart pink! :L

    I also use nail polish corrector pen, I have one from Sally Hansen. :) I've got one back-up tip left and then I'm all out! :f

  7. Thanks girls! You can't go wrong with this pattern. :)

    @Arie: Woooohoo, welcome! When I read your comment I immediately remembered how I forgot to reply on your comment in my awards post. :( But I'm so happy that you're back! :h

    @Shiny!: Thanks! These pens are really great, but I hope I'll find my brush again. :O

    @Prettyfulz: :$ Thanks! But I always just pick the first color I see and I knwo it's easy to stamp with. :P I hope you'll find something similar and if the nail polish remover inside doesn't work, you can still soak it into remover. :) You're welcome! :k

    @Kee: Thanks! We both love pink! :h It's really easy to work with this pens and manicure is without a mistake. :P

  8. I can't stop telling you how pretty this pattern is :)
    the color combo is also very good looking, as always :)
    Xx. S

  9. @S.: I agree, this pattern is so pretty. :L Thanks. :k

  10. If you have Schlecker in Slovenia, they also have a nail polish corrector pen from the brand Basic. It comes with three extra tips and it's slightly cheaper than the Essence one.


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