Saturday, July 31, 2010

Catrice - Princess For a Day & Comparison

Today I'll show you 3rd Catrice polish I bought in Zagreb - Princess for a day. Name of the polish is super cute and color is really beautiful - creme pink polish. Application is really good, I add 2 coats, I could go even with 1, quick drying - All compliments to Catrice polishes!

Here is Princess for a Day with my favourite ice cream - Kontiki - icy ice-cream with pineapple, apple and strawberry. So refreshing when it's really hot! What is your favorite Ice cream?


On all pictures above I'm wearing Essence SYF - Flashy Pink on my index finger - 2 coats, which I get from lovely Ana from With love, Ana a while ago. They are not dupes, Flashy pink is a little bit darker but you don't need both of them. I also think that Essence doesn't sell this shade anymore.

Do you like the color?

I'm so tired, I was all day shopping and I got some awesome pieces of clothes and some nail polish, of course. Today I'll sleep like a little baby.

Nighty night,

Friday, July 30, 2010

Catrice - Lucky in Lilac + Konad

One quick post for today. I add konad to Lucky in Lilac with Konad plate M64 and Essence LE Hide Bella Hide. The stamping was so soft and almost not visible, but it was shining on the sun.

Do you like the combo?

Have a nice day, I hope it'll be sunny again! I really don't like rain at all.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lilac Comparison

I tried to do a Lilac comparison - but it's a total fail, because on my pictures they all look so similar but they aren't.

I was looking for some similar polishes to Catrice - Lucky in Lilac that I showed you here. In my collection I found just Essence - The One and Only and Joe from the LE Be a nail artist. I could pick also Lilac forever from LE Crazy about color, but it's so similar to The One and Only that I didn't include it to comparison. They are all lilac and cremes, but not the same, like my phone thinks.

Can you guess which one is on which nail?
Did you guess?
Well, they really look the same but they are a little bit different. The One and Only is just a little bit lighter and almost like Lucky in Lilac, but Joe is warmer then Lucky in Lilac as you can see on the first picture with Joe bottle in my hand. In real is difference more obvious.

What do you think? Do you need all of them? I'm a lilac lover so I have to have them all.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catrice - Lucky in Lilac


how are you? Are you having a great day?

Let me show you the second Catrice polish I bought in Zagreb - Lucky in Lilac. Like the name said, is lilac creme polish. I add 2 coats for perfect opacity. I loooove the aplication, the brush and quick drying - Catrice polishes become one of my favourite.


Do you like it? I think I'll add konad and maybe do a quick comparison with some similar shades I own.

Have a nice day,


Monday, July 26, 2010

Catrice - Meet me at Coral Island

As I already said, I was on vacation last week - I went with my momther and aunt to Zagreb with train and then with bus to aunt's place. Here are some pictures from Zagreb when we were walking to bus station.

When we were walking home, I saw a Kozmo store - and Kozmo sells Catrice. I was so happy, because I was able to buy myself some new polishes I had on my WL. So I bought 4 Catrice polishes. I was picking last coins for them.

From L to R
Let's Mauve!
Lucky in Lilac
Princess for a day
Meet me at Coral Island

First polish I tried was Meet Me atcoral Island - a creme coral polish. I add 2 coats for perfect opacity.

All compliments to this polish. Brush is perfect!!! Application is great, it dries so quick, I was finished in less than 15 minutes. No bubbles and high shining without top coat, amazing!



Do you own any Catrice polishes? I'm sure you do, but if you don't - you have to have them!!! I'm so happy that Catrice is now sold also in Slovenia.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cats, sheep and nails

Here are some of the pictures I also took on my vacation.

Really beautiful sunset, in real was so much more beautiful.

Little cat when I woke him up and with his mum. They are so cute together.

And here are 2 little lambs, I think they are already a sheep now. My aunt has 2 sheep and 3 lambs/little sheep - I really don't know when a lamb become a sheep.

They are still fed by pacifier. It's so cute when you watch them how they eat.

I was trying to feed her, but she didn't want to eat because we change the pacifier. She is very picky I guess!

And here is my mani I showed you already here on the 4th day I think with mosquito bracelet still looking good. Mosqiuto bracelet didn't help at all, I saw a mosquito landing on my arm right next to the bracelet. I was so angry!

That's it, I hope you like the pics.

Have a nice relaxing Sunday!