Thursday, July 15, 2010

Avon - Pastel Pink

Today I'm going to show you my new polish I got from lovely Elchy a 2 days ago. I love pinks I'm sure you already know, so I just want to have it. Thank you Elchy again, this polish today becomes officially one of my favorite!

This is my first Avon polish. Like the name said, it's pastel pink, application isn't so good, I had to add thin 3 coats for perfect opacity. I usually hate polishes that need 3 coats or more, but this one I love. It dries so quick that I even forgot how many coats I use.

Here are the pictures of this beautiful shade. - in RL is a little bit more pink, my phone doesn't want to show you how beautiful is this polish.


I should add Konad, but I think it's so hot that konad wouldn't work great, so I add Viva La Nails water decal. I always think - Less is more so I add just one of them - I pick lovely black butterfly.


Do you like it? Would you change anything?

Thank you for stopping by!


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