Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lilac Comparison

I tried to do a Lilac comparison - but it's a total fail, because on my pictures they all look so similar but they aren't.

I was looking for some similar polishes to Catrice - Lucky in Lilac that I showed you here. In my collection I found just Essence - The One and Only and Joe from the LE Be a nail artist. I could pick also Lilac forever from LE Crazy about color, but it's so similar to The One and Only that I didn't include it to comparison. They are all lilac and cremes, but not the same, like my phone thinks.

Can you guess which one is on which nail?
Did you guess?
Well, they really look the same but they are a little bit different. The One and Only is just a little bit lighter and almost like Lucky in Lilac, but Joe is warmer then Lucky in Lilac as you can see on the first picture with Joe bottle in my hand. In real is difference more obvious.

What do you think? Do you need all of them? I'm a lilac lover so I have to have them all.


6 Comment(s):

  1. Men se zdijo identični, a sem farbenblind? :D

  2. @ With love, Ana: Hehehe, ah ti nisi, moj telefon pa je! :D

  3. vsi so krasni! samo fotoaparat je zmešan od teh vijoličnih odtenkov :D

  4. @ KONADomania: Se strinjam! Ma res se mu že meša od vijoličnih odtenkov, od nohtov pa sploh. :P

  5. they look the same haha, you're right, but I can't imagine it is a really big difference in real life?

  6. @Melanie: Well, it's not so big but you would definitely see the difference. :)


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