Monday, July 29, 2013

Connect the dots with Shocking pink

Hot Monday and I'm ready to post something here. :)

The biggest problem I have now is that I'm wearing just simple manicures all the times - mostly neon pink on my nails. I didn't stamp my nails for ages, only layering here and then. 

Few weeks ago I spent a week at aunt's place in Croatia. I was bored so I decided  to try a combo I had in my head for ages. Shocking Pink by China Glaze topped with black and white glitter Connect the dots from Lynnderella. I was absolutely happy with the final result. Enough talking, here are the pics. :i

Lately I'm sporting nubs all the time since I can't grow them out. They're weak and they're peeling all the time so I'm rather having nubs at the moment. 

Essence - Protecting Base coat 
Lynnderella - Connect the Dots / 1 coat
Essence - Better than gel nails Top Sealer Fast Dry 

My pics aren't best because neons are really hard to capture on photos but at least I tried. :$ 

What do you think? 

Ivana :k 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY project: Marc Jacobs inspired DOTTED JEANS

Long time no speak, ha? :D I should come back with a manicure but I'm so inspired with this DIY project that I just have to post it asap. :$ More nails to come for sure, but I'm thinking to write more about everything I like at the moment... :)

So, dotted jeans. Something I wanted so bad but couldn't find a pair for myself. Marc Jacobs - too expensive. :( Zara - they're perfect but after trying them on - not really flattering on my body shape. So, I had an idea of making my own pair of dotted jeans.

More after a click. :)

All you need is on the picture below.

1. Pair of jeans (Bershka, 19,99€ on sale)
2. Paper
3. White Fabric Paint (Rayher Ljubljana, 2,79€)
4. 1,6 cm Circle Punch (Rayher Ljubljana, 3,29€)
5. White labels
6. Sponges
7. Chalk

I decided to make a polka dot pattern on A4 piece of paper. All dots are 7 cm apart but you can do it as you like it. :)

Then the drawing begin. Just make dots with chalk. When you're done, you can also place dots made from paper on jeans so you can see the final result. :i

Start painting. :D Don't forget to read the instruction of a fabric paint you're using. I just had to leave my jeans 24-48 hours to dry. 

Picture I made with my baby for instagram (I update there all the time so follow me if you don't - IvanaThinksPink). 

Let me know if you're going to try it! Are you a fan of dotted jeans? :)

Ivana :k