Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Haul

Finally... DONE! I'm done just for two weeks but it feels so good! menari
I had exam today - it didn't go well but I still have some hopes to pass it. I'm still waiting for results of one exam I had on Tuesday... Hope I'll pass all of them! gigitjari I already passed 2, best feeling ever!

So, I was so tired after exam but what is the best thing to make me happy? Yap, I went to Müller! I didn't have a lot of time, because I had to catch a train, but I bought some lovely things for me and for my swaps.

Look what I got for myself:

2 image plates
I finally found them. They were always sold out, when I went by, I guess we all want them. But it was my lucky day today. ihikhik
2 Catrice Polishes - one jelly red and light pink with blue shimmer:
Catrice Bloody Mary to Go & Just Married
I bought this hand lotion yesterday and I love it! Thank you Blu for recommendation. peluk I saw it already like 2 weeks ago, but the smell was so noooot for me so I didn't bought it. After seeing it at Polish Drop I decided to try it. I'll bought another bottle so I could have it at BF's too. I usually don't use any hand creams, just from time to time when I see it on my desk. Now my cuticles will be more beautiful and softer.senyumkenyit
Balea Handlotion Shebutter and Vanille
Today I made curls with curling iron. I use straitghtener most of the time, so this was a change and I really like it how it turns out. menari

And about my color... I was dyeing my hair in black for 2 years and a few months ago I wanted my chocolate brown back. I didn't want to bleach my hair just to avoid any damage hair, so I dyed my hair a couple of time with chocolate brown. That's why my ends are darker, but in person it's not so obvious. senyum

So, do you dye your hair? How do you curl your hair?

Now I'm going to take a nap and check your blogs and then is time for sleeeepiiing, I'm soooo tired!

Good Night,

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  1. You are so lucky! We don't have much access to ANY essence products here (well, I've never come across them) I really like thosed designs. Your hair looks nice too.
    My hair is naturally curly but when I wear it straight, I'll pin curl it to get waves. I tend to shy away from heat!

  2. pretty polishes and your hair looks nice! i've dyed my hair black three times in a row and i'm ready for a nice lighter brown now too.. hmm maybe i'll get the cool gradient effect when i do.

  3. V katerem mullerju pa? Jaz jih nikjer ne dobim :(

  4. Congrats on being done! I'm sure you aced all the tests.

  5. I have the red jelly, and it is awesome! The curls are really cute, well done :)

  6. Your hair is beautiful!!!
    I 've been in mess with exams too, today is my sleeping day, right after I write this last one at noon...

  7. Break a leg! :) I never see these plates anywhere... guess only Mueller has them. Your hair is gorgeous! I used to dye my hair black, purple or red since high school. Now I'm using henna, have been for 4 years.

  8. Nice hair. Well done. Looks very natural and nice.

    How long did you do your hair? And what curling iron do you have?

    Thank you, have fun!

  9. Zelo lepe lase imaš in kodri so ti tudi lepo uspeli. Jaz si ne barvam las, sem s svojo naravno barvo zelooo zadovoljna. Kodram si jih z likalnikom, samo mi ne držijo tako dolgo kodri :s

  10. I've just visited your blog... wow I love your nails and your creations!!! <3 good luck for exams ;)

  11. @Ash-Lilly: Maybe you should find someone to swap for them? That could work so you could get them too. :) Oh, I wish I had curly hair, mine are something between curly and wavy. :) I was straightening my color like all the time, but then I realized that heat does more bad than good to my hair. :/

    @Amanda: Good luck! :) I want a lighter brown too, but I don't want to bleach them. :/

    @Helena (XOXO Parisky): Na Čopovi! Sem zadnje 3 vzela, eno še za swap. :) Zgleda dajejo malo po malo gor. :/

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! I just got results of the Tuesday's exam and I passed that one too! Yeaaah! :D

    @Jackie S.: I can't wait to try it. I usually don't wear red but this jelly really looks promising. :) Thank you. :)

    @Stickers: Thank you! <3 Good luck, hope it went good! And now take a looong sleeep, I feel like new. :D

    @Blu11: Unforutanetly, but DM should have them anytime soon I think? :) Thank you! I wanted to try henna a few months ago but then I took a chocolate brown again. :) I should try it one day. :)

    @Andreja: Thank you Andreja. Hmm like a half hour I think or even less, because I didn't have a lot of time. I'm using this curling iron which I bought a long time ago in Merkur for less than 20€. But now I'm searching for a thicker one. Remington has also great curling irons! :)

    @With love, Ana.: Awww hvala. :) No, če niso zlikani oz. skodrani so pa res kr eni. :D

    @Ana @ Ana na S: Hvala. :) Z likalnikom pridejo tudi super kodrčki ampak meni se potem na sredi las ne da več. :D Meni so kar dolgo zdržali, uporabila pa sem še Syossev lak za lase mega strong hold. In super, da si ne barvaš las, mislim, da jim s tem delaš veliko uslugo. Ko si enkrat začneš barvati lase, padeš v začaran krog. :/

    @serena_nuvola: Thank you and welcome! :) I'm happy that you like it! <3

  12. i know you're so happy to have a break from exams. i have 3 next week that i am NOT looking forward to, lol.

    oh and i like your new image plates. i wish Essence would sale them in the US.

  13. poludjet ću zbog ovih pločica, kod mene ih još nema :-/
    krasne lase imaš :-)

  14. prekrasno ti frizura izgleda, a i fine stvarcice si kupila

  15. @Enamel Girl: Oh no, that's really not good. :/ Goood luck! You could always make a swap for them, so you can get your hands on them. :)

    @nail crazy: Ajej, i kod nas jih je baš težko naći jer ih ima samo Müller. Ali mislim, da bi morali sad i svi DM-i dobiti pločice, kad će i nove stvari stignuti?

    @alluring_mum: Thank you! <3

    @Lendoxia: Hvala. I ja sam bila presrečna kad sam ugledala pločice i skoro poletela do njih. xD

  16. jaz bi tudi platkeeee :)

    in ful lepi laski <3 jaz sem si jih ponavadi kodrala s kodralnikom, ampak je trajalo celo uro.. zdaj pa si včasih tu in tam kar s likalnikom, ker mi gre ful hitreje :)

  17. Those plates look great and the Catrices look really pretty!

    I started getting grey hair in college so have been dying my hair pretty much ever since, sometimes matching my natural brown but sometimes going lighter or darker or redder. For a while I had blond streaks but that was hard to keep up and didn't look so good on me anyway.

  18. @Tinna: Večkrat poglej v Müllerja na Čopovo, enkrat jih boš že ulovila. :)) Z likalnikom so tudi super kodri, ja, samo meni pa ravno to traja dalj časa oz. prej obupam in nadaljujem s kodralnikom. :D

    @KarenD: Thank you, I can't wait to try the plates. :)
    I don't believe that blond streaks didn't look good on me! :) I don't have any grey hair yet, but I'm dying my hair for ageeees. :/ But now I can't just stop dying them - it would looks horrible. :S


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