Friday, February 11, 2011


My "little sister" Veri brought me 3 new Golden Rose polishes, thank you honey, love you so much! peluk

Golden Rose
Nail Art - 112
Nail Art - 113

First one is a perfect lilac pink, I'm wearing it now for 2 days and I just LOVE it (but it's so hard to capture its real color). I wanted silver and gold one from Nail Art collection, because I read that they are perfect for stamping. I didn't googled the numbers so I just said her to bring me silver and gold one. So she thought that they were right but they are glitters so they're not good for stamping - gold and one with a stunning holographic glitter. I'll definetely try to use silver one for a full manicure, I just need to empty one bottle and get a clean brush, because this has tiny brush for nail art. Notice to all slovenian bloggers and readers: starts selling Golden Rose polishes! They're adding them today on their webpage. senyum
112 has holographic shimmer
I recently got this stunning and beautiful holographic goddess.

OPI - DS Signature
Why has OPI discontinued this beauty? nangihAnd Original, Fantasy, Divine, Glamour???? So bad, because now they're really hard to get and I'm sure a lot of us would love to have them, right? There is never enough of holos, especially if they're stunning like these.

Aaaand another holo, which I got from Elchy and I'm still waiting for this beauty.. But I wanted to include it here too and I'm sure you all know which one is that even without a picture. ihikhik (Edit -18/2 - I added the picture)
China Glaze - DV8

I'll be showing my new Golden Rose lilac pink soon!menari


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  1. you are really lucky girl!

  2. Odličan haul. Imam ovaj srebrni GR nail art i palo mi je napamet napravit cijelu manikuru s njim jer je odličan, a morat ću ga probat i za Konadiranje.

    Odlični su mi GR lakovi samo ih je kod nas teško nabavit, tj kod mene nemoguće.

  3. @Rachel Marie: Hehehe, hope you'll get it, it's really stunning. :)

    @Anna.: No ja. :)

    @Lalica: Pa za konadiranje ovi glitteri baš i nisu nešto ja mislim, ja sam htjela metalik zlatu i srebrnu, ali uskoro dobijem i te ako Bog da. :) A donjela mi ih je iz Banje Luke jer ih i kod nas do sad nije bilo. :)

  4. *drool* I adore that OPI and the holo nail art polish. Good finds!

  5. Nice haul! :D I love GR for their great selection and low prices <3

  6. PS: I just went on
    Are they serious??? °-° The most expensive Golden Rose nail polish is in Belgarde 110 RSD (1,06€)!

  7. @Megan Harmeyer: I'm sooo happy I have Signature in my collection now. <3

    @Maki: Thank you. :) Well, I think that's just the way it is... All brands are quite expensive here, like OPIs, ChGs, Ciates... I think it's not so easily bring a new brand in country and sell them cheaply. :/

  8. Hmm... :/ Let's see the good side of this!
    Now, you have a good reason to visit me :)

  9. @Maki: Hehehe, sure! And then you'll be my polish guide. :D

  10. Neeeee, DV8, kak sem ti favš =). No, imam pa vsaj Blue Aura, pa mi deluje kr podobno ( tolaži se doleres ja)=). Drugače pa lep haul, vsi so čudoviti =)


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