Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Essence LE Into the Ocean - Bubble Bubble

When I saw this beautiful Snowflakes manicure at Tinna's Blog I decided to copy her mani on my nails.You should check her blog, she really makes amazing konadicures! Thank you Tinna for inspiration!peluk

Bubble Bubble is a nail polish from Into the Ocean TE and it's very close to Fairy Berry from this new TE Fairytale. That's the only reason why I didn't buy Fairy Berry. I'm really avoiding having dupes in my stash. I got this from Ana, thank you sweety!peluk

Bubble bubble it's a lovely purple polish with foil finish. I add 2 coats, application is great, it dries fast so I didn't use a fast drying TC.

With flash
Sorry for bad pictures, I took last photo at 3PM yesterday and it already started to darken outside. senyum I also stamped snowflakes, but I have to transfer pictures from my phone, so I'll show you them later. senyum

Did you watch El Clasico yesterday? I watched it for about 25 minutes and I was so nervous that I took a long bath instead of watching rest of match. Barca ate Real Madrid, I admit. But it's not over, yet! We'll see what'll happen at Santiago Bernabéu!

Take care,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Essence LE Fairytale Haul

Let it snow, let is snow, let is snow... NOT.nangih

Yesterday was snowing again and it was really beautiful seeing it through the window until today, because I had to check my local DM if new TE Fairytale from Essence is available. It's so cold outside and everything is wet... Hate it! It looks like this... tension

At least I got 3 polishes that I want from this new TE. I wanted just 2 but then I bought one more.

Once Upon a Time
Pixie Dust
Tinka's Dress

I also wanted to pick Fairy Berry but when I saw comparison with Bubble bubble at Nail Junkie, where you can also see beautiful swatches of this collection, I knew I don't need another one so similar.

These bottles are just so cute, do you agree?


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Essence LE Glam Rock - Pink Punk + BM

What's the perfect polish to stamp on holo polish? Another holo polish. ihikhik I decided to make another mani with this lovely stripes pattern. Like before I had to stamp it once and then stripe by stripe to fill the empty place at side of my nails.

I used Color Club - Wild at Heart for stamping over Pink Punk and BM20. Only one picture fot today.

What do you think? I really like it.

And this is my 150th post!blur Yeah... I really hope I won't lose my inspiration and I have to make a Light Box as soon as possible. I always hesitate from today on tommorow.xpasti

Wish you happy and relaxing Sunday!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Essence LE Glam Rock - Pink Punk

Holographic nail polish on a snowy day? Nope, not a good idea, because it's kind of boring manicure. I picked Pink Punk from TE Glam Rock Pink Punk - pink holo nail polish. senyum

On daylight looks boring, I really love how it looks like on pictures with flash. It's so easy to apply, I add 2 coats, fast drying time, so I didn't have any problems with application.


Daylight with flashAt night, with flash
Can't wait summer, I'll wear holos all the time. ihikhik

Have a nice and relaxing Saturday!


Essence - Wild Thing + BM

I have short nails! nangih I filed them down while I was watching Survivor Srbija and I didn't pay attention how much I already filed them down. Crazy me! adus

I'll remove it immediately, because I really don't like this combination but I tried to capture this 2 pictures with flash to show you something.

I picked Essence - Wild Thing, I think Essence doesn't sell it anymore. It's a coral red creme nail polish. I really like how it looks in the bottle, but I don't like how corals look on me, they don't match to my skintone. senyum

For stamping I used BM20 and Essence Stamp me White nail polish. Here is base color too orange.

Pictures are bad because everyday I wake up so late and it's already a night outside so I can't took any pictures on daylight. I hope I'll wake up earlier tommorow and I'll show you my new mani.

Happy weekend!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Let it snow!

I woke up in a day/night like this:

Look at these big snowflakes!!!hah

Yay, did I ever mention how I hate snow?! Well, I love it seeing through the window but when I have to go somewhere I just hate it!ihikhik


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Essence - So wanted + BM

Here I'm with my manicure. senyum

I picked a pinkish red jelly - So wanted, which I already showed you here. I have a back-up of this one, because I really love how it looks like candies and Essence stopped selling it. So bad, because it's really a pretty shade.

I add 3 coats and 1 coat Seche Vite. Then I used BM02 for Lips pattern and BM09 for Love design and Essence Nail Art Stampy polish - Stamp me! white.

Simple and I like it!senyum

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection

I just cleaned a big shoe box where I'm keeping all my nail polishes so I decided to sort them by color, just because I'm bored. I took one picture and I decide to share it with you.senyum

My collection isn't big like I was seeing on some blogs, but I can still remember how I had just 3 nail polishes for french manicure I was wearing all the time and that's it. A few nail polishes are missing, but this it mostly it.

Click on picture to see details.
It's obvious what color is dominant in my collection. senyum What's your favorite color?

I'm still without inspiration and my nails are naked at the moment. I hope I'll post my manicure soon.

Be good!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OPI - We'll Always Have Paris Suede

We'll Always Have Paris Suede... But not on nails! I'm so dissapointed with this polish. Why? Because it became so thick and I can't apply it perfectly or at least decently! xpasti

I'm without inspiraton these days, my nails are naked, but now I decided to try out my first OPI I bought. I still have bill in my wallet, so I can tell you exact date when I bought it - it was on 12nd November 2009 at 5:24 PM. I don't know why I'm still keeping the bill?! So, a year ago... I still remember how badly I wanted it but it wasn't available, but when I found out where they started selling it, I decided to buy it although its high prize, because OPIs are very expensive here if you're aksing me. My boyfriend took me to store and I paid for it 12,90€ (17,60$). Too much! I had it like 4 times on my nails and that's it. It's still more than half left, but I can't use it (or I'm just so dorky?).

I just tried to apply it, but application is just horrible and uneven, I'm sure with TC would look just great, but I want Suede finish, that's why I bought it. sedih I know that mattes and suedes application is horrible, I had problems with Savita but I managed to apply it decently, but this one I really can't.

Can I use thinner? I don't know how thinner works with mattes, so I decided to ask you first.senyum

Do you have any Suedes from OPI? What do you think about them?