Wednesday, November 3, 2010

China Glaze - IDK

Because my MAAH didn't last long, I picked IDK.senyum

I don't know why but a few hours I love IDK and few I don't. I can't wait summer and then I'm sure I will love it all the time. Weather is so boring so even holographic nail polishes aren't amazing. I already show you QT, here is my second beauty from OMG collection - IDK. It's a lilac holographic nail polish.

I add 2 coats, application was great, ti dries super fast, so all compliments!

With Flash
Without sun, in my case flash, it looks so subtle but still special because I love lilac shades, but with flash it looks just stunning! What do you think?

Take care,

10 Comment(s):

  1. ne morem se načudit kako imaš lepo obliko nohtov!! in tale IDK je resničen lepotec =)

  2. Lijepa bojica,i jako mi je sličan lol-u :-)

  3. @mancina se štima: Hvala! *blush*

    @Tamara: Hvala tudi tebi! :)

    @nail crazy: LOL je kako znam tamniji ali su oboje prelepi! :)

  4. lep je=), na soncu(oz. umetni svetlobi) in v senci=)

  5. @colorfulbottle: Jap, imaš čisto prav, ampak na sončku je leeepši! :)

    @Blu11: Istina! xD

  6. oh my. that is SO gorgeous! i freakin love those holos! i need more of them in my life~ haha

  7. Really beautiful! and nice photographs too :)

  8. @Katrina: I feel you! We can't live without holos! xD

    @Thifa: Thank you Thifa, I did my best! :)


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