Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OPI - We'll Always Have Paris Suede

We'll Always Have Paris Suede... But not on nails! I'm so dissapointed with this polish. Why? Because it became so thick and I can't apply it perfectly or at least decently! xpasti

I'm without inspiraton these days, my nails are naked, but now I decided to try out my first OPI I bought. I still have bill in my wallet, so I can tell you exact date when I bought it - it was on 12nd November 2009 at 5:24 PM. I don't know why I'm still keeping the bill?! So, a year ago... I still remember how badly I wanted it but it wasn't available, but when I found out where they started selling it, I decided to buy it although its high prize, because OPIs are very expensive here if you're aksing me. My boyfriend took me to store and I paid for it 12,90€ (17,60$). Too much! I had it like 4 times on my nails and that's it. It's still more than half left, but I can't use it (or I'm just so dorky?).

I just tried to apply it, but application is just horrible and uneven, I'm sure with TC would look just great, but I want Suede finish, that's why I bought it. sedih I know that mattes and suedes application is horrible, I had problems with Savita but I managed to apply it decently, but this one I really can't.

Can I use thinner? I don't know how thinner works with mattes, so I decided to ask you first.senyum

Do you have any Suedes from OPI? What do you think about them?


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  1. My friends bought me a bottle of suede for my birthday (because I asked them for it :P ) and I haven't used it yet. I think I'll only use it once or twice, I never want it to run out! ):

  2. Too bad about the formula! You know that the normal price for OPI polishes here is 14 euros? In america they're only 6 euros! Why??? :(

  3. What a pretty color! I'm sorry it got all thick on you - can you use thinner on a matte? I guess if it's already a loss, it wouldn't hurt to try, right?

  4. Ouch! 17$ for an OPI! Wow... i'm so sorry that it was a let down too...

    I know they are harder to apply, I really can't stand the one OPI suede polish I have. It's all bumpy and uneven which is sad because the color is so pretty. I don't know if a nail polish thinner would work but you can always try!

  5. @Abby: Me neither, that's why I'm so sad. :/

    @Lois: Arghh... Even more than here? :/ I don't know, I would love to move to USA. :P

    @Megan Harmeyer: Maybe I'll try, I don't want to ruin it. xD

    @tasha~: Yap, 17$, pretty expensive but that's something normal here, everything is so pricy. :/ Maybe I'll try to add some thinner, that's only what can I do with.

  6. I tried a couple of Suedes and own Russian Navy, and I really like them. We'll always have Paris is a real cutie. Hm ... if I remember correctly I applied it like any other matte polish, remember to pile it thick. It dries superfast so you don't have the time to do the extra dip. Otherwise I don't know, but it's a shame that their application is a PITA, I completely agree with you.

    As for the prices, don't get me started. I refuse to by OPI, Zoya, Orly or Color Club in Slovenia, the prices are, comparing to the USA prices, ridiculous. With the import duty and the profit margin of our sellers the price is sky-high. I mean, 7€ for a Color Club while in the USA it's a good 2 dollars (which isn't even 2€)? No, thank you.

  7. @Ulmiel: It is, but this one is thicker as it was so it's all bumpy and horrible. xD I applied it just perfectly before so it really become just horrible. :(

    Me too! They're just too expensive! That's why I love swapping! :)

  8. Hmm, si že rešila problem? Bo padlo par kapljic thinnerja ali ne? Tu res nimam pojma, kaj bi se zgodilo, verjetno nič. =)
    Glede na to, da se sedaj ne da nanašati, nimaš nič za izgubiti če dodaš thinner =)

    Drugače pa imam samo enega OPI-ja, pa še ta je navaden rdeč, so res cene v SLO previsoke =(.

  9. @colorfulbottle: Nisem še, nočem ga pokvarit pa še thinner moram prvo nabavit. x) Bomo že nekaj, samo res mi ga je škoda. :/

    Cene so res visoke, če ne, bi jaz do zdaj imela že kar nekaj nagledanih odtenkov. :(

  10. I don't think a real thinner would cause any problems for any polish, even a suede/matte. Just make sure you use a thinner and not polish remover. (I assume you do know better, but since I am new here I don't know for sure.) You said you worry that you might ruin it, but isn't it ruined for you already? It's so thick it's unuseable now! What's the worst that could happen? Maybe losing the suede finish? Then you would have to compensate by using a matte top coat and I know essence makes one, I bet you even have it already.

  11. @Donna: You're right, you have to use thinner and not a polish remover! :) Well, I know it's already ruined but I'm agry, because I spent so much for it and now it's totaly unusable. :/ Even cheap polishes are now still in good condition, I didn't expect that from OPI. :) I still don't know what I'll do with, but I'll let you know. First I have to buy a thinner and then will see what'll happen! :) Tnx for your comment!

  12. I know! I find it surprising that you would be having these kind of issues with an OPI too. They are known for such high quality and ease of application, many times you could buy an OPI that's 10 years old and it will apply like a new polish, or only be slightly thicker. It makes me wonder if it has to do with the finish.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that the thinner works for you!

  13. @Donna: Agree, I think that trick is just in formula because mattes and suedes are just drying so fast. :/ Too bad, because it's really amazing nail polish and I liked it a lot. :)

    Too bad but I hope that thinner will work just great. :D


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