Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Essence - Go Wild + Konad

Hello ladies,
hope you all have a great week as I am.

Today when I woke up I checked gmail and there was an e-mail from our faculty about passing the exam. I was really scared, couldn't open it and when I clicked, I closed my eyes and then opened them sooo slowly.... And.... I PASSED! Yaaaaaaaay! I am so happy! Thank you all for your best wishes, it really means a lot to me!

So, let's go to my manicure. I stamped Go wild with Color Club - Worth the risque - Silver holo polish. This is my first Color Club polish, yay.

Here are the pictures:



What do you think?

Have a nice day!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Essence - Go Wild

are you having a great Sunday? I'm a sick, with a little cold, not good at all. I don't like this wather - sometimes is so hot and sometimes so cold. But summer is unfortunately coming to an end.

Today I'll show you Go wild polish from Essence Color&Go line. This one I also got from my neighbour Veri! I already said that I love this little and cute bottles, because their application is great! I add 1 coat! Amazing, you can never go wrong with one coater.

And I love the color so much - warm purple creme! It reminds me on fall, so I think it is really a perfect fall shade, what do you think?


Do you have this one? Do you own any of these polishes from Colour&Go line? What do you think about them?

Have a nice and beautiful day!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for Awards

Recently I've been tagged by a few bloggers, but I didn't have time for writing a post about it. And today it's a perfect day to give award to my favorite blogs and bloggers.

First, I got Happy 101 award from Biba's Beauty Corner, Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, Nihrida and Frazzle and Aniploish! Thank you ladies, you're so sweet!

The rules are:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State 10 things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers.

So, 10 things I like are:
- My boyfriend = Love him!
- Sleeping = I'm really lazy person who can sleep all day!
- Games = I like playing games on PS3 or just watching my boyfriend how he plays them! I can play one game for all day!
- Polishes = I think you already know that. I love to buy them and lacquer my nails all the time. My mother thinks I'm crazy! And I'm not, mom!
- Cartoons = I love watching Cartoons, old ones and new too. I like Alvin and the chipmunks (Theodoro, my honey), Nemo (Nemo's so cute!), Shrek (Who don't like Puss in boots and Donkey?),...
- Movies = Especially SAW! Love it! Can't wait for Saw 7! Or good dramas, like Man On Fire, Seven Pounds, I am Legend, etc...
- Sun & sea = I'm really a summer type! I would like to see all the most beautiful beaches on this world!
- Blogging = Since I've started writing my own blog, I can't stop! I love it, like my little place, where I can post everything I want!
- Chocolate & Ice Cream = Can't live without!
- Mother = She doesn't want to spend her money for cosmetics or any nail polish, but she always come to my room and pick some stuff for her. And than I'm wondering why I don't find my mascara... Of course, my mom has it!

From Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes I got also award A blog with Substance. Thank you honey, you're so kind. I love watching franken she made. I can't wait Fridays, because every week on friday she shows Frankenpolish she make. Really great idea, like it a lot!

Rules for award recipients:
1. Thank the person for the award
2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.
- Nail Polish
- Followers
- Fun
- Happyness
- Love

3. Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

So, I'm giving both awards to:

It's really hard to pick just 10 blogs because I like so many blogs! You're all doing great!

And the third award I got is One Lovely Blog Award from Being Niki. She is a book lover and now she decided to start also writing a blog about and she's doing great.

I really don't like reading, I think I read a book like more than 5? years ago! I'll change that in future. I have to start reading books!

Getting One Lovely Blog Award means I have to show you 15 more new, fresh blogs that I like.

H&M Summer Nails - Neon Pink

I totally forgot to upload pictures of this beauty. So, let me show you mini H&M polish - Neon Pink from Summer Nails set. I got it in swap with Flavia and I love it.

In set are 4 mini neons - orange, pink, purple and yellow. And I picked pink.

Not really a neon, kind of jelly or creme, I don't know, and I like it. I add 2 coats, really great application and I like it a lot. A love the tiny bottles, they're so cute!

Like it?

It's so boring day, raining and I'm so lazy today. I really can't do anything, perfect day for resting and relaxing.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Claire's Mood Nail Polish - Calm/Wild

It's finally over. But now I have to wait for results. I don't know what's worse... Waiting for exam to come or waiting for the results.

I really don't know if it was enough for passing the exam, because you really never know. If you think you'll pass it, it can also happened that you don't pass. So... We have to wait. Fingers crossed! Next week I have one more, but for that one I'm not worried at all. So, now I can finally relax.

And thank you all for best wishes, it really means a lot to me! Really! Love you all!

As I said yesterday I pick Claire's Mood Nail Polish for my exam, but I don't know why but it didn't change color at all, like it did when I had it a few months ago. All the time was pink, no purple color on my nails. Maybe it was too hot? I add 2 coats, no problem with application, love it!

I got it from Nihrida - . I wanted it so bad and she make my wish come true - THANK YOU, you're such a sweethearth! I'm sure you already know her, her blog it's amazing, I really can't stop starring at her perfect nails!

I was so sleepy so I took the pictures and went to sleep, because I didn't sleep at night. So here are a few bad pictures, on last one I put them under cold water just to show a purple color too. Next time I'll lacquer my nails with, I'll play with water a lot to take some extra color changing pictures.


I hope I'll get my hands on more Mood Polish, because they are really awesome and so special. I wish they would sell them also here in Slovenia, but I think unfortunately that's really a mission imposible.

So, like it? Do you already have it? Which one do you like most?

Have a nice weekend ladies!


Mala modra lokomotiva/The Little Engine That Could

I have too much time right now, I can't sleep, so... My brains are lazy for studying. I have to post this cartoon that I just remembered.

Image source

English version:

Slovenian version:

And I love this song: "I think I can, I think I can,..."

In slovenian: "Pa saj bo šlo, pa saj bo šlo,...!"

So, I hope I can! We'll see in about 5 hours. Have you watched this cartoon? I watched it a couple of times when I was a little girl and also a few years ago. It reminds me of that time when I was just a kid... Just playing outside with my friends and watching cartoons all the time... I wish I could go back!