Sunday, August 15, 2010

Essie - Van D'Go

Quick post for today. Essie - Van D'go - creme pastel peach bright color. I add 2 coats, application is great, I'm totally in love with this color!


As I already said, I got this polish from Ana! Thank you again!

One bonus photo - Banana Cakes I made last week.
Nighty night,

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  1. I see why you like pinks. That look great on you. And you HAVE to stop posting your excellent sweets. ;) I get so hungry reading your posts. LOL

  2. so cute!
    i'm following you
    please visit my blog and follow me if you have time ^_^

  3. Love this color. The sweet looks yummy.

  4. Another pink from you =). I love it.

  5. Super ti paše lakec. In to bananino pecivo- omg, kakšne lušte si mi naredila!!! Recept prosim :))

  6. @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! :) Hehe, I wish I could send you a piece or two. :)

    @ Tinna: Hvala. :)

    @ maRyya: Thank you for your comment and following. I'm following you too now. ;)

    @ Ansa: Thank you. :)

    @ colorfulbottle: Yap, but is more peach than pink, but still is the color I love. :) Tnx. :)

    @ With love, Ana: Hvala gre tebi. <3 Recept - - Po tem sm delala, le da sm v testo dodala še čokolado v prahu in zmučkane banane, v puding sm namesto kokosa dala bananin ekstrakt in povrhu namesto kokosa posula s čokolado v prahu. :)) Pa in raffaello in bananino pecivo sta fuuuul dobra! :)

  7. Mmmm hvala, se bom spravila en dan naredit <3

  8. @ With love, Ana: Malenkost, pa ko nardiš javi, če ti je blo všeč. :)

  9. @With love, Ana.: Deal. :)

    @Melanie: I totally agree with you! :)


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