Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chit Chat Time

Hello dear readers and followers, how are you today? :)

I'm so happy that Spring is finally here and sun always cheers me up and now I can't wait summer  which is definetely my favorite season. I don't have new manicure for today, so I decided to ask you if you have any questions, suggestions,... Anything... :) Please ask, tell,... Feel free to comment. :)

I know that some of you wanted another Giraffe manicure and I tried a couple of times but the final result wasn't the best so I removed it immediately. :D I'll try again soon!

My nails are stained and just on 4 fingers. I really didn't know which polish made that but now I know. Do you remember that Shrek color from Sinful Colors - Innocent? Well... Yes, this polish stains horribly! I put it just on 4 nails with BC under just for taking pictures - my nails are disgustingly yellow... I tried to fill surface, rub with lemon - nothing doesn't help at all. :( What can I try more?

Oh yes, I took a photo of almost all my nail polishes today. :) Taaadaaaaa....

Yes, that's it. :$ Now I have around 200 polishes and I must find a new home for them one day soon., because shoe box doesn't work anymore. xo I gave away some of them, mostly some back ups because I realized I don't need 2 same bottles... I won't even empty one bottle. :D

I just got one new follower and I finally reached #490, welcome. :e I thought I was stucked with 489 because when I reached 490 a couple of times someone unfollowed me. :D

Thanks again for reading me! I enjoy all your comments and everything. You're the best! :h

Ivana :k

22 Comment(s):

  1. Krasna zbirka. Jaz pa svojih lakov že en čas nisem preštela, tako da nimam pojma, koliko jih imam. Jih je pa vedno več, to drži.

    Čestitke za 490 spremljevalcev. :D

  2. čestitam na puuuno sljedbenika :-D
    moram priznati da imaš krasnu zbirku lakova :-)
    a što se tiče godišnjih doba - mrzim ljeto :-(

  3. You definitely do love pink! It's so fun.

    I think my only suggestion is just... can you rotate your pics? LOL I always find myself twisting my head so I can see your hands right-side-up :) LOL. I'm a nerd.

    You're doing great!!! 500 soon!

  4. Can we pls have a sleepover, bake cookies in the mornign and have big filled donuts as well...and polish our nails with pink goodies aaalll day?! And after that you can stay here and we do exactly the same haha

  5. @theVEROblog: Thank you. :i

    @Taya: Hvalaa. :) Hehehe ma važno, da jih je vedno več. :P

    @nail crazy: Hvala ti draga! :h A što ne mrziš ljeto? :(

    @Annelise: I do. :$ Thanks for your suggestion, I'll think about it but I found pictures prettier this ways that's why I rotate them like ttat. :$ I hope you won't be mad if I don't rotate them. :$

  6. super kolekcija, vidi se da obozavas rozu :)

  7. @Martje: :r Suuuuuuuuuuuuure! I'm waiting for you, don't be late! I want to eat cookies!!! :P

    @Lendoxia: Čak i previše. :$ Hvala! :h

  8. A lot of pinks and purples there, lol. Great army! :o)

  9. Haha, that became a weird smiley.. :P

  10. ALMOST all pinks and purples, definitely you LOVE those colours!

  11. Čestike na lepo število followerjev! Hehe, zelo pinky kolekcija! :D Verjetno imam jaz tak procent zelenih v kolekciji, pa se sploh še ne zavedam. ;) :$ Sicer pa kar nadaljuj z blogom tako kot do zdaj, izjemno prisrčen je in ga rada berem. :)

  12. sucha wonderful collection and it doubles mine!! Just like you- I have an abundance of pink polishes too lol. & as for the giraffe design- did u ever try the bundle monster plates? they have a giraffe print image if it makes it easier. & @Martje lmao!! I wanna join the sleepover too!!<33

  13. What acollection! Sigh! :L

    But you definitely need more! :)
    Blues and greens perhaps?

  14. wow, nice collection... all shades of pink :D

  15. The same thing has happened with Essence Colour & Go n.18 Check Me Out, and unfortunately, the yellow is removed only by growing the nail! :( I hope that you find a solution ^_^

  16. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    ja sad imam samo 15 :(

  17. Cestitke na 495 sledbenika :D :k kiiss

  18. omggg, that polish stained my nails BRIGHT YELLOW too! so mad about it :(

  19. takoj bi imela to škatlo <3

  20. @AmyGrace: You can't even tell which one is my favorite color. :P I just can't stop looking just pinks. :D

    @Smaltoitaliano: Maybe. :P

    @Ulmiel: Hvalaaaa enako. :h Bi zelo rada videla še tvojo zbirko zelenih lakov. :D

    @Prettyfulz: Welcome to the club pink lover. :P I actually thought on the giraffe nail art, when you draw a cute giraffe, I posted it a long time ago. :L I'll try making another soon! :) I'm waiting for you and Martje, don't be late, I'm starving, I want cookies. :D

    @Stickers: Thanks sweety! :h Blue? Maybe I need some yes... Green... Nope, I really don't feel great with green on my nails. :D

    @Marina: Thanks, but I need like million pinks more. :$

    @serena_nuvola: That's bad! I've still yellow nails that's why I have always nail polish on my nails. It looks horrible. :~

    @Ixy99: Hvala. :h Pa polako, i ja sam poćela od 1. :P

    @Alice @ NailsbyAlice: Thanks. :$

    @Tinna: Saj imava zelo podobne lakce. :P Jaz se tudi tvojih ne bi branila. :r


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