Thursday, March 31, 2011

Funky Dunkey with a Broken Hearted Treasure

I'm trying not to change my manicure so often because my pointer is still peeling a bit and I still don't want to shorten them all. :D I hope it'll grow out soon so I could fill them down little by little and have strong nails.  :$ I'm using Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy at the moment, I'll probably make a post about this therapy but later. Now it's too quick to say anything. :)

I wanted to try one of my crackles so I picked Broken Hearted and layered it over Funky Dunky with Hidden Treasure. :L Broken Hearted dries matte so I added one coat of Nail Tek to have shiny nails.

Broken Hearted dries extremly fast so you have to be quick with application. I wasn't even careful how I applied thic crackle - just be sure you have enough polish on the brush and apply it on nail quickly. And then the magic happens. :i

Sun, blurry

I really love this effect and combination with flakies. :L You can expect lots of crackled manicure in the future. :e

Tommorow I've lectures again and I hope that profesor will show up this time. :i Or..... :brow

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

17 Comment(s):

  1. I love this combination. Gorgeous.

  2. oh, another combo i'll have to try!!
    very pretty.
    i LOVE the shape of your nails!

  3. this is soooooo pretty! I would never think to do this combo! I was going to get the pink crackle but I didn't really know what colors to use with it and now I wish I got it! lol & I agree with Rebecca, you have the perfect nail shape =D & How do you keep your polish so perfect by your cuticles? Do you use a brush to clean it up afterwards?

  4. LOts of depth in this mani! Very good layering idea and very pretty.

  5. That third pic makes me drool! lol i need to get some china glaze crackle.. i never thought of putting crackle over a mani with hidden treasure. looks awesome!

  6. @Ansa: Thanks. :h

    @rebecca: It's so great to hear that someone is inspired by my manicure. :i Thanks! I always fill them down straight as possible. I hope they won't break, because always someone says I have beautiful nails, one nail break. :D

    @Prettyfulz: Thanks! You should get them, they're so great for nail art too! :) I usually use a brush yes, but at the moment I'm using a nail polish corrector in pen because I can't find my brush. :$ I like it even more than brush, it's easier for me. I'll take a picture and post it in one of my next post, deal? I can be really messy with painting my nails. :D

    @Nina: Hvala. :h

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! :) I wasn't even planning to add a crackle but I didn't want to remove it yet that's why I picked a crackle to try it for the first time. :P

    @theVEROblog: Thanks! I hope you'll find them so you can play with them, they're so fun! :e

  7. Super kombinacija. Še posebej se opazi na zadnji fotki. Lepo. =)

  8. LOVE this combo, so pretty :)

  9. This is so cool! I want a Funky Dunkey :)) pa zlo lepi nohti :)

  10. broken hearted je savrsen, a kombinacija je ful zanimljiva :)

  11. opaljena kombinacija, sviđa mi se :-D
    nadam se da profesor nije opet preskočio pojavljivanje :-/

  12. oohh yay!!! i'm so excited to see it!

  13. Thanks girls! This was a really pretty combo I totally agree. :k

    @nail crazy: Došo je! I čak nismo ni završili ranije kao uvek. :D

  14. I love it! Seriously, it's such an amazing combination!


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