Monday, March 28, 2011

OPI - Funky Dunkey with Hidden Treasure

Like I said, it's time for Hidden Treasure. :L I got this bottle from colorfulbottle to try out. I got it months ago but I didn't have any idea how to combine it. :D But when I saw really beautiful combo at With love, Ana I knew what I'll try one day. :P

So  I added 2 coats of Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure over OPI - Funky Dunkey. I don't know why I thought one coat wasn't enough because it would look softer than this but I like it anyway. :D It can look yellow, orange or even green depends on the light, true chameleon. :)

The only thing I really don't like about this Sally Hansen is the brush. So wide and awkward. xo Applying HT was easy, but I really can't imagine how would I apply a pastel polish with that brush - my manicure would probably be just a big fail. :O

My nails are on fire. :i I took thousand of pictures but I'll show you just these, because most of them are really similar. You get the idea how it looks like right?
I need more flakies in my stash, I wish I could get my hands on OPI - Merry Midnight - another polish which is hard to get. :( And I need some Nfu.OH flakies one day too......... Will my WL ever come to an end? :i

What do you think about this combination? Like it or not? I'm going to sleep now, it'll be a looong day tommorow. :)

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

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  1. Amazing combination!
    I love HT and I really like that kind of brush.

  2. ive never seen this anywhere here, but this is gorgeous!!

  3. fantastic combination! this is gorgeous.

  4. oh this combo is amazing :)

  5. Stunning!

  6. really pretty combo! i've never tried hidden treasure over purple. i'll have to soon!

    and i actually like the brush for the complete salon polishes!! i find it really easy to use.
    nicole by OPI has just switched over to the same brush.

  7. @Carolina: Thanks! :)
    I really don't like it, but I tried it for the first time, maybe I'm just not used to it. :D

    @Silence is Loud, Amanda, nail crazy, Kiva, Megan Harmeyer: Thank you girls. :)

    @rebecca: It looks really gret over dark colors, but I don't have a lot of them. :D
    We'll see how will I work with that brush when I get my JB polishes. I'm really not used to this brush and it looks awkward to me. :D

  8. wow! this color combo is awesome & I love the pic you took in the shade. I always used this over black - but I have some swatches of it over a light pink (which is cute) but it is really pretty over a teal color. Im going to use a combo like that in the summer when I do a mermaid design lol. & I didn't like the brushes at first either, but I got used to them and I actually like them now.<3

  9. i knew it! i know it'll be this beautiful! the instant bling is awesome! haha. i only have nubar 2010, and they're kinda the same. i love my nubar 2010 for layering. =)

  10. I love this combination! I haven't tried it but it definitely looks nice :) Great pictures by the way and awesome nail shapes :P

  11. I did sort of the same thing with CQ Mystical a while back. I loooove layering HT over purples!

    Your swatches look amazing!!!

  12. And you got the pictures looking so colour accurate too!!! I can never get my camera to love purples or even pinks for that matter. >_<

  13. I don't just like it, I love it :)

  14. That's a gorgeous combo :L Great pics as well :)

  15. What a flaming beauty :) It's in my WL for a long time, and yes, WLs never end I guess.. :)

  16. Meni je prekrasna kombinacija. Full dobro <3 Je pa čopič od HT res smešen in zoprn za nanašat lak :S

  17. Beautiful combination! I like HT over just about anything. :)

  18. Amazing combination, and flakies are always pretty <3.

  19. I hope you don't mind but I linked you in my blog because I was so inspired by this mani!!

    Please let me know if it's not ok and I will edit my post. =)

  20. @Prettyfulz: Thanks. :) I can't wait to see mermaid design. :L I hope I'll like them too one day. :)

    @rosey: I'm so happy you like it! I saw Nubar too and they look dupes, so no need to have both. :)

    @Elsa P.: Thank you. :h

    @Kee: Thanks! :) I really love sun, because I can take really great pictures, sometimes I've to use Microsoft Picture Manager to change contrast or brightness. But purples are definetely not fotogenic at all. xo And I don't mind you linked me, I'm honoured you did that and I'm so happy my mani inspired you. :h Thanks!

    @Elsa P.: I'm so happy to hear that! :h

    @Shiny!: Thank you! :)

    @ritterbraten: Too bad for our wallet I guess. :D I hope I'll kill my biggest lemings one day. :)

    @With love, Ana.: Hvala za inspiracijo. :D Ane? Sem že mislila, da sem jaz čudna, ker sem se res namučila. xo

    @KarenD: Thanks! I will try to layer it over a light shade one day, I'm really curious how would it look like.

    @Deborah: Agree! I need more flakies. :c

  21. WOW, the change is spectacular. It looks like those awesome NFu's that I read so much about.


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