Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catherine Arley Haul

Look what I got! :L

670, 675, 804, 666
My mom said when she saw them: "Ivana?! Why do you need 4 same polishes? Wouldn't 1 be enough?" :D They're not so close like she thinks. :D I would love to have 2 more and I'd be done with them. :$
We ordered them at Beauty Cosmetic online shop. All bottles came in one piece, they secured them well, so if you want them - grab them asap. :)

I'm waiting for sun to start trying them! :L So many new polishes and I have just 2 hands, that's bad. xP

Ivana :k

14 Comment(s):

  1. super haul :d
    voljela bih da vidim tvoj stash :O

  2. Oh Ivana, they're SO pretty ! <3
    I'm sososososo jealous ! :)
    Xx. S

  3. A taman sam sinoc negdje bila pitala gdje se mogu nabaviti :))

  4. Oh, they all look stunning!

    I've seems so much praise and talk about these Catherine Arley holo polishes in blogs all around lately. I might have to get some and try them out! Have you tried any of the regular Catherine Arley polishes, the cremes or shimmers?

    Oh and I was wondering, would you mind taking a photo of the brush on these? I would love to see how it looks and maybe hear your opinion on it (application, size) and how it is compared to other brands like OPI and H&M's brushes? :)

  5. Weeeeh, they look so gorgeous! :D

  6. Can I get a link to the shop? :) Can't find it :(

  7. jel ti treba pripomoc udomi me i swatcham i ja ^_^

  8. @Maki: :$ Pa nemam jih puno puno. :) Moram prvo kupit nešto da jih poslažem sve i onda ću ih pokazati. :P

    @S.: Thank you. :h

    @kamilkamilka: Pinks everywhere. :P

    @Irena B: Ćitam ti misli. :i

    @evercouldbe: I have just these 4 of them for now and they're all holos. I wasn't even interested in any other colors than these holos. :$

    I'll take a picture of brush when I try them, hope it'll be sunny soon and I'll try them next week. Thanks for letting me know what would you love to see, I will do my best. :h

    @AmyGrace & nicnacksnails: Agree, they're G-O-O-O-R-G-E-O-U-S-S. :i

    @Kathrin: Sure, click here. :)

    @Lendoxia: Ajde, ćekam te. :D

  9. Oooow lucky you!!! :) yesterday I got a message they sent my package, so I can`t wait till I receive it :) I order 666 - 675, couldn`t pick any but indeed I loved purples/pinks most haha

  10. @Martje: Yay! They'll arrive quick, we got them in just few days after they're shipped. :) Enjoy your new goodies! I need to get my hands on 673 and 677 one day. :$

  11. Super pridobitve =). Tvoja mami pa res ne razume lakov, tako kot 90% odstalih ljudi, ki niso lakoholiki =)

  12. @colorfulbottle: Nič novega. :P Mami bi najraje videla, da imam le par lakov. :D


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