Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catherine Arley - 804 & 500 followers!! ♥

These days are really sunny and beautiful. :L It would be great if I they wouldn't say that it'll snow tommorow. :( Who need snow now? :(

Anyways, it's time for a new Catherine Arley - number 804 - another pink beauty. I added 2 coats, it would be better if I added one more, because there is still VNL. I think it wasn't so obvious in RL. Holo effect is more visible in RL as on these pictures, my camera only catches rainbow when the polish is a real holographic goddess. :P Color is most accurate on second picture. :)

It's super glossy and shiny like all before. Another win! :L What do you think about this beauty? :)

And I reached 500 followers today. :e :e How cool is that? :P

Thank you so much for following and reading me. :k Every day when I wake up - first I check my mail box (to see if there were any comments) and then I check blogger's dashbord just to check if I got any new followers. Addicted... Totally. :$

Have a nice and sunny end of the week!
Ivana :k

21 Comment(s):

  1. Čestitam na velijok brojci!!!!!!!
    Nadam se da ubrzo pišeš post o 1000 sljedbenika!

    Imam doma 2 CA laka, isto holo i nakon nekolko mjeseci ne korištenja su mi se skupili u bočici, kao žvakaća su!

  2. :e CONGRATULATIONS! and I love Catherine Arley :L

  3. Great color and congrats on yur 500 followers!!

  4. Another gorgeous pink! I'm now convinced that you cannot go wrong with a pink holo polish, they are so cute yet elegant at the same time! :L

    And big congrats on hitting 500!! :e

  5. Čudoviti so tile CA lakci!

    Čestitam za 500+ spremljevalcev :D

  6. Congrats on the 500!
    Beautiful colour BTW :)

  7. Congrats on 500 followers !!!

  8. cestitam draga! zasluzila si :k
    lakic je prelijep :L

  9. awww i love this color!! & that is a perfect shade of pink<3 Where did u get that polish? & CONGRATS on 500 followers!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Another pretty.. :L Congrats on your 500 followers, you deserve them!

  11. Lep :L CA so res zakon :)

    in čestitam za 500 spremljevalcev :)

  12. Wow congrats on the followers!! =) and that polish is super awesome!

  13. woohoo! congrats on your followers!! :D and omg, i need some Catherine Arley polishes. so pretty~

  14. Prekrasan na suncu. prekrasan u sjeni. <3

    I čestitam na 500 sljedbenika.. tvoji predivni noktići su zaslužili još najmanje 500 ;)

  15. A big Congrats on the 500 followers :D

  16. congratulations and happy spring

  17. Thank you girls, your comments mean a lot to me. :k You're just awesome and you always make my day! Thanks for reading me all the time. :k We will reach number 1000 one day, right? :P But I never expected to have even 100 and look where're we now. :$

    @Maybe: Hvala draga! :h Ali do 1000 ima još puuuuno. :$

    Šta?! :o Nadam se, da nisu svi takvi a pogotovo jer jih sad sigurno neko vreme neću pipniti jer imam hrpu novih lakova. :| Poludeću. :D

    @evercouldbe: Agree! And they're so easy to apply, I just love them! :L

    @Prettyfulz: We ordered them at webstore. :)

    @Katrina: You definetely need them, agree. :P

  18. čestitam draga na sasvim lijepoj brojčici :-D

  19. Congrats!!
    I love this polish!

  20. Congrats on 500 followers!! Amazing colour!


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