Sunday, March 27, 2011

OPI - Funky Dunkey

I wasn't interested in OPI's Shrek Forever After collection when it was released. Then I got two minies - What's with the Cattitude, which I swapped for mini of MAAH and Rumple's Wiggin', which I never wanted to try, because I didn't want to empty that mini bottle. I'm sure you all know how OPI minis are tiny. :D That's why I wanted a full size of Rumple's Wiggin' and Funky Dunkey, just because I love Donkey. :$

Funky Dunkey is a grape purple creme. I added 2 coats because after one is still streaky. :) It was actually hard to capture its real color. xo Anyway... Application was great, drying time fast,... :)
I really love how it looks by itself and this one really doesn't need anything more to be just gorgeous. :D But I layered over Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure, but I still didn't have any pictures. I'll take them tommorow. :)

I have a question for you: Where can I download those nails magazine? :i I saw so many cute design which I would love to try, but I would love to check some more too. Let me know if anyone know where I can check them. :P

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

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  1. Prekrasna boja :b!Obožavam ljubičastu,i svi ljubičasti koje imam su dosta tamni,ali ovaj je stvarno prekrasan :D

  2. i love the color! i can imagine how beautiful it is with the HT.=) i can't wait for your pics.

  3. I need this colour! I bet it would look awesome with a silver foil konad design on it too. I want it, ahah!!

  4. This is the only one I do not have from this collection! Too bad for me because it looks absolutely stunning on you!

  5. nisam ljubitelj shrek zelene, ali magare bi totalno mogla nosit na noktima :)

  6. I'm curious how Hidden Treasure will look over it :)!

  7. Great color and your mani!

  8. Tale mi je pa celo všeč. Čeprav je OPI. =)

  9. @Nina: Baš je ljubičast i nije ni previše taman, pun pogodak. :D

    @rosey: Thank you! I'll post them probably later today. I need to crop them and write a post. :)

    @Jenny and Kaylie: Agree, maybe I'll try making that next time. I'm so happy I have it. :L

    @Lacquer Addicts Anonymous: Thanks! :) But other colors are also sooo beautiful. :L

    @Lendoxia: I ja tako kažem. :P

    @Deborah: It looks gorgeous, you'll see. :P

    @alluring_mum: Thanks. :i

    @nihrida: Zakaj pa ne maraš OPI-jev? :( Meni edino cena ni ravno všeč, drugače so mi pa perfektni. Njihov čopič mi je pa res najboljši. :D

    @Taya: Ane? :)

  10. stvarno fantastična boja :-)
    predivno ti stoji ;-D

  11. I love the donkey picture LOL. I don't have this, I have ChG Grape Pop and it looks like a dupe to me!

  12. It's a great colour!
    I love it!

  13. @rock-or-not: Hvala. :$

    @Ebz: He's just cute. :i I think I saw a comparison with Grape Pop and GP is more blue than this one. :) But I think you don't need both.

    @nail crazy: Thanks! I love it too! :L


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