Monday, February 28, 2011

RAOK from Adora Belle

A week ago one lovely lady Adora Belle contacted me by e-mail saying she has one extra bottle of  Catrice - Hot or Not, which I have on my WL for ages but I just didn't have time to pick it up, and she would love to send me this beauty, because she saw it on my WL. I didn't want that she pays for shipping all the way from Germany but she said she would love to do that, because she's a nail polish addict too - like we all are, right?  and she know how it feels when you want something badly. :D We exchange some e-mails, she said she send it and included some new p2, L.A. Colors and I expect just a few polishes. :)
I didn't even know that the package'll be here so soon, so today when I got it I was blown away with all these beauties I got - and there were sooooooo many polishes!! :D I though I was dreaming! :L I still think that! I just had to share this pictures with you. :)

Call me!
Crazy Love

Call me!
Open your heart
L.A. Colors
Pink Sizzle
p2 - Pink Satin
Glam Nails - Rainbow

Catrice - Hot or Not
MNY - 557
Raspberry Sorbet
Dress to Party

Pictures are not 100% color accurate, I'll make some decent swatches soon! As you can see I got soooooo many p2 polishes - I have just one and I'm quite excited to try them all - some of them are new from latest p2 product change, some of them are old, that's why we have 2 polishes with same name but totally different color: Call me! My first and only MNY polish (dark shimmery purple) and one holographic polish (Rainbow), one beautiful OPI, Essence, L.A. Colors,... :L

I also got lots of perfume testers and some stickers with a lovely letter! :h

This was a big surprise for me! I'm watching them on the table and still not believing that they are all just mine! :L Thank you, thank you Adora Belle for this great surprise although you even didn't have to send me so much! :) Thank you again! :h :k

Would you be interested in p2 week?

And I got a "job" at our administrative unit for April today! It was my lucky day today though. :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Color Club - Tru Passion

New day, new manicure. :) I've an important apppointment tommorow at administrative unit for a "job" - actually additional education, which we have to pass if we want to graduate one day and I'm already so scared. :D I wanted something that will last long, so I picked this lovely lilac glitter - Tru Passion.

I added 3 thin coats, you can get away with 2 thick, but it might peel off. I didn't add any BC, I waited for couple of minutes that every layer was dry, so I hope it won't peel off like MAAH months ago. The surface is a little rough, but nothing scary, I'll add a coat of TC probably tommorow. :)


Weak sun
I'm really not proud of my pointer so please just ignore it, but I just don't want to fill them all down. :( In a week they should be just fine, at least I hope. :)

So, it's mostly lilac/lavender glitter in clear base but with some multicolored glitter, although they're not visible on pictures. :) This beauty isn't fotogenic at all, so I tried to make my first video (I stole this idea from Ulmiel, I'm sure you all already know her, but if you don't, check her blog - it's awesome! ;) ). It's so much easier to show this bling bling effect, which I love. Low quality video was taken in the dark with flashlight. :)

Bling bling all over the nail. :D I always wanted Nubar - Hyacinth Sparkle but after seeing a comparison at Alizarine claws I'm sure I don't need both of them. They're pretty close. :)

So, what do you think? Was this video a fail? :$

Wish me luck and hope you're having a nice and relaxing Sunday!
Ivana :k

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Color Club - Pucci-Licious + Konad

It happened! :c I broke my nail today. I'm soooooo angry. :@ First I added few coats of BC and wished it would help to stay in one piece till Monday so I could buy Essence glue and their SOS nail repair pads, because I broke just a corner of my nail and it still didn't fell off so I could try to repair it. :( But of course I just couldn't forget on that and leave it alone, so it fell off. Worst case scenario. :( I filed the nail down but I'm not satisfied with the shape but I hope it'll grow up soon. I filed other nails just a little, I hope it won't look like disaster on pictures. We'll see tommorow. :)

Anyway I added some stamping to delicious Pucci-licious with Admire again. I had a lot of problems with this pattern from M74 last time when I used it with Chill Out, but today it was so easy again. :) I love Admire! :) It looks great over this great purple. :L

This pattern looks so cool and unique. :) I really like it! What do you think about this color combination and pattern?

I just watched movie The Pursuit of Happiness for the 933983 time on TV, I just love this movie with Will and Jaden Smith. :L I would love to have a son like Jaden one day, he's just soooooo cute! :$ :h
Image Source
Happy Birthday mommy, love you so much!
I made a coconut cake for her today, it was delicious but didn't look like that, so I won't share a picture with you. :D

Tnx for watching!
Nighty night,
Ivana :k

Color Club - Pucci-Licious

Today I've one very beauiful purple from Poptastic Collection for you. :) Pucci-licious is purple neon with satin finish. I added 2 coats on this pictures without TC. I've problems with purples (they always came out too blue xo ) so I did my best to capture its real color, I think color is most accurate on first photo. 

This shade is really perfect for summer! :L Application is great, drying time was fast, if you want to have shiny nails, put a TC and you're done! :D Pucci-licious is delicioussssss. :P

As you can see I'm changing my manicure every day. :$ I just have to try all my new goodies as soon as possible. :D I hope you'll have a nice and relaxing weekend!
Ivana :k

Friday, February 25, 2011

China Glaze - Sugar High + Konad

I decided to add some stamping to this gorgeous summer beauty Sugar High. :L For stamping I picked China Glaze Admire from spring Romantique Collection back in 2009, which was also in my swap package with Lynsey. Thank you again, I'm so happy I've them all! :h I wanted Admire and Harmony mostly because I read that they're great for stamping. And working with Admire is really just sooooooo easy! :D

I usually spend lot of time for stamping, but today I was done in just few minutes. I used pattern from M65. :i

I really really like how it turns out! :L The pattern definetely became one of my favorites! :) What do you think? Like it or not? Anyone who have problems with stamping, just pick one polish from Romantique collection and you'll see how easy is to work with them. :D I'm really impressed with them. :)

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What happened with Essence preview post?

If you're wondering why my post of latest Essence's TE dissapeared let me tell you just that I had to remove the content, because I's contacted by Essence. They ordered me to remove it or they would inform Blogger about it. This was was a little too much for me, because I understand it like a threat. Then I got a feeling like I stole pictures, but I got them from Slovenian Distributor for Essence with My skin and Better than Gel nails previews, and I thought if I saw them then everybody can. :i Where's the problem? Well, I wouldn't mind if they would say that politely, explain this and that and everything would be just fine.

I really don't get it, but I won't lose any words because of that anymore, it's really not worth it. :)

Thanks for watching!
Ivana :k

China Glaze - Sugar High

I changed my mani yesterday. It's quite difficult to decide which one should I pick next so I put them in the box and without seeing them pull one out. It was this beauty - Sugar High from Up & Away spring collection from last year. This is definetely one of my favorite collection ever! :L

It's a perfect bright creme kind of peachy pink. :L I added 2 coats and 1 coat of TC.
So bright and so lovely - looks like bubblegum! :D I had problems with my phone, because sometimes it makes it even brighter and neonish. Like this. :i

It almost looks like it's from Poolside collection, but it's definetely not so neon.
I'm ready for Summer! :D What do you think about this beauty? :)

Ivana :k

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OPI - You're a Pisa Work

Martje said yesterday that I should start with You're a Pisa Work, so I listened to her and picked this beauty to try it! :)

First, I love the name - You're a Pisa Work 8) - A dark fuchsia pink creme polish. :L The biggest surprise was that this beauty is one coater if you're careful. Of course I wasn't so I had to add one more, but you can really get away with just one. :D It's also so shiny and glossy even without TC.

It's brighter and maybe a little darker in RL as on pictures. :)

Daylight, cloudy day
I love it!! :L What an amazing shade although is just a creme! :i I really like this lenght of my nails, I really hope I won't break any of them like used to happen to me all the time. :D
Maybe I'll add some stamping tonight, we'll see!

So, what do you think about this beauty? :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

Monday, February 21, 2011

Swap with Lynsey

Today my mom brang a big boooox to my room in the morning while I was sleeping, but I just had to get up and open it. :D

Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Dear Lynsey contacted me in December if I'm interested in doing a swap with her. I'm always interested, because my WL is quite long, so we decided to arrange it.
We didn't know that the shipping from Canada to Slovenia is sooooo slow, because I waited for this package since 7th January, but it was definetely worth it!! :e I expected it so many times, but today I got it! 

Let's take a look what I got. :)

Claire's Mood Polish

China Glaze
Pool Party

Mommy Kissing Sant

Mommy Kissing Santa is actually for Colorful Bottle, but she gave me a permision to swatched it, yay. :i

Color Club
She's So Glam

  L.A. Colors - Electric Charge
L.A. Girls
Pink Fizz


Sweets from Canada
See red&white TicTac?? We only have white and orange and that's it. These are with cinnamon. :D And I've already eaten Lindt chocolate. Yummmmi! :$

Lip Balm and body lotion - it smells so goood!
What can I say? Thank you Lynsey! I love them ALL and I can't wait to start trying them. :L You really cleaned my WL. :i Thank you so much! I hope you're enjoying your European goodies as much as I'm yours! :L

Which one would you like to see first? I really can't decide. I wish I had 20 hands right now. :i

Take care,
Ivana :k

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Kitty Manicure

I've recevied Hello Kitty image plate a while ago from BornPrettyStore. I decided to add Hello Kitty to Golden Rose Chamelleon Effect 28. :P

I've got image plate M71 with HK design and stamper with scraper.

Don't forget to pill down the tiny film over the plate, it's really even hard to see it.

I've only Essence Stamper and Scraper so I compared them together.
BornPretty Stamper and scraper on the left and Essence on the right
They're both same sizes, but the Essence stamper is smoother than BornPretty's that's why I found stamper from BP better, it picks up the pattern easier than Essence's.
I don't use a scraper because it scratches my image plates, so I'm using one old credit card, it works perfectly. :)

First I added HK on my ring finger and than dots on others, but it somehow didn't match together, so I added black funky french inspired by amazing Erika from Chloe's Nails. She's really making magic with scotch tape. :L
Daylight, cloudy day
Dots: Konad M79 with Color Club - Worth The Risque
Hello Kitty: Bornpretty fauxnad M71 with Manhattan 1010N
Bow: Essence Nail Art Sticker - Sweet Romance
Funky French: freehand with Manhattan 1010N

So what do you think - fail or success? I really can't decide. :$

You can purchase HK plate here. :) You can join my giveaway too, I'm giving away 8 image plates from BPS including Hello Kitty or you can check one awesome blog Das Experiment and read how you can get if for free too. :D

Take care girls,
Ivana :k

*The product in this post was sent to me by Born Pretty! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Golden Rose [Chameleon Effect] - 28

I got another polish from slovenian online store I really couldn't decide which one to pick soI left this decision to Tamara and I got this beauty - Chameleon Effect 28. She just couldn't miss with the pink polish.senyum

Ta teden me je doma pričakal nov lak iz spletne trgovine Tokrat je to lak znamke Golden Rose, ki so jih pred kratkim začeli prodajati v njihovi spletni trgovini. Ker se nikakor nisem mogla odločiti za en odtenek, sem prepustila izbiro kar Tamari. In res ni zgrešila z izbiro odtenka.senyum

It looked a little bit sheer so I decided to try layering with this beauty too. How would I describe this color? Mauve pink with lots of pink shimmer? I'm really not good with describing colors so I'll let the pictures speak for itself.

Ker se mi je zdel malce prosojen, sem se odločila, da ga uporabim samostojno in tudi kot plastenje. Hm.... Kako bi opisala tale odtenek? Mauve roza z veliko roza šimra? No ja, naj slike govorijo kar same zase.

Na kazalcu je nanešen Essence - Go Wild (2 sloja) na prstancu pa še z enim slojem Golden Rose laka, medtem ko na mezincu in sredincu pa so nanešeni 3je sloji laka.

Pointer: 2 coats of Essence Color&Go - Go Wild
Middle and pinkie: 3 coats of Golden Rose Chameleon Effect - 28
Ring finger: 2 coats of Essence Color&Go - Go Wild & 1 coat of Golden Rose Chameleon Effect - 28


Middle and pinkie: 3 coats of Golden Rose Chameleon Effect - 28
Ring finger and pointer: 2 coats of Essence Color&Go - Go Wild & 1 coat of Golden Rose Chameleon Effect - 28

I didn't have any problems with application, drying time is short, so I even didn't use any fast drying TC.

Z nanosom nisem imela nobenih težav. Posuši se tudi kar hitro, tako da nisem uporabila hitrosušečega nadlaka.

I really like how it looks by itself and also layered. What do you think about it? I'm wondering how would this beauty looks like over darker color. Maybe I'll try that soon. senyum

Kupite ga lahko v spletni trgovini, kjer poleg Chameleon Effect lakov lahko najdete še lake iz Multi Dimensions, Fashion Color, Care + Strong in Crystal Color linije.


*The product in this post was sent to me by! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Jaden - Justin - Usher @ Grammy's

It's a terrible week behind me... And I mean it. It went so good with my exams but then something went wrong this week. I've 4 left for June, yay - not! But I'm not going to give up! It's so annoying because I always pass the most difficult exams and failed at easiest. Arrrgrhhhhhhh, stupid me... tanduk
I'll be probably working at administrative unit for 2 months starting next month and I just can't wait. I have also almost decided the theme of my thesis which I'll be typing in next half year. senyum I hope I'll make it somehow. gigitjari

Anyway enough of complaining, tommorow I'll start showing my nails again. I had my Valentine's manicure for 5 days on my nails and only Lilacism chipped after few days, other nails were still perfect. senyumkenyit
Thank you for so many comments, it was so good to read them! You're the best.peluk

I didn't watch Grammy Awards but I just saw this video on youtube. I suscribed JustinBieberVEVO channel long time ago and it was uploaded few days ago. I really like Bieber, I'm seeing him like my little brother just living his dreams, weird I know.ihikhik And this performance with Jaden and Usher is just great. I'm a big fan of Usher, his dancing and singing skills are just amazing. sembah

I don't know why so many people hate Bieber? I saw lots of parodies and also hateful videos, pictures... I just don't get it. Live and let live. I would definetely love to be on his place. rindu

I always forgot to mention that I passed 200th post, yay for me. And the number of followers is rising, yaaaaay! Thank you for following me and welcome! menari

Have a great weekend dear readers and followers!