Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OPI - You're a Pisa Work

Martje said yesterday that I should start with You're a Pisa Work, so I listened to her and picked this beauty to try it! :)

First, I love the name - You're a Pisa Work 8) - A dark fuchsia pink creme polish. :L The biggest surprise was that this beauty is one coater if you're careful. Of course I wasn't so I had to add one more, but you can really get away with just one. :D It's also so shiny and glossy even without TC.

It's brighter and maybe a little darker in RL as on pictures. :)

Daylight, cloudy day
I love it!! :L What an amazing shade although is just a creme! :i I really like this lenght of my nails, I really hope I won't break any of them like used to happen to me all the time. :D
Maybe I'll add some stamping tonight, we'll see!

So, what do you think about this beauty? :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

15 Comment(s):

  1. This is the perfect color for you.

  2. gorgeous! it compliments your skin-tone well.. ahh and i hope you don't break a nail like i just did... right down the middle :(

  3. o_O what a colour!!! Just the right one to break the dullness of cold winter days. Love it! And it definitely suits you!

  4. Gorgeous creme! I think I have to add it to my wantlist :) Also, your nails have a divine shape! They look amazing <3

  5. a perfect pink, I love it! And indeed the length of your nails is great asw ell....perhaps I souldn`t wash my hands so often during a day...they might grow better :S

  6. krasna boja, podsjeca me na franken koji imam iako je mozda nesto tamnija, volim fuksija rozu <3

  7. Perfection! Your nails, the colour... <3

  8. @Carolina: Thank you! :k I like it so much! :)

    @Amanda: Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that, I really hate when that happens! :@ I hope it'll grow up quickly!

    @ritterbraten: Thank you! :$ It's really bright and I'm definetely prepared for Spring and not this grey and cold winter. :(

    @Bamboo: Thank you! It's really a perfect shade! :L It would look great on your nails. :)

    @Jette Fromm: Aww thank you. It's so great to hear that someone'll put a polish on WL after seeing it here. :P You really can't miss with this shade. :) I'm really trying to have my nails so long as they are now. Hope I'll make it somehow. :|

    @Martje: Thanks sweety, I'm glad you like it. :) Water really makes nails more sensitive. I take long showers all the time and then I have to be sooo careful to not breaking them. :| At least I wash dishes with gloves. :P

    @Lendoxia: Hvala i stvarno imaš dobar ukus za frankene. :P

    @AmyGrace: Tnx!!! That's a compliment from a lady with really perfect nails! :$

    @Annelise: It is, right? I'm in love with this color. :L


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