Thursday, February 24, 2011

What happened with Essence preview post?

If you're wondering why my post of latest Essence's TE dissapeared let me tell you just that I had to remove the content, because I's contacted by Essence. They ordered me to remove it or they would inform Blogger about it. This was was a little too much for me, because I understand it like a threat. Then I got a feeling like I stole pictures, but I got them from Slovenian Distributor for Essence with My skin and Better than Gel nails previews, and I thought if I saw them then everybody can. :i Where's the problem? Well, I wouldn't mind if they would say that politely, explain this and that and everything would be just fine.

I really don't get it, but I won't lose any words because of that anymore, it's really not worth it. :)

Thanks for watching!
Ivana :k

12 Comment(s):

  1. Prov nesramni so bli?? OMG, neumno!! Pa res jim reklamo s tem delaš. Jao! Jim je mal v glavo stopilo, da se prodajajo al kaj?

  2. weird. they usually contact in a nice way. and then they shouldn't put it on the internet right?:) but you handeled it well

  3. Ne mogu vjerovat!!! U šoku sam!

  4. @Ulmiel: Mogoče niso tako mislili, ampak meni že zadeva ni bila všeč (Delete Essence post!), začetek vsebine pa da nimam dovoljenja in da naj takoj zbrišem, če ne bodo ukrepali. :| No ja...

    Lahko, da tudi pretiravam, ampak mislim, da bi mi lahko povedali na lepši način ali pa jaz preveč pričakujem. :i

    @you nailed it!: Tnx. :) I really don't mind anymore. :D

    @Lalica: Bilo pa prošlo. :)

  5. ma ne mogu vjerovati, reklamiraš ih i oni tako... ma svašta :-p
    totalna glupost :-/

  6. They are just stupid!!!
    And I will never buy anything from Essence!

  7. Wow. If they didn't want it "leaked", why would they send it out? Anyway, that pic of the kitteh is funny. :d

  8. @nail crazy: Tako nekako. :O

    @Anonymous: Well, when this happened I thought just like you, but the products aren't quilty of their bad politic. :P

    @Megan Harmeyer: I guess I'm not the right person to share the infos. :D I love this kitty! :D

  9. What a bunch of crapola. You are right, they could have been NICE about it all. I know you to be very understanding. :)

  10. Wow a resno? Jaz bi jim enih pet povedala. Wtf se grejo, prakticno jim delas zastonj reklamo?!
    Pa se oni so razposlali slike okoli, pa miljavzent bloggerk jih ima?

    Poleg tega pa so te kolekcije ze vzunaj (sploh tista z gelom).


  11. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! :h That's the only thing I was mad about - say politely and I would understand, not a big deal at all. :|

    @Tamara: Ne ne, ni se šlo o teh 2h, ampak o eni čisto novi - Blosssom etc... Očitno še nikjer ni bila objavljena. :i Saj sem jim potem napisala, da bi lahko drugič lepo razložili in bi bilo to to. :D

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