Monday, February 21, 2011

Swap with Lynsey

Today my mom brang a big boooox to my room in the morning while I was sleeping, but I just had to get up and open it. :D

Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Dear Lynsey contacted me in December if I'm interested in doing a swap with her. I'm always interested, because my WL is quite long, so we decided to arrange it.
We didn't know that the shipping from Canada to Slovenia is sooooo slow, because I waited for this package since 7th January, but it was definetely worth it!! :e I expected it so many times, but today I got it! 

Let's take a look what I got. :)

Claire's Mood Polish

China Glaze
Pool Party

Mommy Kissing Sant

Mommy Kissing Santa is actually for Colorful Bottle, but she gave me a permision to swatched it, yay. :i

Color Club
She's So Glam

  L.A. Colors - Electric Charge
L.A. Girls
Pink Fizz


Sweets from Canada
See red&white TicTac?? We only have white and orange and that's it. These are with cinnamon. :D And I've already eaten Lindt chocolate. Yummmmi! :$

Lip Balm and body lotion - it smells so goood!
What can I say? Thank you Lynsey! I love them ALL and I can't wait to start trying them. :L You really cleaned my WL. :i Thank you so much! I hope you're enjoying your European goodies as much as I'm yours! :L

Which one would you like to see first? I really can't decide. I wish I had 20 hands right now. :i

Take care,
Ivana :k

19 Comment(s):

  1. oow ow ow ow all pinks and purples :) these pics just make me smile just looking at them!

    I think you should ebgin with ; You're a Pisa Work :)

  2. Me veseli, da je paketek končno prispel in razblinil tvoje strahove! =)
    Super nove pridobitve! ;D

  3. joj, krasan si swap odradila, svaka čast Lynsey :-)
    ali tako mu je dugo trebalo... kao da je kanada na drugom kraju svijeta :-D

  4. p.s ja bih isto krenila s čokoladom :-D
    ... a onda polako i na miru s lakovima - jednim po jednim :-)

  5. what an amazing swap! enjoy your new pretties :)

  6. waw kolk novih pinkijev maš zdj za sprobat! =) super, da je paketek prišel do tebe

  7. @Martje: That's right. My colors for sure. :P I was so happy when I was opening the package. :e

    @Kvacka: Jaaaa, hvala, ker si me takrat pomirila. :P Pa sem ga dočakala. :$

    @nail crazy: Da, baš svaka čast Lynsey. 8) Iz Kanade stvarno dugo traje, jer imaju takvu politiku i još nije išlo via airmail, jer je to kod njih vrlo skupo. :| Ali doćekala sam, vredilo je. :L

    @Enamel Girl: I definetely will! I'm so happy today. :D

    @Dragana Honey Daša: Prediiiivni... :L Baš sam lucky girl. :$

  8. @mancina se štima: Jaaa. :i Pa vseh iz prejšnjih swapov še nisem sprobala. :r

  9. God, such an amazing swap !
    I can totally imagine your happiness right now ;)

  10. Krasne pridobitve. :)
    Jaz bi zelo rada videla swatch od Color Cluba Tru Passion.

  11. wow what an amazing surprise to wake up to! those are all such beautiful colors.

  12. ooooh! drool. what an awesome package! i wanna wake up to that! haha

  13. Waaaw, tale swap pa ima 'Ivana' napisan all over it. :D Zelo pinkiš! :D Se pa že veselim swatchev Agent Lavender, Fashion Addict in Amethyst! :)

  14. woooooow koliko prekrasnih bocica, s kojim god da krenes ne mozes pogrijesit ^_^

  15. Nice!!

    And I love the emoticons! :i

  16. @S.: It's almost one day since then and I'm still keeping them on my table, just to watch them. :r

    @Taya: Se bom potrudila, da ga čimprej poslikam. :) Res krasen glitterček. :L

    @Amanda: Thank youu! I was and I'm still so happy. :$

    @Katrina: :D Yeah yeah and I want to wake up in your bed to have your collection. :P

    @Ulmiel: Mogoče? :$ Se bom potrudila, da bodo čimprej. :)

    @Lendoxia: I to što kažeš. :O

    @AmyGrace: Yaaay, guess who told me for them? :P Thank you! I was always admiring them at your blog and these are really easy to use. :)

  17. Waaau kir paket!! Sami hudi lakci <3


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