Friday, July 29, 2011

Glitter In The Air

I goooooooooooooot it toooday. :L Thank you so much *M* from *All My Silly Ideas*, who helped me to get this beauty in my hands!
I wanted it since the day when I saw this post at Fashion Polish, when I fell in love with layering over pink and when I saw this swatch at With love, Ana. Seriously, these pictures just make you wanting it! :b
This polish was my motivation for my exams and because I passed all of them, I needed something to reward myself right? :P If I'd failed, I'd get it as a consolation anyway. :D

Here's just a bottle picture because I'm so excited to have it but as soon as I'll have some free time for my nails, I'll show you swatches. :)

Do you like it? Do you have any Deborah Lippmann's glitters? Which one is your favorite? :)

Ivana :k

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Replay with Pink Fizz Instant Nail Effect

Instant Nail Effect aka Crackle time. :D So many different names of same pattern, kind of confusing. :) My inspirations was those vintage roses, which I wanted to create but I wasn't in the mood for nail art. I wanted to try Studio M polish which mostly of you have suggested but the weather wasn't beautiful so I spare it for another sunny day. :)

Pink Fizz Instant Nail Effect from Barry M is another pink crackle, dries matte, its crackles can be really bigger if you apply really thick coat like I did on my right hand but it's not fotogenic as my left hand. :D I'll definitely show you that once, because I think it's the prettiest crackle I've at the moment.

I won't talk much... Here're the pictures...

I'm loving it so much so I decided to make a close up. :D As you can see it's matte, over a shiny polish looks kind of plastic finish too and like I draw it. :D

Pictures with TC after a click. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Essence - Replay

It feels like I didn't show you my nails for ages. :D Finally I took some time yesterday and paint my nails. :) I've an idea in my minds for a whole week but since my freehand skills aren't that great I decided to make something way easier but the final result I'll be showing you next time. :)

Like I said a while ago I got a bunch of new polishes from Veri to try out and I still have so many left. :i I'm too lazy to change my manicure so often as before especially if I love it. :D Did you see that Essence'll have some new products in September (again) and I still didn't buy anything I'd like from new goodies which they've released in March. They're so fast with new stuff and lots of new limited editions. :)

Replay is a turquoise leaning more towards green creme nail polish. It's more on the thicker side, you can easily get away with one thick coat like I did on my right hand but here I've 2 coats and a layer a TC. :) I just hate its brush.. I never had problems with Essence's Multi Dimensions brushes but this one wasn't the first wonky brush I tried and I saw many complains about their brushes since they released new bottles in March. So please Essence fix that! :)
We've horrible and coooold weather (I'm freezing in July :ice ) so taking great pictures was really hard and my phone's acting really weird lately. xo

If you love this color, you can't miss with Replay. :) First I thought this was a dupe for For Audrey but it's not. For Audrey is more pastel and more blue as this one in case you're wondering. :)

What do you think?

And thanks to all new and of course old followers who've joined my blog. There's already 705 of you, I never thought I'll have so many followers so I'm really happy to see you here. :k

Ivana :k

Monday, July 25, 2011

Swap with Misha from Enigmatic Rambles

New swap goodies for today. :L Misha from Enigmatic Rambles contacted me few months ago because she wanted to try out some goodies from Essence. Till then I actually didn't even know that Essence isn't sold in UK.. Weird Essence. :D So it took me some time to get everything for her but last week I finally made it. I woke up today and found an parcel in kitchen and I's soooo happy to open it. :$

These are the goodies I got from her. :L Can you tell that I've a pink problem? :D

Barry M
Berry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream
 Pink Instant Nail Effect
MUA #16

I wanted a Tangle Teezer for ages. I read so many great reviews and because my hair is so long and I still didn't get a haircut it's so hard to brush my hair without pain. So I's so happy to get it. :e
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler
I wanted a compact version, because I can easily take it with me anywhere without destroying the teeth. I'll probably invest in original once but for now I'm happy to have it and it's in pink. :D My first immpresion is really great but I won't talk much now, I'll be using it from today on and probably write a review post later.

I also got a nail whitener from Orly but I can't find it right now. xo My room is a mess like always and I'm sure I'll find it right after I publish this post. :D I hope it'll help me a little, because I still didn't grow up the yellow stains. :(

Misha thank you so much, now I can cross down from WL all Barry M polishes and a Tangle Teezer, yay. :) I hope you'll like the goodies I sent you.:h

Here's a bonus photo I took today. This cute little birdie's posing for me today. Fist I thought something was wrong with him, but after some time he flew away. It's great to be so close to him. :) I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy because I's talking with him all the time. :D

Ivana :k

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Essence TE Ballerina Backstage Haul

I finally got everything I wanted from Essence's new trend edition Ballerina Backstage, which is currently available in DM but mostly everything is sold out, same for Nails in Style, but I'll talk more about haul from this TE another time. :)

Here's what I got. :)

Nail polish 
02 Wear Your Little Tutu
Blush Sufflé 
01 Prima Ballerina
Eye Soufflé 
01 Dance the Swan lake
02 Pes des Copper
03 Grand-plié in black

Like I already said in preview post I was most excited for eye soufflés and blush soufflé as for polishes. :) If you want to see really beautiful swatches this TE (polishes, eye soufflés and blush soufflé) take a look on Parokeets blog, Gejba made me buy Wear Your Little Tutu. :D I didn't like others neither I had money for more, but I can still see polishes on rack, just the black one is gone from the beggining. :D

This is the first time I's trying to make swatches of something else than nail polish and it's so hard. xo

From L to R:
03 Grand-Plié in black
01 Dance the Swan lake
02 Pes des Copper

I don't even know how to describe them. :$ I really like copperish one, it's shimmery and it's great for defining your lids, creamy white is the most opaque and black one is more on a sheer side, I had to apply more coats to achieve such a dark look.
More after a click... :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

p2 - Silver Blast & Golden Rush Crackling TC

When I woke up, I saw a package for me and it's from Linnie at, Nailpolish and more.... You should check her blog, her nails are so beautiful. :L I got her e-mail last week and she said I won her giveaway! How awesome is that! :D And few hours before her e-mail I's really thinking how I didn't won any giveaways lately. :D Here's what I got :party :

p2 - Golden Rush crackling TC
p2 - Silver Blast crackling TC
p2 - Powerful Orange (TE Your wild side)
Essence - Make me Holo (TE Black and White)
Thanks Linnie. :k

Yuuuup, p2 crackles which I wanted soooo bad but since p2 isn't available here I couldn't get them. I'm still totally in love with p2 polishes, which I got from Adora Belle, although I still didn't have time to try them all. :D I think I've so many untrieds in my stash. xo

I'm still wearing my Teeez mani but I's planning to remove it today. But then I get the idea, what if I tried my new crackles on 2 fingers to see how they look like on me. :D

Let's start with my favorite, Silver Blast. It works like mostly all crackles, you have to apply a coat over a dry polish. If you apply thicker coat, crackles'll be bigger and if you apply thinner coat, crackles'll be tinier. Their applications is amazing, I applied a thick coat on my ring finger. It dries matte so I added a coat of TC to make it shinier and sparkly. :L

Sun - Blurry
 And next it Golden Rush. Same as Silver Blast but in gold on my middle finger. :L
Sun - Blurry
I look more tanned on last 2 pictures because the sun was going down so the light was more yellow as before. :)

I really love how they look like and I can't wait to try them as a full mani. :D I's actually quite sure I don't need any crackles from new China Glaze's collection but now I really really don't need them at all. Crackles are now really everywhere, what if someone would start a holographic phase or flakies? I wouldn't mind! :L So yes PLEASE. :L

Do you have p2 crackles? If you can get it, don't hesitate, you won't be sorry. I don't know how much they cost, probably not much so you really need them in your life, especially if you're searching for gold or silver crackles. Bingo!

Ivana :k

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time for Awards #6

I got so many awards lately from lots of sweet ladies and I'm so happy everytime I saw someone gave me the award. :) But the bad part of it is that I didn't post them immediately so I can't track them all. I did my best, check all my comments I got, trying to remember where I saw my name, so if I missed someone, please excuse me! :$ Should we start? I've a feeling that this post'll be so long....

Let's start with Best Blow award. I got this award from D.I.A.N.A, Sara ♥'s Pretty Little Things and Pink_Diamond. Thank you sweeties! :k

- Link back to the person who passed you the award
- Complete the form below

- Share 7 random things about yourself (I already did this here and I'm not in the mood to write something new :D )
- Award 10 blogs
- Drop them a line and tell them about it

Name your favorite color:
It depends... If we're talking about nail polish, then obviously pink, but I don't like pink for other things too. :) I love white, black, beige, peach. :)
Name your favorite song:
Željko Joksimović - Ljubavi
Name your favorite dessert:
Pizza ice-cream, yum. xP
What makes you mad?
Unfairness, rumors.
When you’re upset you… :
... I cry or scream or throw things... xo
Your favorite pet?
I don't have any pets but I'd love to have a little puppy one day. :)
Black or white?
Your biggest fear is?
Lightning, spiders, death, car accident,...
Your best feature is?
Hmm.. Nails, eyes? :$
Everyday attitude:
Just be laaaaazy as possible. :D
What is perfection?
Angelina Jolie - p e r f e c t i o n. :L
Guilty Pleasure:
Nail polish lately. :$

I'm passing this award to:
Then I was tagged with Stylish Blogger Award by lovely Whitney from Elemental Styles and Marta from ChitChat Nails and with Sushine Award by Todos los esmaltes son pocos.

I already wrote about this awards here and here, but thanks girls for mentioning me. :k

I'm still not finished. :D I's tagged with Kreative blogger award by Natalie's BeautyLand, Maja's Beautylicious Blog, Kesha from Nail Polish Obsession and Maki from Candy Glaze. Thanks so much! :k

Here are the rules.
- Write 10 facts about yourself.
- Pass the award to 10 bloggers and tell them about the award.
1. I love white chocolate. :L
2. As you could already read, I passed all exams in June! Now I'm in the middle of writing my thesis, which makes me so happy! For passing my exams I've bought an award for me and it's on my way. Can't wait to show it to you! Yap, it's a nail polish. :$
3. I'm a fish nanny at the moment. :D Their name are Nemo (I gave him this name because I obviously love Nemo), Pinky and Šari.
4. Last movies I watched were: X-men First Class, Beastly, No Strings Attached, The Lincoln Lawyer, Source Code, The Adjusment Bureau, Rio, Sanctum, Big Mommas like Father like Son - they're all just great!
5. My room is a mess (like always).
6. I really want a great camera. I'm taking my pics with my phone and it's started acting crazy. Sometimes it works, sometimes not at all and it annoys me. xo But I checked some stores few days ago and I really can't even decide which one I want... Too many different cameras and I don't know what I'm actually searching for. :D
7. I miss my BF. :)
8. I'd eat Pringles Onion & Sour Cream right now! xP I think I might go to store after I finish this post. :D
9. I started loving Twitter.
10. I've some serious nail crush on some bloggers. :L

I'm giving this award to:
More after a click. This is longer as I expected. :D

Swap with Karen from Frazzle and Aniploish

Few months ago I contacted Karen at Frazzle and Aniploish (check her blog, I love her nail wheels and display posts :L ) and we agreed to arrange a swap. It took me some time to make my end finished but I finally made it. I was quite surprised this morning when mailman brang me the package, because I expected she'll get her parcel sooner than I, so Karen I really hope you get your goodies soon! Sometimes I really wish I could deliver my swap package personally. xo

I wanted Bieber's polish so bad and now I have it. :e  Let's take a look what I got today:
Nicole by OPI - One Less Lonely Glitter
Orly - Fancy Fuchsia (a back-up :P )
Orly - Pure Porcelain
Mood Struck color changing nail polish

Studio M - Purple Medallion
LA Splash - Mua!
Maybelline NY - Passing by Pink

Purple Medallion is a stunner! What a rainbow. :L Can't wait to try them all. :L

And the sad part about this swap was a broken beauty. :c

China Glaze - Hyper Haute
Yap, the one that I least wanted to be broken and it is. :c I knew something's wrong even before I opened the package but when I saw this broken beauty I's sooo sad and I still am. :( If you can remember, I already had a bottle of this beautiful polish but I gave it away because I thought I don't need a back up. Yeah right, I wish I waited untill this package arrive. xo I guess I had some bad luck... :( If anyone has an extra bottle...... :$
It was well secured like all of them, but the cap's broken and polish leaked out. Be careful with my babies dear post office. :@ 

Thanks Karen for making my WL little shorter and i can't wait to start trying them. :k

Which one'd you like to see first? Help me decide. :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fancy Snowy Fuchsia with Roses

Another mani from last month, because I'm still rocking my Teeez Smooth & Outta Control mani. I'm just not in the mood for removing almost perfect manicure. Yap, last two months made me even more lazy, because now I don't like changing my mani every other day like I used to do before. :D I hope I'll change that in near future. xP

I wore this mani for a week I think because I liked it so much. I wanted to have white nails after seeing this beautiful swatch at With love, Ana but then I changed my mind and I painted my nails with pink too. White polish I used was China Glaze - Snow from their Winter 2010 collection and my favorite pink polish Orly - Fancy Fuchsia. Both are two coats I think and their application is very thick to apply but a coat of TC saves everything.

When I got bored I added some stamping with one of my favorite patterns. :) I stamped white roses over Fancy Fuchsia with Essence Stamp me! White polish and pink roses over white with Fancy Fuchsia, as you can see FF is great for stamping over light colors too. :)

It's fun combo, pink and white always go perfectly together and because I love pink, this was a fun way to wear pinks. :)

And if we're talking about pink/white combo, I got new pair of Adidas sneakers last week in exactly that combination. :L 

I love sneakers, I'd have all from Adidas. :L I wasn't planning to order them, but I got a mail about sales and when I saw them I just had to order them. Then after one day I changed my mind but they're already sent out. But the lady I contacted said if I don't want them that I just don't pick them up when mailman bring them. And I didn't but they're waiting another 15 days at post office. I didn't know what to do, I went even shopping if I'll find anything that I'd like even more but I didn't so I went to pick them up and I'm glad I did. They're little more open as usualy sneakers, like ballerinas, but they're totally cute. :L I got white and pink shoelaces but I decided to go with pink, they look cuter. :)

Do you like this color combination? :) What's your favorite pair of sneakers if you're wearing them?

Hope you're all having a great day! I'm going back to typing my thesis. :)

Ivana :k

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teeez! - Smooth & Outta Control

I got Teeez! polishes a while ago from lovely Martje (oh I really want to eat that cake, yum! xP ) and I didn't have time to try them till yesterday. Every time I see name Teeez! it makes me scream like Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. :O Weirdo. :i
I didn't know how to try all 3 of them that would look great too, so I used just 2 for now. :D Outta control is a violet one and Smooth the pink one. Their application is really smooth, I added 2 coats, it dries fast. It looked so boring when I painted these two so I freehanded funky french and made it little bit more interesting and a layer of TC to smooth the lines. Holographic effect definitely is there, less on pictures but more in person.

I couldn't pick just 2 pictures so here's a tiny picture spam. :)

More after a click. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

China Glaze - (Failed) Pool Party

Huh I didn't even want to post these swatches but I think I'll never be able to take color accurate picture of this radioactive nail polish. :D That's why I'm talking about failed Pool Party by China Glaze from Poolside 2010 Summer collection. I wanted it sooooo badly, because it looks sooo awesome and when I got it, I's in love. Until I put it on my nails... xo
It's still pretty, don't get me wrong but I expected a real neon pink color but this beauty looks so orange on me. :D And it's even moreee orange on pictures as in RL. I gave up from trying to catch its real color so here are some failed and totally not color accurate pictures. :D 
I added 3 coats, dries super fast and matte so you have to add a layer of TC to get that shiny finish. Are you ready? :D
This one was taken with my laptop camera.
It's orange on me but still not so much as these pictures. xo I checked lots of swatches to show you how does it look like for real on me and I think Elaine from Lacquer Laine really catch its color. I really expected a neon pink so I's a little dissapointed but I still need to layer it over white to see if I'll like it more. :D

My nails are naked for two days now and I still don't have any inspiration. I hope I'll work something out till tommorow. 

Do you have any from Poolside collection? Do you wear such bright colors? I must admit I didn't like them before but now.... I want every single neon pink polish on this world. :$

Have a nice and looong weekend,
Ivana :k

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Essence - Mellow Yellow

I had yellow nails and I loved it! :L I tried Mellow Yellow a while ago and I liked it so much, but I failed with nail art so I had to remove it. :D
I added 2 coats, I thought it was OK but while watching this pictures I know I'd have to add another one. :$ Another pretty shade from Essence, looks so fresh and perfect for summer. :)

Here's a bottle comparison with mini Orly - Lemonade. They're very close, Essence is a tiny bit more yellow, but of course you can't see that on this picture. :D I don't think you need both though.

Do you wear yellow on your nails?What is your favorite yellow nail polish?

Ivana :k

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki

I almost forgot that my tiny giveaway ended on Monday. Thanks for participating and for your sweet comments. :) It's good to hear from you that you like my blog. :h Some of you didn't left GFC or e-mail, so I thought you didn't want to enter. I had 49 entries, winner's picked by and the winner is:
Anja :party

Congrats dear! :k I already send you e-mail. I know it's summer time and some of you might be on vacation, so I'm giving you a lot of time to reply. :)

Here's what Anja will get, Miss Taylor Retractable Flat Top Kabuki. I got it a while ago and till then I'm using it all the time, when I apply my make up. That's not everyday because I don't like wearing make up on these hot days, usually I wear just mascara and blush. :)
I'm using this brush for applying mineral, liquid and cream foundation. Works great with all! If I'm wearing liquid foundation, I usually apply it with foundation brush or fingers and then I blend it with this flat top kabuki. It gives me such a flawless and smooth application. It's great for mineral foundations too. It picks enough of powder and blend it well. I think I found a favorite brush for foundation. :)
It can be used for bronzer, blush, translucent powder,... but at the moment I use it just for foundation.

I love the purple metallic packaging :L - it's so practical and tiny. :) When I'm on my way to BF's I usually don't take my brushes with me, because I don't want to ruin them in my small cosmetic bag. But with this case you can't ruin the bristles at all. Talking about bristles... They're soooooo soft and very dense, not scratching your face at all.
I washed it quite a few times and it's not sheeding for now, it took some time to dry because bristles are very dense. :)

I didn't try any flat top kabukis till now so I can't compare them with others, but I really love this one and would recommend it to anyone. :)

Which brushes are you using for you make up? I own some from Essence, Bellapiere, Elite and only this one ffom Sigma. :)

Ivana :k

*The product in this post was sent to me by Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Holo Glitter Goddess!

I was too lazy to post aynthing this weekend. :$ On Friday I got results from the last exam and I passed it! With even better grade I expected! So I passed ALL exams I had. :e I just started typing my thesis because I have a month to complete it and we'll see if I'll graduate till September. :) Thanks for all your kind words and support! :h I think I found a perfect reward for myself and if everything goes like I planned, you'll see it soon! :)
I spent my whole weekend on pool with friends, got tanned and a tiny sunburn on my back, but I had a great time. :) I wore 108 Degrees till Saturday, which started chipping because of water so I decided to put something really shiny on my nails. :D
I got this polish from my lil' sister Veri a while ago but I didn't use it till yesterday. Golden Rose Nail Art #112 is a nail art polish full of holographic glitter in clear base. Its brush is tiny but it wasn't hard to apply polish all over the nail. Surface is gritty after a coat of this pretty polish so I added a coat of TC to smooth it.
Because it's quite sheer first I added 2 coats of China Glaze - Cheers to you, a silver foil polish, which I got from Biba. :h
You can't see its beauty in shade or daylight, but you'll be blown away how sparkly can be this pretty on sun! :)
Let's start with daylight picture... See, it's still pretty but this isn't it! :i

Then I had so many problems to catch its beauty on sun. xo Holographic glitter didn't show up on picture at all, but I could easily see it with my eyes. This is the best I'd capture. :)

Sun - blurry
See what I'm talking about? :L I feel sooo good with a great polish like this on my nails. 8) I think Essence - Hello Holo is same like this Golden Rose, so if you love holographic glitter, then you need it! :)

What do you think? Do you like this combo? :)

It just starts raining and I'm ready for a nap - there isn't better thing than sleeping in the summer afternoon when it's raining outside. :angel

Ivana :k

Friday, July 8, 2011

China Glaze - 108 Degrees

This polish is rocking on my nails for few days now and every day I love it even more. 108 Degrees is part of China Glaze's Island Escape Summer 2011 collection - stunning rich pink glass flecked polish with a flawless application. Shimmer inside is fuchsia and silver, pure love. :L

I added 3 coats to hide my nail line, which is still visible on pictures but not in real life. It dries super fast so even 3 coats aren't much for this beauty. :L It's actually really hard to capture shimmer on sun, my phone went crazy. :D


Here you can see this shimmer, which makes it even more special. 
I can only say this: Perfection! :L I'm so mad on myself that I spilled out a lot of polish - well not a lot, there's still so much left but every ml is important for me, especially if I like color so much as this one. :c It's perfect for summer, especially for your toes, so you just must have this beauty. :D Who cares for a ruined carpet, I only care for polish! :O

Do you like it? What's your favorite polish from Island Escape collection? 

Ivana :k

Thursday, July 7, 2011

KKCenterhk ES A155

I've something different than nails for you today. :D

Few weeks ago I's conctacted by KKCenterhk to do a review of false eyelashes. I'm big fan of long eyelashes so I decided to give them a try. I choose A155 - 10 pairs of black densely False Eyelashes.
I got them in a week, packed in this cute little box but without a glue.

Before my nail polish obsession my main obsession was eyelashes and mascaras. :) I always wanted to have looooong and curled eyelashes. :c It was very hard for me to use falsies... My natural eyelashes are not so long and straight as possible so they're not blending with falsies this time! :( So I tried a few times to put eyelashes as natural as possible but I failed. :D

This is my last attempt - I put some make-up on, I curled eyelashes but unfortunately I didn't warm the curler for the better effect and put mascara on. Then I added falsies. Everything looked great until my eyelashes started becoming straight and when I took this picture I can totally see them but in person it wasn't so obvious. :) Even that tiny gap wasn't visible in person as on picture. :$

Keep in mind that I tried false eyelashes like just once so I still need a lot of practice. :$

Products used:
Essence Quattro Eyeshadow 01 Ciao Bella!
Essence Gel Eyeliner 01 Midnight in Paris
MaxFactor False Lash Effect WP

Eyelashes were too long for my eyes so I had to shorten them, I used glue from Essence Fancy Lashes. I thought the glue will be in this pack but it wasn't. I actually asked them but I think they missed my question. :) So keep in my that you have to purchase glue if you don't have any at home. Anyway, I tried just Essence Eyelashes so I can't compare them with other brands. They're easy to work with, they're very flexible, almost too much because I prefer if they're more stiff so I don't have to pay attention to the whole band. :D They're totally not natural on me, probably they'd look great with dark MU (which I don't wear at all) but it depends what you prefer more. :) You can always re-use them especially if you didn't apply mascara on them, so if you carefully remove them, you can use them again.

If you're using them all the time, you won't be sorry because you get 10 pairs of these for $12.50, which is a nice deal. They've a lot of different styles so if you like falsies, you should check their site. :)

I hope this review will be useful for someone. :$ Do you use false eyelashes? How often? 

Ivana :k

*The product in this post was sent to me by KKCenterhk! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy and Virtual Violet

I have another crackle manicure for you today. :) I started using them more often - because they look like they'll become too thick to apply in the bottle and because I can easily hide a tip wear. :)  

Virtual Violet didn't last long on me, I think I had chips and very visible tip wear the other day so I decided to add some crackles. :D I used Schotch tape to make those straight lines - Broken Hearted is on my ring finger and Crushed Candy on others. :) I accidentaly put Broken Hearted on the opposite side of my nail, but I must say I liked it even more because of that. :$

I really loved this combination! :L On the fist picture below you can even see some holographic glitter. :D

That's how I's wearing it for few days more. :) I don't know why, but I can't prepare myself to change my mani every other day like I used to. :D I wore my manicures for whole week or even more past 2 months so I'm still not used to change my mani if it's still perfect. :i So if I don't post every other day, you know what's the problem. :P

What do you think about this manicure? Do you like crackles? Or not? :)

Have fun,
Ivana :k