Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swap with Karen from Frazzle and Aniploish

Few months ago I contacted Karen at Frazzle and Aniploish (check her blog, I love her nail wheels and display posts :L ) and we agreed to arrange a swap. It took me some time to make my end finished but I finally made it. I was quite surprised this morning when mailman brang me the package, because I expected she'll get her parcel sooner than I, so Karen I really hope you get your goodies soon! Sometimes I really wish I could deliver my swap package personally. xo

I wanted Bieber's polish so bad and now I have it. :e  Let's take a look what I got today:
Nicole by OPI - One Less Lonely Glitter
Orly - Fancy Fuchsia (a back-up :P )
Orly - Pure Porcelain
Mood Struck color changing nail polish

Studio M - Purple Medallion
LA Splash - Mua!
Maybelline NY - Passing by Pink

Purple Medallion is a stunner! What a rainbow. :L Can't wait to try them all. :L

And the sad part about this swap was a broken beauty. :c

China Glaze - Hyper Haute
Yap, the one that I least wanted to be broken and it is. :c I knew something's wrong even before I opened the package but when I saw this broken beauty I's sooo sad and I still am. :( If you can remember, I already had a bottle of this beautiful polish but I gave it away because I thought I don't need a back up. Yeah right, I wish I waited untill this package arrive. xo I guess I had some bad luck... :( If anyone has an extra bottle...... :$
It was well secured like all of them, but the cap's broken and polish leaked out. Be careful with my babies dear post office. :@ 

Thanks Karen for making my WL little shorter and i can't wait to start trying them. :k

Which one'd you like to see first? Help me decide. :)


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  1. Oh I'm so sorry about HH, Ivana, we are experimenting a really bad hot temperatures, that could cause this. I received some polishes from Alina and those with rubber cap were melted :( but still usable. I'll let you know if I can find another HH for you.

  2. Uf, škoda za razbitega... :(
    Ampak juhej za ostale, kako so lepi! :) Komaj čakam, da vidim Studio M lakec! Če pa ti ne bo všeč, mi povej. :P

  3. Sorry for the broken bottle :o
    I'd love to see the Mood Struck or Studio M glitter!!
    You love pink and purple, don't you? :k

  4. Nice goodies. Pity the one you liked the most broke.

  5. Aww that totally sucks about the broken one =( At least you still have all the other pretty ones! My little cousin is totally in love with Justin Bieber so I got her two of the polishes in his collection haha.

  6. baš šteta, ja bih se rasplakala od muke :-(
    Purple Medallion je apsolutno genijalan :-D

  7. @Carolina: Thank you dear. I'm still so sad. :( It might be that too so it's just destiny. :)Huh, at least you can use it, now I'm worried for your polishes so much. I hope they arrive soon! 8| And thanks, you're so sweet. I don't expect that you'll find it because it's sold out probably, but still I can hope.. Thanks! :k

    @Kvacka: Bom, ga moram najprej poskusiti pa bomo videli. :P

    @maisenzasmalto: Me loving pink and purple? No way. :P

    @marox79: It is. :)

    @Eileen: :D Awww so cute! JB is such a lovely boy, I really like him. :) That's why I wanted some polishes too and at least I'm not too old for those polishes. :P

    @nail crazy: Pa, ni meni nije bilo lako ali šta je tu je. :)

  8. Great swap!
    Happy for you !!
    Too bad for the bottle )=

  9. Jap, Karen ma res super blog, men je tud blazno simpatičen. :) Ful škoda za ChG stekleničko, to je res worst case scenario za swap pakete, mene je zmeraj strah da se kaj takega zgodi. :/ Sicer pa navijam za Studio M lakec, zgleda noro lepo. :)

  10. oh such a shame hyper haute broke on you :( the rest of the polishes you go though are amazing!

    shel xx


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