Friday, March 30, 2012

Polka Dot with Wild at Heart & Fashion Addict

I have one simple manicure for today. I wore it for few days and after I removed it I had to shorten my nails. :D But you saw my short nubs in my previous post. :P

I did Polka Dot manicure with WAH ages ago but this time I used Wild as Heart as a base. :D
Color Club - Wild at Heart & Fashion Addict
I made dots with Fashion Addict (unfortunately I don't have a holographic version of this beauty :( ) and a dotting tool. Easy and quick. :D

Nail Tek - Foundation 2
Color Club - Wild at Heart / 1 coat
Dots:  Color Club - Fashion Addict & Dotting Tool 
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

What do you think? Do you like Polka Dot pattern? I love it, because it's such a cute pattern! :) I have an image plate with dots but it's much easier to make dots with a dotting tool, at least for me. They're not super perfect but I'm still happy with the final result.

Have a lovely weekend dear readers and followers and thanks for reading! <3

Ivana :k

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink Caviar Manicure

I'm sure you're already familiar with Caviar manicure, because I'm seeing it everywhere at the moment but in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll tell you one more time. :P

Ciaté released a Caviar Manicure set, where you get a base nail polish and pearls aka beads. Long story short, great idea but the whole set is a bit overpriced. Okay, you get a tray and mini funnel to pour back all beads that fall down but you can put a tiny box under and make your own funnel from a piece of paper. :D The idea about caviar manicure is to pour pearls over wet polish, gently push them to stick even more and get a 3D manicure that looks like caviar. :D I think we all got same idea when we saw this set....
All you need are beads. I got mine on Born Pretty Store ages ago, search for 3D Steel Ball Glitter. This set costs a bit more than $5 and you get 12 colors so you can easily mix them together and get funny combinations. You can use my new code J10X31 to get 10% off. Btw... If this code will be used two times more, BPS will sponsor a giveaway. :)

Step 1: Apply a base color. Or if you already have nail polish on, you can just add a layer of top coat to have sticky surface. Do one nail at a time.
Step 2: When polish is still wet, put your finger over something that will catch fallen beads. Sprinkle beads over your nail to cover the whole surface.
Step 3: Gently push the beads down so they stick a bit more and you get rid of a beads that didn't stick to the nail.
Step 4: Apply a coat of top coat to seal the beads and make them "long lasting".
I did my ring finger yesterday and it seems like the topcoat changed color to light pink so it looks like I did an accent nail. :P
 Base color: Essence TE Circus Circus - Cotton Candy
Mix of pink, light pink and purple 3d Steel Ball Glitters
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I was done in less than 10 minutes, but I only did my left hand. I'm sure I'll do a full manicure once in the future, because it's really easy to make it.

My nails are super short, excuse me for that, but the final result looks funny and cute even on my nubs. :) So yes, no need to spend so much money on that set. :e You can mix as many color as you like so you're not limited with specific color combinations of beads, that's another plus!

What do you think? Do you like this new trend and idea about Caviar manicure? It's not super long lasting so I'd definitely wear it for special occasions or when you want to do something special. :D

Ivana :k

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Color Club - Wild at Heart

Finally it's time for nails! :) The other day I wanted to paint my nails but I just couldn't decide what to wear. So I tweeted and lovely Maria from Nails Made Simple suggested this one! Maria and Iris from Polish Amor ♥ are doing Twinsie Friday every week so for this Friday they choose Wild at Heart.You should all check how they use WAH. :)

I already tried Wild at Heart when I made my first Ruffian manicure but I never wore it alone, so I'm happy I finally did. Wild at Heart from Color Club is a dark violet  holografic polish and it's one coater! I did my both hands in few minutes what made me even more happy! :e I can work on my manicure for hours but sometimes I just don't have patience so onecoaters always make me happy.

Sun - Blurry
Nail Tek - Foundation 2
Color Club - Wild at Heart / 1 coat

 I fell in love with this polish - again and I'm so happy I own it! <3 What do you think? Do you have it? :)

I know Maria loves Carmelo aka Bebo so I decided to include a photo of him I took yesterday. :) It's so sunny here so he's spending a lot of time outside on our balcony playing, catching bees, ants,... Well everything that moves around.

Hope you're having a great weekend dear readers and followers and thanks for reading! This is my 401st post I published on this blog, I can't believe this! :o Time flies by just too fast and I should post more often. We'll see, as always I'll do my best. :)

Ivana :k

Friday, March 23, 2012

Haircut with CreaClip

It's been a week since I published a post, oops. :$ My nails were and still are naked, maybe I'll do something with them tonight, we'll see. :) Anyway I've something else for you for today. 

2 days ago I got CreaClip in my mail and I had to try it asap. If you don't know what CreaClip is, here's a description from their site: "The CreaClip is a hair-cutting guide that you can use at home to cut your own or others’ hair. It is easy to use: Just Clip, Slide, and Cut!" Sounds easy, right? I spotted their videos on YouTube while browsing "How to cut layers" videos. I actually tried to cut my front hair in layers but I failed so I couldn't wait to get my CreaClip to fix it. :D

My hair has been long for few years now. All my hair was same lenght since I cut them to shoulders 3,5 years ago so when they got longer, I lost all the volume I had, because my hair is a bit thick and heavy. I'm usually very disappointed with my hair dressers, so going to the hair dresser was always a nightmare for me - or they didn't do what I wanted or they're expensive. :/ 
Last time I had a haircut was half year ago, when I wanted to get layers but the hairdresser convinced me to not cut a v-shape, because my hair is thick and it'd be such a pity to cut it off. So she cut my hair just a bit in u-shape. Blah blah blah... I wish I didn't listen to her. :D 

Okay, let's talk about CreaClip now. :D You get 2 CreaClips in 2 sizes. The bigger curved one (white on the picture below) is for layers and long hair, the smaller (blue) is for bangs and short hair.

All the magic is in the bubble. It works like a bubble level. You just have to be sure the bubble is in the middle, that means you'll cut it straight. :) Here's a close up of the blue one. The white is just bigger and curved. :)

Teeth inside combs the hair while you slide it down and it also helps to keep hair in place when you're cutting it. :) CreaClip comes with instructions but I prefer video instructions, so I checked almost all videos on their youtube channel and decided to cut layers. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: First I straighten my hair, because my natural hair is a bit wavy. 
Step 2: Then I flipped my head over and brushed my hair just to be sure I don't have any knots or tangles. When my hair was smooth I took a bigger white CreaClip and clip it on my hair with curve facing down. The bubble was facing towards me so I could see it but if someone cut your hair, you shout face it out.
Step 3: I waited few seconds to see where the bubble is. If the bubble wasn't in the middle, I tried to get it in the middle by slowly moving left or right end of the CreaClip down, depends where the bubble is.
Step 4: When I got bubble in the middle, I slowly slide it down checking the bubble was still in the middle, to lenght I wanted to cut. Here's how it looked. :)

Step 5: Just cut it. :D You can cut vertically or horizontally. I cut it vertically, because I wanted more textured look.
Step 6: Open the CreaClip, put your head back and see the final result. :P

For before and after pictures, click read more. :D

Friday, March 16, 2012

OPI DS Temptation

Temptation is part of OPI's Designer Series, which was released with DS Bold I think. I didn't want Bold, because I have Mrs. Claus (China Glaze) which is supposed to be its dupe, but I wanted this badly. :i I got this polish from Iris and I'm so happy she found it for me. <3 There's a lot of going on in this polish: navy dark sheer base with lots of blurple, purple and silver glitter.

When you check google photos of this beauty, you'll find lots of color inaccurate pictures, probably because this blurple is so hard to catch. I have so many photos where Temptation looks way to blue as in real. :/ You should definitely see this polish in person, so you'll know what I'm talking about. :D

Glitter in Temptation is very dense so 2 coats were enough. :) I wish it lasted longer, but next day after long shopping my nails were chipped. :/ I still didn't find a way to wear glitters longer, because usually the whole nail come off. :/ Maybe I should layer it over similar creme color so the glitter could have something under to stick better? Any tips?

Nail Tek - Foundation 2
OPI - DS Temptation / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

Sometimes it looks more purple and sometimes more blue, depends on lightning. But I just simply adore this polish! <3

What do you think about this polish? Do you like it and own it?

Ivana :k 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I framed my nails with a sparkly glitter!

 Thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post and all suggestions you gave me are now on "to do list". :) It's absolutely great to hear what you think about my blog, what would you love to see from me, so it definitely gave me some ideas about my posts. :)

I was seeing manicure like this on Tumblr a couple of times and I was really interested to do it once. I actually did it once with studs but when I wanted them to seal with a TC the color came off and my manicure was ruined. But when genius Deniz from Emerald Sparkle did this manicure, I knew I should try it too. :D This is the manicure I'm still wearing and although I still have some swatches of two gorgeous polishes to show you, I need to show this one first. :i

I got so many compliments on this manicure, which always made my day. <3 It's so easy to make it, well all you need is a little bit of patience. :D First I didn't know what base color to pick but then I remembered Elsa's tweet that she would love to see a black mani with silver glitter. First I wanted to sponge a silver glitter but I really wanted to try this manicure out so I decided for black base and holographic glitter, I hope I won't disappoint you Elsa. :)

I started with a coat of Wet n Wild - Black Créme, best black polish ever. :) I didn't have patience to frame my nails with silver first so I decided to just place hexagonal silver holographic glitter around... I got glitter sample from Viva La Nails ages ago and I can't find them on their web page, but here you can see the glitters they have available at the moment. I'm not sure if they're thin like these I have but some colors really caught my attention. I prefer glitter over rhinestones, because they're thinner and the surface of a nail isn't bumpy as it would be with rhinestones.

I took a toothpick, put a layer of top coat and started placing the glitter around my nails. I was quickly done with my left hand but I have struggled a bit with my right hand, but I managed to place them as neatly as I could and I was very excited to see the lovely result. :)

Sun / Blurry
 Nail Tek - Foundation 2
Wet n Wild - Black Créme / 1 coat
Silver holographic hexagonal Glitter
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I like it better in person as on photos. :D My phone definitely see clearer than me, because those empty spots between glitter aren't so obvious and one of the line looks wonky but in person it looks just fine. :D It's so sparkly in person, I tried to show you all the rainbow going on on blurry picture but it's even more sparkly in person. :)

Let me know what do you think about these kinds of manicures. :) I love it this way but once I would love to have perfect framed nails just with nail polish but I think my hand isn't steady enough for perfect lines like that. :)

Thanks for reading!

Ivana :k

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I feel so uninspired...

Just like the title says... I'm so uninspired lately. :/ Unfortunately I'm having some major peelings on my nails, which really made me sad about my nails. Okay, I love my nails also short but you all know I love long nails on me. :$ So they're short as possible and naked at the moment. :)

I have few posts to type and publish but I think I don't like anything I do on my nails. I can swatch and show you all the goodies I got lately but I have some major problems with picking the color to wear. :D

That's why I decided to ask you. Leave a comment with a question, suggestion of what would you like to see here. Are you having any problems with my site or something isn't working as it should, is here anything you don't like,... Is there a polish I have and you want to see it? Tutorials? Any nail art wishes? Help me make my blog a bit better. :)

I promise I'll take everything as a challenge to myself. I usually don't ask you what color would you like to see first etc. because I know that when I'm not in a mood to wear a certain color, I won't choose it so I was avoiding questions like this. :D But lately I was asking my followers what to pick next and I choose a color they suggest, so I decided to do this also here and maybe catch some inspiration back. 

I'll leave you with a picture of Bebo I took yesterday. Btw you know Bebo had million names, because we couldn't decide which one was the best. Mom called him Miki (Mickey), dad Medo (teddy bear) and me Bebo (baby) but our smart kitty picked the one - Piki. :D So if you called him anything but Piki, he won't even look at you. :D 

He's prepared for Spring and Summer, just like me. xD

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely start of the week!

Ivana :k

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Really Shocking Pink!

When I got Pool Party and tried it for the first time I was very disappointed with all those orange tones in that neon pink. So I wanted something bright and pink so I got Shocking Pink. <3 

Application is horrible! I added 4 thin coats because after 3 it was still streaky. It dries in satin finish so I had to add a layer of top coat and I think it looked just perfect. 3 thick coats would also probably be enough or layering over white. Need to try this out soon!

Nail Tek - Foundation 2
China Glaze - Shocking Pink / 4 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

My phone went a bit crazy while taking the pics of it so it's not 100% color accurate. I'm sure you all know how pink neon markers look like, right? Well that's the right color of this polish. :D

From the moment I saw Kim's Hot Pink manicure I wanted a neon pink like she's wearing on the picture below and I think this pink is quite a match. :)

I wanted to add a bottle comparison but the sunlight was way too yellow so you can't really see the difference on this photo below. But I really love how Bebo is smelling something in the background. :D

Pool Party, Shocking Pink (Neon)

Well I'm sorry I can't show you how this polish looks in real but if you want something neon pink and you have patience for a tricky application, you need this one. :D I need more neons like this in my life. <3 

What's your favorite neon polish? I just show you mine. :P

It's already 8th March here so Happy International Women's Day dear Ladies! :h

Ivana :k

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guest Post at Fashion Polish

Yap, at Fashion Polish!!! :o Can you believe this? I think I'm dreaming. <3

Click on the picture above to see the whole post. :)

Ivana :k

Friday, March 2, 2012

Swap with Nail Loopy

Another swap for today... I got this package a week ago from Nail Loopy. :) I'm really not in the mood to talk a lot today so let's start with pictures. :$

China Glaze - Shocking Pink (Neon)
American Apparel - L'Esprit
Models Own - Pinky Brown

I was very dissapointed with Pool Party, because it was way to orange on my nails. I know I have to try it over white, but I prefer having a true neon pink on my hands that's why I wanted Shocking Pink. :) I also got my first American Apparel and Models Own. I was quite surprised how tiny the bottle of AA is, I always thought they're bigger. :D

Orly - Lola
a decant of OPI - Pink Me I'm Good
Markwins International Nail Polish??
Rimmel - Blue my Mind

Blue my mind is a dark blurple in person, I can already see how unfotogenic this polish is. :D

Thank you Nail Loopy for getting me these goodies and I hope you enjoy your goodies too. :e

Thanks for reading and have a lovely end of the week. :k

Ivana :k