Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year with Gold Glitter

I can't believe it's the last day of 2011! :o Time flies by sooooooo fast. :) I hope you're spending the last day with the ones you love. I'm spending a night with my BFF. :)

I didn't have a nail polish on my nails for two weeks now, well if we're not counting the base coat and I didn't want to have naked nails tonight, that's why I decided to paint my nails with something I love - glitter! <3

I spent an hour on this manicure, because my right hand still isn't fully recoverd but it was worth it. I wanted to post this manicure yesterday but I smashed another daylight bulb so I had to wait the day to come. I'm glad I did, because I caught sunshine! <3

I added 1 coat of China Glaze - Midnight Kiss - shimmery gold foil, just to have a similar base color. Then I added 2 coats of Milani Jewel FX in Gold and then another few drops to cover the empty space. I finished manicure with layer of TC. 

Result? Is amaaaaaazing. :L I fell in love in a same second I saw it on a daylight. So sparkly, so amazing. :L I'm not worried about removal, because foil method can solve all problems. xD

Nail Tek - Foundation 2
China Glaze - Midnight Kiss / 1 coat
Milani Jewel FX - Gold / 3 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

Bebo loves it too. :i

See how amazing this polish is? I think I emptied a quarter of bottle but I have a back up so no worries. :P What do you think? Isn't just perfect for tonight? <3

What's on your nails today? Did you pick something sparkly, holographic or just a creme? Thanks for reading and see you in 2012! :party

***Happy New Year 2012***

Ivana :k

Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #8: Nothing Personail

Thank you so much for your lovely wishes. :party I had a great day and more to come on New Year's eve. :P I'm okay but my hand isn't, stitches were removed but my wound is still fresh and weird. :/ I hope it heals fast but what I already know that scar will be so gross. :/

We're having Abby from Nothing Personail here. <3 She's one of my favorite bloggers for sure. :) I won't even mention her long nail beds! :o Seriously, her nail beds are to die for so be sure you check her blog. Or you're missing stunning nails! ;)

Hi guys! I am so excited to write this post! Ivana was my first follower (of course, she cheated because I'd been talking to her on the comments of one of her posts before I started blogging and gave her my link the moment it was ready ;) ) so writing this post means I've come full circle!

Ivana and I are always talking about random things, especially football. It's only unfortunate that her team (Real Madrid) is my team's (Barcelona) main rival. I like RM too but Barça has my heart (:  It's nice to have someone to talk about football with, especially during El Clásico :D

Anyway, as cliché as it sounds, I knew I had to do something pink for her. I'm not a huge fan of pink (sorry, Ivana), but I do keep a couple of pinks stashed for emergencies. Haha. Just like Marta, I decided to go for pink and Christmas. Or holidays, if you don't celebrate Christmas (:

I used 2 coats of Color Club Magic Attraction and 2 coats of Boots 17 Milan for my accent nails. I then painted a snowflake on my left accent nail and a candy cane on my right accent nail using an old Sally Hansen French Manicure white (or tried to anyway). The red on the candy cane is Zoya Sooki. Mmmm look at all the holo glittery goodness :D

Christmas nails

Christmas nails

Christmas nails
Blurry to show the sparkles!

Color Club Magic Attraction

I hope you liked it! I got so many compliments on this manicure, people just love Magic Attraction! I wonder why ;)

I think Ivana will be back to polishing soon, I miss her nails! Thanks for reading and thanks for having me, Ivana! Happy (belated) birthday! <3

Thank you Abby for this lovely post. <3 You know I adore your nails, every color looks good on you, but I'm sure you know that. <3 I love your accents nails, so cute and look at this lovely rainbow. :rainbow

P.S.: I'm sorry, but we're winning next El Clásico. :$ And Cristiano Ronaldo just can't stop singing this song for you. :e

In case you don't know who Abby is, she's running her blog Nothing Personail. She didn't post much lately but I'm sure she'll be better in 2012? I want you to post more! <3

Let me know what do you think about this manicure and thanks for reading! I'm preparing my Top 10 polishes 2011 like last year but I have hard time to pick only 10. xD

Ivana :k

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23 & Holiday Guest Post #7: Pink Polish Addict &

It's my B-day today! :party I turned 23 today, I feel old - not old old but growing up and I want to be a kid like forever. :$ I had a lovely day with a friend, we went to see firework in my town and had a lovely dinner. :e

 Cupcakes for everyone! :e :party

My nails are still naked, well with a coat of base coat, but Marketta made so lovely manicures just for my B-day. I wish we were closer, so she could do same manis on me. :) She runs a blog at Pink Polish Addict and yap, you guessed, I found a pink soulmate. :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVANA! Ok now that I've said that I will introduce myself lol. My name is Marketta from Pink Polish Addict. I offered to do Ivana's birthday post for her today while her beauties are on hiatus, and she's recovering. I love me some Ivana, you know why? She's my pink enabler, and the sweetest person like EVER! I have been reining in the pink on my blog (I have TONS of pink) but she told me let loose, I sure don't hold back! So I'm going to start letting the pink out full force. This post is a day late because I had a bit of a dramatic day and I'm visiting my family for the holidays and they are a bit far out, so I have been a bit technology deprived. First up is NOPI All Kendall-ed Up which is a dark hot pink creme. I used 2 coats of AKU, special white polish, Bundle Monster ip's bm205-bm14-bm03, Seche Vite, and INM Northern Lights. I keep forgetting that I have nubbins now and I don't have as much room for multi-stamping fun so there's a bit much going on. This represents what I want Ivana to get tons of today: Presents, Love, and Cake! I just love the light holo that NL gives, it adds the perfect pop.

I know that Ivana loves some glitter, so of course I couldn't forget about the glitta! Below is 3 coats of Sally Hansen Gem Crush: Lady Luck. Lady Luck has a clear base packed with dark pink glitter, and bigger holo glitter. IRL this polish is gorgeous and I couldn't capture its true beauty.

Thanks for letting me share 2 mani's Ivana and I hope you had the most amazing birthday ever!


Aren't these totally my colors???? <3 I just knew I will like them. <3 Thank you so much for your lovely words Marketta, you're so sweet and of course for doing my b-day manis. <3 I thought I don't need this Sally Hansen Gem Crush but now... I will have to think about it again. :i

Be sure you'll check Marketta's blog Pink Polish Addict, but don't worry if you don't like pink like we do, her favorite color is also blue but she can work any color on this planet with her lovely nails. :L

Let me know what do you think about these 2 lovely pink manicure and thanks for reading! I had a lovely day behind me and I got an amaaazing package today and I can't wait to show you all the goodies I got. :i Polish is the best gift for sure. <3

Ivana :k

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #6: Colores de Carol

More guest nails. :e All ladies are so nice! :)

We're having Carolina from Colores de Carol here today. :) I just love Carolina, she's so nice and sweet lady. We made lot of swaps, my WL would be so longer now without your help, thank you soo much! :h She's always showing her talent with creating so many different manicures, let's see what she's prepared for us today. :)

I am super happy to be here today, Ivana's blog has a very special place in my heart because she is the sweetest girl in the world and she's always featuring the most beautiful pink manicures I've ever seen. I was so flattered when Ivana asked me to do a guest post for her readers,I hope you enjoy this manicure I did for you.

For this look I used Rock Solid from Orly, a gunmetal grey with shimmer and holo glitter, then I stamped with Special polish White Pearl using IP Konad M69.

Thank you very much Ivana for having me over here.

Feel better soon...

Another great combination! Holographic glitter really makes it special. <3 This Zebra would be so fancy with holographic glitter. :P I'm sure you all know Carolina but of course, if not, you don't know what are you missing! Check her blog now - Colores de Carol. <3

Thanks for reading and let me know what do you think about this lovely manicure! :)

Ivana :k

Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #5: Women's temptation

I hope you all had a great Christmas. :e I have been lazy for whole weekend and also today, because we're having Slovenian National Holiday - Independence and Unity Day. Roads are empty, shops don't work... Boring. :( My hand is finally getting better, I'm getting stitches out tommorow and I hope everything healed as planned. We'll see. :)

Today I'm having lovely Nina from Women's temptations. Her nails are so perfect, that's why I decided to have her here too. <3 It's another Christmas manicure but I'm a little late, sorry Nina. :$ But if you like glitter, you'd wear it anytime, right? I know I would. <3

Hi girls! :)

My name is Nina my blog is called Woman's temptation. When Ivana asked me to do a guest post for her I was so excited. It's pleasure to me to do a post. 
I love her blog and primarily I was so afraid, because she always do great swatches and she has so beautiful nails. 
I wondered, well what am I going to do?

But it’s Christmas time and I choose to do a Christmas mani. When I said Christmas I mean Glitters of course :D So I started with two coast of Models Own – Emerald Black, then I layered China Glaze Twinkle Lights, China Glaze – Ring In The Red, Opi Excuse Moi! and Opi Extra-Va-Vaganza

It's real glitter sandwich :D
Well I hope you enjoyed my post!
Happy Holidays!!!

Yap, glitter sandwich aka glitter bomb - I love it. <3 I never thought of layering more than 2 glitters but I should try that too. :P Gorgeous! Thank you Nina for your lovely manicure. :k

In case don't know who Nina is, please check her blog at Women's temptation and show some love. :) She posts lots of different brands and her kitty is just gorgeous! <3

What do you think about this glitter sandwich? Did you ever layer so many glitters like she did? :) 

Btw I made a tumblr account, in case you're on tumblr share a link so I can follow you there too. :)

Ivana :k

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Santa Bebo was sooo tired after he delivered all gifts... :i I wish you all a wonderful Christmas if you're celebrating it! 

Ivana :k

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #4: Oooh, Shinies!

It's Christmas eve here so I just have to share this manicure today. <3 We're having Bregje from Oooh, Shinies! here today. :e Her nails are so perfect and she's master of stamping. I just love her manicures - perfect clean up, perfect stamping, perfect photos. <3

Hey all! Oh my, it's such an honour to be here :) When Ivana asked me I of course instantly thought pink! and cats! and glitters!, but I'm not so in the mood for pink right now with all the pretty Christmas colors around, and my cats aren't in the mood for playing background (they're too busy destroying my Christmas decoration xo ). But a glittery mani would still be perfect!

So here it is, 2 coats of China Glaze Jolly Holly with 1 coat of China Glaze Party Hearty, both are from last year's holiday collection. Party Hearty thickened up a bit, which actually made the application a lot easier! With bigger glitters I often end up with a lot of it on my tips and having to dab them in place, but now that the base was thicker, the glitters automatically spread well. I added 2 coats of top coat, and it looked all shiny and Christmas-y on my nails. But even though I enjoyed it like that, I'm not so used to these kinda sparkly manis and I couldn't capture it well either. So to solve that I added a coat of Essence Matt, and I think it looks great like this!

Here you can see how it looks shiny, which way do you like it best? :)

Have a great holiday season and a fantastic new year all! Ivana I hope you get well soon and that someone can polish your nails for you in the meantime, and thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog :k

Christmas on your nails Bregje. :L I always loved Party Hearty, it reminds me on christmas tree full of red lights but I never added it to WL, because green isn't my favorite.  Mattified glitters are so special, but both versions are gorgeos! <3

I'm sure you all know Bregje and her lovely blog Oooh, Shinies! but in case you don't, be sure to check her blog and her lovely stamping manicures - she really makes awesome color and pattern combinations. <3 Thank you so much for this lovely post Bregje. :k

What do you think about this lovely manicure? Does it remind you on Christmas? What will you wear on Christmas Eve? Merry Christmas Eve dear readers and folowers and thanks for reading! <3

Ivana :k

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #3: Mai Senza Smalto!

Today's guest post is from Alice from Mai Senza Smalto!. <3 I love Italian bloggers, probably because we're neighbours, and she's probably one of my favorites. :e Let's see what has she prepared for us. :)

I'm Alice (or Aly), the Italian blogger writing and swatching on Mai Senza Smalto (English translation: "never without polish"). When Ivana asked me to do a guest post for her blog (she recently had hand surgery and it will take her a couple of weeks to recover and be back showing us her nicely painted tips) my first thought was “I'm not able to do that”: in her blog you always find great swatches and pretty, tidy nail art pictures, wheras my “decorative” skills are really basic.

Anyway Ivana is such a sweetie (you know that!) so I decided to face my fears :P and started flipping through my plates' album to choose a design. I was thinking about a pink mani, as she's fond of this color, but as she mentioned she'd love to see some Christmas pattern I decided to try a Xmas classic: holly (on BM plate 014).

After some experiments I decided to stamp design on a white base ([b] Basic polish), but to avoid it to be too vivid, I added a coat of Dior 405 Pure Diamonds, that gave it a greyish yet sparkling look.

Then I stamped pattern with Arcobaleno 453, a really pigmented green/silver polish I found at a local Lidl (yep, polishes at Lidl, I find polishes everywhere lately) and added berries with China Glaze Ruby Pumps, finally using my dotting tool!

Despite my “performance anxiety” I really enjoyed doing this mani and I'm quite satisfied with the overall result, even if I realized just before going to sleep, after all pics were taken - I was actually brushing my teeth - that on all nails (except middle one) holly leaves didn't come out fully. Duh!

Anyway I hope you and Ivana like this simple stamping and I wish you all a joyful and serene Xmas!

Alice, you did a perfect manicure for this lovely Holiday time. <3 Your skills are amazing so don't be afraid to show us more manicures like this! :) I love the background of the pictures, so festive! :L
Please take a look at her blog Mai Senza Smalto and show some love. :) Now I know what to ask for when I'll be visiting Italy - only smalto. xD Thank you so much for your lovely guest post Alice! :k

What do you think about this lovely manicure? :)

Thank you for reading dear readers and followers. :rainbow

Ivana :k

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #2: ChitChat Nails

Another day, another guest post. :)

I'm having Marta from ChitChat Nails here today. I found her on twitter and since then I'm addicted to her blog, her nails and her lovely kids. She always share their moments on twitter and I always love to see how beautiful her family is. <3 Let's see what she has prepared for us, I'm so happy to have her here. :i


When sweet Ivana asked me to do a guest post for her I was really excited and immediately thought: "what pink could I play with?!!!" :D

Ivana has been very kind to me and my blog ever since I started to dabble in this whole blogging thing ;) She always sent a positive word of encouragement my way whenever I doubted my skill; for that I will be forever grateful to her. In return, I have had a chance to admire her lovely manicures, and drool over all the yummy European treats she Tweets about front time to time.....mmmmmh, Milka ;)

But now back to the post. I knew PINK had to be a part of this manicure, but Ivana also suggested something for the Holidays... so I tried to combine the two.

I used one coat of OPI Pink-ing of You, I then painted 3/4 of the nail with Revlon Starry Pink and 1/3 of the nail with Color Club Candy Cane. I used BM plate #15 to stamp on the holly (first in white and then in Konad green). A few red gems were the finishing touch.

I hope you liked this little gradient seasonal design. It was a real pleasure to do this post for Ivana. She has such a fun and bubbly spirit! I am thankful that, through blogging, I got a chance to get to know her :D

Happy Holidays!!!

I don't have any of these. :c Marta, this is just amazing and something I'd definitely wear right now. You know I love your pics, they're so beautiful. <3 You earned Milka Oreo and Lufleé chocolates with this lovely manicure! :P

If you don't know who Marta is, please check her blog ChitChat Nails. You must see her movie inspired christmas manicure she published recently - a piece of art. :)

Thanks for reading dear readers and followers. Let me know what do you think about her manicure? Isn't just perfect for Christmas time? And it's pink too. <3

Ivana :k

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #1: Glitter and Unicorns

It's time for guest posts! <3 I wasn't planning them until next year but after surgery my right hand need to heal and rest for 2 weeks so I decied to do them now and all sweet ladies will make it happen. I had so many Christmas ideas but they will have to wait till next year, oh well... What can we do. :) Not being able to use my right hand is super annoying, because I need help with everything, so I'm sure you understand why I can't reply to comments and questions now. As soon as my hand is fully recovered, I'll be back. :$

Let's start with Angie from Glitter and Unicorns. :L

Hello followers of Ivana Thinks Pink. My name is Angie, and my blog is called Glitter and Unicorns. Ivana has graciously asked me to be here while she heals after surgery, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I have a huge nail crush on her, and I always look forward to her posts.

Then I thought to myself, well what am I going to do now, that would rank up there with her awesome mani's? I originally wanted to do something pink since she is known for her pink, but figured she's probably worn all the pink polishes I have anyway. So I decided to go with something festive. Now what you see below is not the vision I started out with. I really wanted to do a red glitter gradient, but it got a little out of hand...and well I scrapped that idea. But what I found while trying it, was that I found an absolutely stunning glitter sandwich!

So I started out with a coat of China Glaze's iconic Ruby Pumps. On a side note, I literally JUST bought this polish....I know, I know, it's really old news, and honestly, I'm not sure why I haven't had this in my possession sooner! I then layered over China Glaze's Love Marilyn from their Eye Candy line. Then what I did next blew my eyeballs out of my head, I added another coat of Ruby Pumps over it. I know, it doesn't sound all that exciting, but Ruby Pumps jelly-ness really comes through.....and then, when you see it in the sun, you see the silver glitter of Love Marilyn, but it's pink! I'm seriously drooling, the depth in this is so gorgeous!

Now I complain all the time on my blog about my craptastic camera, and this is definitely one of those moments, my camera just didn't want to pick up the awesomeness of this layering combo. I urge you ladies to try it yourself to see first hand. I will admit that from far away, it just looks like red sparklies, but like most of us nail ladies, we are looking at it right next to our noses! My bf said to me yesterday "Can you stop looking at your nails for a second and pay attention to your driving...." eeek, lol!!

And, if you know me, you know I can't leave well enough alone, so this morning I added CND Crimson Sparkle to it. It added just an extra gold sparkle to it which I love! This is by far my favorite mani I've ever done, and I'm sad the greatness of it doesn't come across in my pics. This is definitely going to be my Christmas mani! In fact, I actually want to wear this all week! Which is crazy talk as I usually can't wear a mani for more than a day without wanting something different!


Well I hope you guys enjoyed my post! I'm so nervous about it, since I feel like such a nail n00b! And I have to thank Ivana again for giving me such an awesome opportunity to contribute to her wonderful blog! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and here's to the New Year!

I don't know about you but I just love her manicure! <3 I fell in love with Ruby Pumps when I tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago but this glitter sandwich is even prettier. I never tried CND's effects but now I think I need some in my collection. :$ Gorgeos Christmas manicure for sure. <3 Thank you Angie for your lovely post, it's great to have you here!

In case you don't know Angie, her lovely manicures and make up posts, check Glitter and Unicorns now and show some love! :)

Thanks for reading lovely readers and followers. :) Let me know, what do you think about her combination. What will you wear on Christmas? :)

Ivana :k