Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Guest Post #3: Mai Senza Smalto!

Today's guest post is from Alice from Mai Senza Smalto!. <3 I love Italian bloggers, probably because we're neighbours, and she's probably one of my favorites. :e Let's see what has she prepared for us. :)

I'm Alice (or Aly), the Italian blogger writing and swatching on Mai Senza Smalto (English translation: "never without polish"). When Ivana asked me to do a guest post for her blog (she recently had hand surgery and it will take her a couple of weeks to recover and be back showing us her nicely painted tips) my first thought was “I'm not able to do that”: in her blog you always find great swatches and pretty, tidy nail art pictures, wheras my “decorative” skills are really basic.

Anyway Ivana is such a sweetie (you know that!) so I decided to face my fears :P and started flipping through my plates' album to choose a design. I was thinking about a pink mani, as she's fond of this color, but as she mentioned she'd love to see some Christmas pattern I decided to try a Xmas classic: holly (on BM plate 014).

After some experiments I decided to stamp design on a white base ([b] Basic polish), but to avoid it to be too vivid, I added a coat of Dior 405 Pure Diamonds, that gave it a greyish yet sparkling look.

Then I stamped pattern with Arcobaleno 453, a really pigmented green/silver polish I found at a local Lidl (yep, polishes at Lidl, I find polishes everywhere lately) and added berries with China Glaze Ruby Pumps, finally using my dotting tool!

Despite my “performance anxiety” I really enjoyed doing this mani and I'm quite satisfied with the overall result, even if I realized just before going to sleep, after all pics were taken - I was actually brushing my teeth - that on all nails (except middle one) holly leaves didn't come out fully. Duh!

Anyway I hope you and Ivana like this simple stamping and I wish you all a joyful and serene Xmas!

Alice, you did a perfect manicure for this lovely Holiday time. <3 Your skills are amazing so don't be afraid to show us more manicures like this! :) I love the background of the pictures, so festive! :L
Please take a look at her blog Mai Senza Smalto and show some love. :) Now I know what to ask for when I'll be visiting Italy - only smalto. xD Thank you so much for your lovely guest post Alice! :k

What do you think about this lovely manicure? :)

Thank you for reading dear readers and followers. :rainbow

Ivana :k

10 Comment(s):

  1. What a nice mani! :O I love the not perfectly stamped leaves, they give a sweeter impression :d
    Aly is one of my favourites too!! :e

  2. Thank you for the nice words Ivana :k In case you come here I'll be delighted to do some smalto-shopping with you :e

  3. Very nice Alice! I think you did a great job!

  4. Very beautiful! Alice sei bravissima :)

  5. such a lovely mani ... everybody is doing such an amazing job.. LOVE IT!

  6. I love the frosted look of this manicure and how lovely the holly stamps turned out!
    Reminds me of the perfect white snowy christmas :D

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