Saturday, September 3, 2011

Essence Haul

As you probably already know, Essence will discontinue all Multi Dimension Polishes. I'm not happy about that because I'll definitely miss them so I just had to pick them while they're still available. Last week when I was in capital I went to Müller if there's a sale of all of these discontinued products but there was everything almost sold out. Of course, how it wouldn't be, if everything was sold for 0,99 €. :D I found 2 of them in Müller on sale and 2 of them in DM (but for a regular price).

Here's what I picked. :)

Found my Love
Fall for me
Cool and the Gang

I picked blues just because I wanted to have a baby blue creme and because I love jellies, so I just had to have that royal blue jelly. :)

There's also some shades from Color & Go line, which'll be discontuined. I was in Müller twice and these babies were just waiting for me. :D First I picked just one for Abby, but when I found them there after few days, I took 2 more (read: all left). :D They're all for swaps, because they're way to green for me. :D It's just so funny because lots of shades were sold out but these babies not and I saw lots of bloggers are just loving this shade, because it's a greenish blue duochrome.

Out of my mind
I already showed you all the goodies I picked from TE Ballerina Backstage and 50's Girl Reloaded but I totally missed these.
 TE You Rock!
Speed of Light Blue
Let me in Pink
TE Nails in Style
Style me Love
Transfer Foil set in Style me Pretty

You rock! was available back in June and I wanted just the pink one. But when I found a half empty rack with a baby blue left and when I found out that this beauty is a dupe of Chanel Riva, I just bought it - it's waaay cheaper than Chanel, so you can't beat that. :D
Nails in Style was available in July with Backstage Ballerina so I picked the pink one (nothing new :P ) and pink set of foils. I still didn't try them, but I'm super excited about foils. They're really hard to get so when I found out that Essence'll release them, I just had to have them. :)
I think that's it. :angel 

Is there anything really a must from all the discontinued products? I hope I didn't miss anything because they already removed the polishes from their site and I only have a list with numbers, not names, so I don't know what to check more because the racks are always half empty. :D Let me know what did you pick from sales so I can check if I need them too. :)

Ivana :k

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  1. Wanna Kiss? si moram nujno nabavit, kar na zalogo. Sem videla slikce, ko si objavila to manikuro, noro lepo!

  2. I love those Multi Dimension polishes! Sadly I only own 1 Multi Dimension color... :P

  3. Lovely haul! The pastel multidimensionals are so pretty! I bought some items of my fav mascara, stays on and on and on because it'll be discontinued too.

  4. @Kleopatra: Jaz tudi razmišljam, da probam nekje najti še eno flaško, ker je reees tako lep. :L Bom objavila več slikc verjetno jutri. :)

    @LimitedAddictionNails: You should get more of them! :P

    @NatalieDouka: I never tried their mascaras, because I need waterproof version and their just didn't work for my lashes. :)

  5. Obozavam Found my Love i Fall for me, a jos i kad imaju tako divna imena... :D

  6. Uh dober nakup je bil tole:) luštno:) hehe.... dej pokaže enkrat tole transfer foil - me prav zanima kako zgleda:)

  7. mislim da sto se mene tice ne izlazi nista sto bi htjela tako da se drzim podalje od essence standa da ne bi dosla u napast kupit nesto sto mi se i ne svidja toliko samo zato jer izlazi iz asortimana

  8. It's really too bad they discontinue products )=
    Great haul!

  9. Awesome haul! You got some good stuff!

  10. Great haul! Here discountinued polishes are still on "regular" sale (and no trace of new ones). I would have recommended C&G 52 but you already bought it :-)
    If you don't own it already take a look at Purple Diamond, #59 from Multi dimension, it's a foil-ish violet!
    BTW I think that I will buy tons of colors during sales here, I can't resist polishes @0,99€ :P

  11. You're so lucky that you have access to such a huge selection of Essence! It's one of my favorite cosmetic brands--I wish there was more available over here in the US!

  12. Nice colors you have picked from the Multi Dimension collection... Too bad they'll be discontinued :(

  13. I wish I could find Style Me Love but that LE never arrived in my area :(
    Love the MultiDimension you picked up, the other only one I would recommend is Movin'On (the new version, very light beige).

  14. @Anja: Slažem se. <3

    @Pink_Diamond: Bom. :) Sem jo ravno včeraj sprobala. :)

    @Lendoxia: Ćuvaš novčanik, jel? :P

    @rock-or-not: Totally. :( But I hope we'll get some more exciting products. :e

    @imfeelingnail-venturous & @Veronica: I can't wait to try them all. :v

    @maisenzasmalto: I know that one, but I already have 2 similar shades and I think I don't need the 3rd one. :D Happy shopping! You really can't get wrong with that price. :i

    @Eileen: Let me know if you want anything, I can pick them for you. :) It's really a shame that they're not selling all products from Essence in the US. But at least we can swap them. :P

    @KimsKie's Nails: I'll miss them. :/

    @Simona: :/ I hope you'll get it somehow. :/ It's so annoying when they not release all TE in all countries. There are 2 versions of Movin' Out? I just so one nude but with green undertones and I didn't like it. :(

    @sandryca: Me too! :)

  15. a pokusavam iako danasnji shopping me opovrgava :blush: doduse pao je samo jedan snizeni essence, ostale stvari nisu bile bas na snizenju XD

  16. @Ivana
    Yep there was a darker version of Movin' Out, too. Sad you didn't like the nude one, I love it!

  17. I'm sad they don't have the multi dimensions here anymore ! :(
    Nice haul ! :)
    Xx. S

  18. @Lendoxia: Šta fali, nisu sad po 20€ pa da se žalimo. :P

    @Simona: I didn't know that at all, thanks for that info! I'll check it again, maybe I saw a darker version. :P

    @S.: I'll check if I'll find some for you! Wish me luck! :k


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