Friday, September 23, 2011

Strawberry Ice Cream & Teenage Dream

Fall is here. :) Do I like it? Not. :ice It's already too cold for me, I wish I could have summer all year long. Or at least just Spring and Summer. :party Or I should just move to Brazil. :P

Anyway, I have a new mani for today. I wanted to try out some of the new babies I got lately, so I picked these 2. Strawberry Ice Cream by Barry M is a nice pastel pink with peachy undertones creme nail polish. I added 3 thin coats, but even 2 thicker would work just great. I decided to add sponging tips with OPI - Teenage Dream. Teenage Dream is amazing - sheer pink jelly base with different sizes of glitter including some stunning holographic glitter. <3 It's much prettier in RL as on pictures, believe me. :)

Here's the final result. :)

This beauty became more peachy pink on sun. :)

Nail Tek - Foundation II
Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream / 3 coats
OPI - Teenage Dream / sponged
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I'm in love with this combination. <3 When my mom saw Teenage Dream, she wanted to have it on her nails too, so her nails are also sparkly today, but she didn't let me take some pics. xD

Do you like this combination? Sponging french tips was so easy and it looks so nice. :) What's your favorite glitter polish?

I'm a big fan of Milka chocolate with whole nuts but I adore white chocolate even more. I never found white chocolate with whole nuts in Slovenia although I saw pictures of it, just that one without anything. So my dad's just brought me this big one from Graz, imagine how happy I was. <3

This chocolate is THE BEST. ^_^ Tell me, what's your favorite chocolate?

Have a nice and relaxing weekend! :rainbow

Ivana :k

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  1. This mani is perfect!!
    I really love it!
    I love white chocolate too! And nuts too!
    But luckily we can find it here in France!!

  2. Your mani is so adorable and cute :L And mmm that chocolate looks good :)

  3. wow your nails look so amazing! they are so perfect! :b

  4. I love your mani!! And in case you decide to fly to Brazil, I'll come too (another fan of Summer hot days here) and I promise to bring white chocolate, too (my favourite, especially with almonds or nuts)!

  5. Ooooo ful dobra manikura :D Ampak meni je vedno "škoda" holotov in glitterjev za sponge/konad :D ne vem zakaj.. :P
    Tole Milko sem že jedla, je tudi meni kul, vzamem pa skorajda vse okuse, samo ne kakšnih "tgovinskih čokolad"

  6. @rock-or-not: Ty. <3 Really? It's sooo yummi! :(

    @Bregje: Thank you! :)

    @Danny: Aww thanks. :$

    @Alexis: Right? :)

    @maisenzasmalto: :D Okay, I'll pick you up for sure. And bring lots of chocolate, I can never have enough of white chocolate. xD

    @lunca: Hvala. :) No ja, se mi zdi, da ne gre preveč laka za sponge in pa za konad, par kapljic. S tem še parih nohtov ne moreš namazati. :) Pa efekt je res ful lep. <3 Mene tudi te trgovinske ne prepričajo, čeprav če drugega ni in če jo že imam doma, ponavadi dobim, pojem košček, 2. Ampak čez Milko jo pač ni. :b

  7. i ja bi ljeto nazad, a manikura mi se svidja, malo glittera za osvjezit ove obicne kremaste lakove uvijek dobro dodje :)

  8. Pretty combo! I always wear Teenage Dream alone to get its full effect :D

  9. such a pretty manicure! and I love milka too, I've never had the white with the nuts either. Totally off subject but my grandma lived in graz when she was little :-)

  10. how pretty! ive always wanted to try barry m polishes and this just makes me yearn for them even more. as for chocolate, i loooove chocolate! white and milk chocolate for me. im not sure what my favorite is but dove and hersheys spring to mind (:

  11. @Lendoxia: Slažem se. :)

    @Eileen: How many coats does it need for a full opacity? I hope it's not too sheer, that's why I still didn't try it on its own. :D But it's beautiful, I'm blow away with this holographic glitter. <3

    @drastic actions: Me neither, till today. So yum! :P I've never been to Graz, my dad's just started working there so I guess I'll get more chocolate. xD

    @GothamPolish: :h

    @ami: Barry M polishes are great, I have just few of them but I like them. <3 I never heard for Dove chocolate before (I had to google it xD ). I just know we have Dove body and hair cosmetics. :) But Hesheys Kisses are amaaaaazing. I got them in a swap from Canada, cookies'n'cream and I almost died how delicious were they, even more than Milka! :D

  12. That is so pretty, I love pink! We have a white chocolate from the maker Dars, best ever!

  13. So very pretty! Love OPI Teenage Dream!

  14. krasna kombinacija :L
    i milka mi se sviđa, ali ja bih radije neku smeđu nego bijelu ;)

  15. Oh kako lepa kombinacija! Tole idejo z bleščičastimi konicami si bom pa 1x sposodla, če nimaš nič proti? Fajn izgleda :) Tale čokolada je tudi yummi! :L

  16. @Tera: Thanks! I hope I'll try that chocolate once too. :P

    @Angie: Ty. :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: It's so pretty. <3

    @lepidopteria: Ty. I love yours too! :L

    @nail crazy: Hvala! :) Pa ima smeđih još i još, samo izvoli. :P

    @With love, Ana.: Ne smeš! :@ :O Hecam se, itak. :) Me že zanima, kaj boš ustvarila! <3
    Na žalost je ni več. Hočem še! :c

  17. I really love this, its simple with a touch of bling that adds the perfect pop :)


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