Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My OPI Collection

I'll start with: "I need MORE OPI's in my life! :c I though I have more of them. :( It's so fun to take stash pictures, so relaxing. :r I just love seeing them together. :)

OPI is my favorite brand. <3 I totally HATE their price here (thank you God for swapping) but everything else is just perfect. I'm in love with OPI's wide brush, perfectly made for my nails, that's why I'm loving them so much. <3

If they'd brought back all holos they had, that'd be perfection. :L

Again, pictures maybe aren't 100% color accurate, because I took them with flash and it's so hard to take real color of all bottles. :D I added names and links to the swatches or manicures, where I used them.



Only 19 of them? :c Yap, I want more. :i Some of them are on my way and I really caaaaaan't wait to get them. :)

I'm also very excited about OPI Holiday 2011 collection Muppets! <3 I'm love with those glitters so I hope I'll get my hands on them.  ^_^

How many OPI's do you have? ^_^ What's your favorite OPI nail polish? My favorite is... That's a tough one... I can't pick just one so let's say Mad as a Hatter, DS Extravagance and We'll Always Have Paris Suede! <3 All of them are just special to me. :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

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  1. So many pretty purples! Mad as a Hatter looks amazing :D

  2. @Eileen: Ty. :) It's also hardest to get. :/

  3. Nazalost ne posedujem ni jedan OPI ali imam na wish listi nekoliko:) Dopadaju mi se svi sa prve i druge slike-slaba sam na roze lakove :D


  4. I don't own any O.P.I's :( They're very expensive in my country as well, like 15 euro's... How much do they cost in your country actually?

  5. un sueño de esmaltes............

  6. so many pretty polishes. :0D hope to see all the pink ones swatched on ya blog.. lol

  7. This is PURE love. Omg all the colors you have are sooo pretty! I wish the holos would come back too! PS: im totally jealous of your Rumples Wiggin.

  8. Sami lepotci! Močno ti zavidam DS Original. <3

  9. Fino fino, ali sam isto imala osjecaj da ih imas vise :D U mojoj kolekciji čak 5 OPIja :D

  10. I see that you're a glitter fan like me! :)
    Show it and glow it... I wanted this polish so bad, I ordered it last year but I had serious issues with the seller and I've never received the package. :(

  11. I have 2 OPIs. I have a few more from CG.

  12. Mad as hatter, njami! :D Čeprav so vsi lušni, sploh holo in glitterji

  13. fantastična kolekcija :D
    ja nemam ni jednog opića :(
    ali imam sina koji se ponaša kot opica ahahahaha

  14. great collection, you may not have that many but OMG all the ones you have are lovely!!!

  15. @Anja: Ko da smo sestre. :P

    @LimitedAddictionNails: Yap, I think they cost 13€, Designer Series even more. They're too expensive. :/

    @yami: Gracias. :)

    @Pretty: I almost swatched them all but there's more on my way. :e

    @ami: That'd be awesome! I've few more holos on my WL, which I probably won't never have. xD If you're looking for a dupe, I'd say Essie Nice is Nice is quite close. But I think RW is still available at e-tailers or e-bay. :)

    @Maestra: :) Ampak tudi tvoja kolekcija je prekrasna. <3

    @Irena B: E da mi ih je imati. <\3

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: Glitter? Pure love! <3 That's bad, because it's a really pretty polish. :) So then you're also very excited about Muppets? :e

    @marox79: I'm sure the number will increase soon. :P

    @lunca: Ja, se strinjam. :L

    @nail crazy: Hahahaha. :r Nadam se, da će i u tvoje rukice stići po koja lak OPIca. :D

    @Polish AMOR: Ty. <3 I love them so much! :)

  16. Sigh!

    I would kill for the polishes on the third photo!

    I'm too embarassed to say how many I own. But you know how expensive they are here in Croatia and Slovenia. Ebay is better, but still too much :(

    You collection is amazing

  17. uuu lepe barva, a maš rada Pink, aaa? :e

  18. super collection!

  19. I have to admit that I'm not a huge OPI fan - for the same reason you like them - I hate the big brush!
    Your collection is very pretty!

  20. i dont think our little hearts could handle more holos! lol but i am sure we are willing to risk it. THANK YOU so much for the suggestion. Nice i Nice is on my WL actually so if i dont get my hands on RW then i might have to drop some $$ on NIN. thank you again (:

  21. @Stickers: Oh, I can totally feel you, they're way to expensive here. I'd probably have just a few of them if I wouldn't get them so many in swaps. :/ Imagine, how much money do you need for a whole collection. :@ It's be much better if we'd live in US. Then we'd get them for free too. :P

    @sandryca: Neeeeeeee, jaz pa ne. ^_^ :$

    @antiii: Ty. :)

    @The Nail Buff: Do you like Essie's brush? I hate them, so you probably are loving them? :P Ty. <3

    @ami: Oh yes, just bring them and we'll see. :P You're welcome, I hope you'll find any of those, color is really really pretty though. <3

  22. Nemam ni jedan OPI, ali svakako su na wish listi :D Divna kolekcija :)


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