Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swap with Fingers from Fingers Polish Mania & DS Skittles

A while ago Fingers from Fingers Polish Mania contacted me that she can get one of biggest lemming and how could I say no to that? :) She wanted to try Catrice and I wanted to get that baby so much!

My polish arrived on Friday and I just couldn't believe my eyes. :o Here's what I got. <3

OPI DS Exclusive
Yap, bottle of amazing linear holographic bright pink goddess. <3 I don't know about you but I want that OPI brings back all the holos they had in Designer Series line. Please. :(

Fingers, thank you so much for killing one of my biggest lemming. :h :k :e :i

Because my nails are too short for this beauty I decided to make a skittles manicure with all DS babies I have. I own only 4 of them but I love each and every one so much! <3


I don't know what happened to Signature's cap but it started chipping since I got it. Looks funny but I don't care much about the cap. :D

Here are skittles with all this pretties. :L Their application is just amazing, they all go on silky smooth, I added 2 coats for full opacity without base or top coat. They're even prettier in person as on picture. <3

From Top to Bottom:
OPI - DS Original / 2 coats
OPI - DS Signature / 2 coats
OPI - DS Exclusive / 2 coats

They are all linear holographic except Extravagance, which has more scattered holographic look but it's still pretty. I just love them all! <3 What do you think? What's your favorite? Do you own any of these?

Does any of you have an extra bottle of How about a Tumble or Tickle my Triangle (Thank you sooooooo much Kvacka! :k ) from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection? I killed almost all my lemmings except these from Kaleidoscope and I want at least one in my collection. :$ 

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday and thanks for reading! :rainbow Btw I reached 900 followers yesterday. :party Thank you so much for following and reading me. I never thought I will have so many of you here, now I can't wait to reach a magic 1000. :$

Ivana :k

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Step by Step: Pink Glittery Swirls & Review

My nails are even shorter than last week, they just don't want to cooperate with me. :/ But that didn't stop me do to another step by step post. :)

I got a new stamping image plate from Born Pretty Store so I decided to try it out for this manicure. I didn't have anything on my mind so I decided to surprise myself. xD 

Here's the final result. :) I'm still not sure if I like it because obvisouly they're not perfectly stamped like I'd want them to be but I decided to post them anyway. :$ All pictures in this post were taken under daylight bulb with black background.

If you want to see step by step pictures (a.k.a tiny picture spam) and a review for the stamping plate I used, click read more. :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Essence TE Re-mix Your Style Swatches & Nail Wheel Review

Guess what just hit our stores??? :) Essence's Re-mix Your Style Trend Edition. <3 I've been waiting for this collection for ages and it's finally available in DM (hurry up, you can't miss all these pretties :) ).

I'm so broke without any money so my mom helped me get these. :h 6 base colors and 4 special top coats were released in this collection but I wanted just some of the topcoats. 

I picked Dance, Love and Pop top coats, I left behind Rock TC because I'm not a fan of dark colors. :) I just got nail wheels from Born Pretty Store to review so I decided to show them on nail wheel but of course I can't wait to put my new beauties on nails.

Here're the polishes I used on nail wheel down below:

Wet n Wild - Black Créme
Essence Dance Top Coat - Waking up in Vegas
Essence Love Top Coat - Feels so good
Essence PopTop Coat - Just can't get enough

Here are all TCs layered over a Black Créme . :L

 From Top to Bottom
Essence Pop Top Coat - Just can't get enough / 2 coats
Essence Love Top Coat - Feels so good / 1 coat 
Essence Dance Top Coat - Waking up in Vegas / 2 coats
Wet n Wild - Black Créme / 1 coat

They look amazing layered over a black! Bottles look so boring but when you apply them over a color, they become gorgeous! <3 

Just can't get enough (Pop) is a light pink base shimmer with holographic glitter. It's pretty amazing in person as on pictures and very opaque so I add 2 coats and like you can see, you can't even see a black under. I love this beautiful scattered shimmer inside, great job Essence, now you really made a holographic TC, I actually thought that this will be just another duochrome.... xD

Feels so Good (Love) is a very beautiful duochrome TC like those CND Sparkle effects. It changes the color depending on lightning, I only caught this beautiful lilac sparkle. 

Waking up in Vegas (Dance) is probably the diamond of this collection. How can you miss a flakie top coat for such an awesome price? :o It's just perfect. It looks like Nubar - 2010 what I've seen from some comparison posts but if you ask me, Essence wins, just because of the low price. :)

Essence should put all of these top coats in their regular range with other special toppers because these are just amazing. :L Unfortunately when this TE will be sold out, you probably won't be able to find it anywhere so be sure you grab them when you find them. :/ 

Let me say just a few words about my new nail wheels. I wanted them forever and when I got another opportunity to review some things from Born Pretty Store I decided to give them a try. I got 10 pieces of Clear False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheels.

They came in one piece because they packed them great, so no issues with broken nail wheels. I like that they're clear, idk why but they just look prettier than the white one. :)

Now I can't wait to paint them all. :D They're great, because you can see how the polish looks like when you apply it, you can paint all your nail polishes you have and see if you have any dupes, you can try to make a nail art first on them and after you see the result, you can make same manicure on your nails, etc... :) Every piece has 20 "nails", so you can try 200 combinations with this set but if you want more, you can order another set, they're not so expensive.
You can get 10 pieces for a nice price $6.15 and use code IRJ61 for 10% off on your order. :)

Do you use nail wheels? Why? For nail art, for keeping a track of your collection? What do you think about Re-mix collection? What are your favorites? Did you manage to get any of these? Can't wait to hear your responds!

I got another stamping plate from BPS but I can't find it. I've been loosing things in my room forever and it annoys me so much lately. :/ As soon as I find it, I'll try to make a manicure with! :)

Thanks for reading! :rainbow

Ivana :k

*Some of the products in this post was sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Step by Step: Sparkly Purple Zebra Print

I don't have time for doing my nails so often as before but I still want my nails to be pretty. I usually pick a color I like and wear it for a week without a chip, but because my nails are so short, I decided to make something else. :)

I shorten my nails 2 days ago, because I had some major breaks lately and if you read my blog for a while, you know I hate when my nails aren't all square or same lenght. So, it was time for a fresh start. I have a birthday next month so I decided to slowly grow them out till then. :)

Here's what I came up with. :) All pictures in this post were taken under daylight bulb with black background. 

If you want to see step by step pictures (a.k.a tiny picture spam), click read more. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

You are like a rainbow, Loodie!

I'd usually name post after the polish I wear but I decided to make something totally different. I saw todays post at Loodie, Loodie, Loodie. <3 That's why I decided to put something on my nails for you Anna, just because. <3 

I have a rainbow on my nails and rainbows are amazing, just like you Anna. :rainbow

If you don't know who Loodie is, check her blog now! She's such a lovely and very smart lady with amazing sense of humor so I'm not used to the sad Loodie. <3 

If you want to read more about nail care, nail treatmens or anything about nails, I'd suggest that you start reading her blog! Btw she has even won little competiton on Twitter that we had months ago, about who has the longest nail beds. 8) 

I really hope you'll feel better soon dear, I want that funny and hilarious Loodie back! <3

Light Box, Daylight - Blurry
I'm wearing Milani - Hi-Res, just because it has an amazing rainbow effect and we all love rainbows on sky but even more on nails, right. <3 I don't know why I didn't wear this before but I think it's just waiting for a perfect moment like this. :) Btw my nails are super short as you can see, but my cuticles looks healthy, right Loodie? :P I'm moisturizing my nails all the time. xD

It needs 2 coats for a full opacity, application is just flawless. It applies like a dream and it dries fast. The result is just amaaaaazing. :rainbow

Light Box, Daylight

Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
Milani - Hi-Res / 2 coats
What do you think? Do you like it? Have it? Need it?

Have a nice and calm weekend lovely readers and followers and thanks for reading!

Ivana :k

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Studded Fancy Fuchsia

I'm so excited about this post. :i Let's start....

When I have to study, I find a million ways to distract myself away from books. I knew I need a manicure because my nails were naked for few days so I put on my favorite pink Fancy Fuchsia by Orly. I wore this color at least 5 times as manicure and also as pedicure. That happens rarely but there's something about this polish that makes me fall in love every time I apply it on nails. I have a back up bottle that's why I can wear it so many times. :$ Seriously, pink lovers you NEED this pink beauty! <3

When I applied it I saw a Sammy's tweet from The Nailasaurus talking about her studded manicure made in 31 Day Challenge. I didn't think twice so I pull out my silver 3D Steel Ball Glitter which I got from Born Pretty Store months ago. Well, I wanted to add black studs but I somehow managed to lost those 2 minutes after I found them in my drawer and I still don't know where I put them. xD

I placed studs differently as Sammy but not because I wanted to but because I wasn't paying attention how she put them on. :$

Daylight, light box

 Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
Wet n Wild - Clear Nail Protector
Silver 3D Steel Ball Glitte

First I applied Fancy Fuchsia on my nails, when the 2nd coat was still wet. I simply picked one by one stud with a toothpick and placed it on nail. :) If the base color was already dry, I put a layer of clear polish by Wet n Wild - Clear Nail Protector (which came with Wet n Wild - Prancer). I tried to put a layer of Essie - Good To Go to finish my manicure but I guess it's too thick for that, because I got lots of bubbles so I had to redo my ring finger. :) So use thin TC to avoid bubbling.

If you pick more than one stud on toothpick, remove the excess because if 2 studs fell on the wet surface, they're so hard to take off without ruining the base color. I wanted to do it faster but I almost messed up. xD Be patient! :)

It's so funny to touch your nails with those studs on. Surface is rough and it tickles.. xD Sometimes I scratched my face with them or my hair got caught but nothing too serious. They stayed on for 3 days, some of them fell down but there's still a silver dot and it wasn't so obvious that they weren't there anymore. 

Huh, I have a lot to say today. :$

As you can see - I took my pictures in "light box". Well, it's still not a light box, I got a daylight bulb and I make pictures with a black background under the lamp. Simple as that but when I'll have more time, I'll try to make something out. :) Please let me know what do you think about picture quality, do you like them or not, I'd love to hear your opinion.

Here's a bonus picture with our little kitty. <3 He was so curious what I'm doing so he joined me. :D He's very serious when it comes to nails. :P

Huh, this is a really long post but I hope you like it. :i Thanks for reading! :rainbow What do you think? Will you try it out? This manicure was so bright and so unique!

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Essence - You're my Dragonfly, Sugar!

The weekend is almost gone and I'd love to have a few days more just for sleeping and resting. :/ Oh well, I can't wait another Friday to be here. :e

It's NATventURista Time. :D When I saw swatches of this whole collection, I decided that I don't need anything. But when you find an untouched rack, which usually never happen, I decided to buy at least something. :D 

You're my Dragonfly, Sugar! is a peachy nude with tiny silver glass flecked glitter. It's more on a sheer side so I had to add 3 coats for a full opacity. Well, I love the final result. <3 I just didn't like the brush, I went to find more pics about this polish and I stumbled upon this post at Mai senza smalto! and her brush was wonky as mine. I usually don't open any bottles in store but from now on, I definitely will especially when I'm buying Essence, because this was not the first wonky brush I got from them. :) On warm daylight look more peachy as on cold daylight as you can see on the 2nd photo.
Lightbox, daylight

Nail Tek Intensive Theraphy II
Essence - You're my Dragonfly Sugar / 3 coats
Essie - Good to Go

Here's a bottle detail. <3 First I though that this shimmer won't be visible on nail but it is. :) I also love the cap detail, so cute. :)

This is my favorite polish from NATventURista Trend Edition. What do you think? Do you like it? I wanted to stamp it but my base coat wasn't cooperating with this beautie so after 2 days I peeled it off and my nails are still naked. :D As you can see, they're short too, I broke a middle finger while sleeping so I decided to shorten them a bit. But they're growing back, yay. :e

Thanks for reading!
Ivana :k

Friday, November 11, 2011

Swap with blondie711 from MUA #2 & Hyper Haute

I got this package weeks ago and I'm so happy I did. :) Me and blondie711 arrange a swap months ago and I got lots of amazing polishes from her. She knew I wanted one particular polish a lot. When she contacted me that she got it and could sent it to me, I was really super excited. :)

I'm talking about Electra Magenta from China Glaze's Tronica collection. <3 I wanted it because I still don't own a pink version of BFF which I also want badly but unfortunately is very hard to find. <\3 This one is close but of course less holographic, but I love it soooo much.  :L

She also sent me EOS lipbalms. <3 I wanted them badly, because my lips are always so dry no matter what I use, how much I drink. :/ When I read lots of great reviews I wanted to try them out. And I love their cute fancy packaging. :D I'm using Summer Fruit at the moment all the time and I must say I just love it. I love the smell and the taste, it moisturizes my lips quite well and I really like it a lot. :k

She was so nice and sent her package first and when she'll find something she like, I'll do my best to make her happy like she did. <3 Thank you so much for this awesome package! :k

Oh, I almost forgot. :i Remember the Hyper Haute I got from Karen? Yap, it came broken. I actually got Hyper Haute from Blondie711 too but I gave it away because I knew I'm getting another bottle from Karen. When I got a broken bottle, I didn't have any Hyper Haute left. :D But Karen found another bottle and kindly sent it to me.
Hyper Haute, Electra Magenta
Thank you so much ladies for thinking of me and sending me all these amazing goodies. <3

Did you ever try EOS lip balms? Do you like them? Did you get any from Tronica? I know lots of us were dissapointed when we found out that they aren't holographic like all from OMG collection was, but they're still super pretty and I'm happy I own these 2 and Virtual Violet. :)

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a nice Friday and weekend! I might be away for this and another week but I need to study a lot. :/ 

Ivana :k

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guest Post at Oooh, Shinies!

I can finally show you the manicure I wore whole last week. :$ I made it for Bregje, who kindly asked me to do a guest post on her blog. I was so flattered when she asked me, because I adore her nails and manicures, so I decided to make something special. :P Please take a look at Oooh, Shinies! or click on the picture to see the whole post. Let me know what do you think. :)

Ivana :k

Saturday, November 5, 2011

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

There's something about this polish that makes me fell in love with everytime I see it in my stash. <3 I think I wore it twice already, that happens rarely. :) These pictures are from May that's why my nails are shorter. :) It's much prettier in RL as on pictures, that's for sure. 
Strawberry Fields (what a lovely name <3 ) from China Glaze's Summer Days Summer 2009 collection is a medium pink nail polish with golden glass fleck shimmer, which makes it so special. <3 Darker base with similar shimmer is Ahoy!. Both are really stunning so I'm so happy I have them in my collection.

I think I added 2 coats. :)

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II
China Glaze - Strawberry Fields / 2 coats

That golden glass flecked shimmer just pop out on sun. <3 What do you think? Do you like it?

I'm sharing these swatches with you because I've nothing new to show you. I still have to post another great package I got days ago but I don't want to post swaps everyday. 

I hope you're having a great weekend! :rainbow

Ivana :k

Friday, November 4, 2011

Swap with Nina from Women's temptations

It's fridaaaay, yay. :) I don't know why I'm so happy about it because I've lots of study to do this weekend and a whole another week. :/

I got another amazing package days ago. :) I wanted to complete my Catherine Arley's wishlist so I asked Nina if she can get them for me. Nina has a blog at Women's Temptation and her nails are amazing - I'm loving her from the 1st post. Please check her out and of course, show some love. <3

Here's what I got. :)

Catherine Arley 

Now I got all Catherine Arleys I wanted. xD Can't wait to try them all, especially Perfect polishes, I never tried them before. Thank you Nina for all this lovely pretties. I hope you'll like your goodies too when I'll be able to send them out. :k

Have you ever tried Perfect polishes? :)

Can you see what's new? I got a new background. xD I saw lots of pics with black background so I wanted to try it out. I also got a hot pink and lilac, but I think I'll use it a black for now. I also need a daylight lamp - any suggestions? And if any slovenian bloggers or readers are reading this, please let me know which one are you using. :) Once I was watching them in store but there were so many of them so I didn't know which one would be the best. :$

I also broke my thumb nail so badly yesterday. It also hurts a bit and I'm having square shape on one side and oval on the other side. :$ So annoying. :/

Thanks for reading and have a nice Friday!

Ivana :k

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Servin' Up Sparkle on My Address is "Hollywood"

I don't have time to change my manicures more often lately so I decide to quickly update My Address is "Hollywood" from last week. I got this polish in a swap a month ago so I decided to give it a try now. :)

Servin' Up Sparkle is a part of OPI's Serena Glam Slam England duo set. It comes with Grape... Set... Match, which is amazing but still in my untrieds. :/

Servin' Up Sparkle is a sheer base with holographic hexagonal shaped glitter and small holographic glitter. I don't know why, but a lot of hexagonal glitter is sticked on the bottle, like you can see on the picture below. Looks funny but I think there's not much left of hexagonal glitter in the bottle. xD

I'm not a big fan of sheer glitters so I decided to sponge my tips with it and I loved it! :) I finally found a way to like wearing sheer glitters. All those particles sparkle every time you move your hands, so it's really pretty in person. <3

Sun / Blurry
Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
OPI - My Address is "Hollywood" / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer 
OPI - Servin' Up Sparkle / sponged
 Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I was really happy with this manicure. It lasted whole last week and I could wear it even more but I decided to change it. :) 

What do you think? Do you like sheer glitters like this one? Do you just layer it over a polish?

I shorten my nails yesterday a bit, unfortunately I had some major breaks on my right hand, so I decided to shorten them all. I can't stand having different lenght of nails. :/ I'll probably be away till the weekend, so take care and thanks for reading! I'm off to watch the 5th Episode of Desperate Housewives! 8) So excited, anyone watching new season of DH here?

Nighty night,
Ivana :k