Sunday, November 13, 2011

Essence - You're my Dragonfly, Sugar!

The weekend is almost gone and I'd love to have a few days more just for sleeping and resting. :/ Oh well, I can't wait another Friday to be here. :e

It's NATventURista Time. :D When I saw swatches of this whole collection, I decided that I don't need anything. But when you find an untouched rack, which usually never happen, I decided to buy at least something. :D 

You're my Dragonfly, Sugar! is a peachy nude with tiny silver glass flecked glitter. It's more on a sheer side so I had to add 3 coats for a full opacity. Well, I love the final result. <3 I just didn't like the brush, I went to find more pics about this polish and I stumbled upon this post at Mai senza smalto! and her brush was wonky as mine. I usually don't open any bottles in store but from now on, I definitely will especially when I'm buying Essence, because this was not the first wonky brush I got from them. :) On warm daylight look more peachy as on cold daylight as you can see on the 2nd photo.
Lightbox, daylight

Nail Tek Intensive Theraphy II
Essence - You're my Dragonfly Sugar / 3 coats
Essie - Good to Go

Here's a bottle detail. <3 First I though that this shimmer won't be visible on nail but it is. :) I also love the cap detail, so cute. :)

This is my favorite polish from NATventURista Trend Edition. What do you think? Do you like it? I wanted to stamp it but my base coat wasn't cooperating with this beautie so after 2 days I peeled it off and my nails are still naked. :D As you can see, they're short too, I broke a middle finger while sleeping so I decided to shorten them a bit. But they're growing back, yay. :e

Thanks for reading!
Ivana :k

19 Comment(s):

  1. I really like this color ;)

    I started to write my blog in English :)
    The new posts: Artdeco dress up your nails 251 and collection of my polishes.

  2. booo for wonky brushes! i hate when i get those :@ but the bottle is so pretty & the shimmer is awesomeness that im sure you don't mind it that much :)

  3. shoot i pushed "post comment" too soon HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA i wanted to add that it looks really pretty on you! :$

  4. uf ja sam tako zbog nalazenja netaknute kolekcije pala na rumenilo, skoro i na ovaj lak, ali pretpostavih da ce bit lagano proziran pa sam odustala od njega

  5. ♥ it...beautiful shimmers in it!

  6. Wow this is such a gorgeous colour! I love the pretty sparkles in it =)
    Man I really need more peach polish in my life!

  7. Pretty shade, pretty packaging!

  8. I don't really care for nude like colors but I really like this color! I can only get the mini Essence here, the full sized ones with all the colors I want aren't available here :(

  9. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. :) Great to hear that you're liking this color too. <3

    @Maria: :r Your commed made me laugh Maria. :D Wonky brushes are really annoying but easy to fix, at least something. It just doesn't feel great when you open a bottle and see that brush. :@ Thanks for leaving a comment. :k

    @Lendoxia: :D Malo i jeste proziran ali je predivan. <3

    @Sara ♥'s ...: Definitely! I don't own a lot of them but these I got I just love them. :P I usually use them when my nails are short. xD

    @Marketta at Pink Polish Addict: Unfortunately Essence discontinued all the big bottles. :/ So we don't have anymore neither, except what we get in these Trend Editions. If you'll need anything, let me know and I'll do my best to find them for you. :)

  10. It looks beautiful on your nails!
    I was thinking about buying it, but I saw that most bloggers used three coats and had visible nail line so I gave up.
    But it's great if you have time and nerves to paint three coats!

  11. nije loša bojica, a ni tri sloja nisu prestrašna ;)

  12. I must say it looks nicer on you than on me...:P I love the cap details, too, but boooo to wonky brushes!

  13. love that colour, so natural!!

  14. Wow, what a lovely color!
    I really like this sorts of colors :-)

  15. @Stickers: You should buy it too! It's so pretty. <3 I actually don't mind adding 3 coats because I'm spoiled with fast drying top coats. Now even 5 coats aren't a problem anymore. :$

    @nail crazy: Slažem se! 8)

    @maisenzasmalto: Yap, boooo! :@ Thanks but I must say, it doesn't look bad on you too!

    @Sania Cuk: Agree, perfect for calm but fun manicures. :)

    @Sandra: Ty! :)

    @moonchild: Se strinjam! :) Sem kar zadovoljna, da sem ga odnesla s polnega stojala. :i

    @Shirley's Nail Art: Me too! Sometimes you just have to wear more calm colors like this one. :)


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