Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Depend #34

I'd like to start this post with saying Thanks to everyone who took a second and voted for me in BM's contest! I'm so happy to announce that I made it to Top 50! I couldn't believe my eyes, when I read some tweets when I woke up. I'm so happy and I wouldn't make it without you! :h
Now it's time for judging. :) They'll pick 25 winners, who'll get their new BM set. Competition is hard so I'm not expecting anything but I'm so happy I'm in Top50! :mj

I have to share this super bright neon pink with you!I went to my local drugstore DM few days ago to buy some polish, because I had a discount coupon. Sunny weather screams bright neon colors and because I really need more pink neons in my life, I decided to see if we have any. Of course, there wasn't a lot to choose from, I actually only spotted this one.. We have some of the Depend polishes for some time now and because I still didn't buy any, I decided to try this one out.

Depend #34 is a bright neon pink. I added 2 coats and even without TC it's shiny and not matte as neons usually are, but I added TC to make this polish last longer on me.

My phone refuses to take color accurate picture, so my swatches aren't real. I'm wondering why the bottle is color accurate but my nails aren't. :D You can see the difference between nails and the bottle I'm holding, so just imagine it pink as the bottle is.
Nail Tek Foundation II
Depend - #34 / 2 coats
Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II

I love bright colors so I'm loving this one so much! <3 I'll definitely buy a back up, cause Depend bottles contains only 5ml and I'm sure I'll wear this color more often!

What's your favorite neon? I definitely need more of them in my life so give me suggestions of your favorites! :L

Ivana :k

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  1. I am coo-coo about these kind of shades!

  2. I don't understand why GERMAN dm doesn't carry this line...it should be same dm as ours here, right?
    Anyway pretty shade, and now I feel I need some neons for myself, too! :O

  3. Your nails look so hawt! :L

  4. Zdi se mi, da je neonske lake kar težko poslikati. Zadnjič sem preizkušala njihovega 35 in tudi nisem mogla dobiti realne barve.

  5. Congrats on the Top 50!! It's well deserved :) And I'm looovin the neons this season too!

  6. such a great summer shade :) love it

  7. tudi meni je eden izmed najbolših za poletje! in lepi nohtki kot vedno :)

  8. Gorgeous!!!!
    Congrats on the BM top 50!
    I think neons are just camera shy! ;)
    Love this shade on you! My favourite neon is CG Flip Flop Fantasy! But I bet you would also love CG Surfin' For Boys! A redish neon ;)

  9. So pretty! Congrats on the top 50!!
    This is a gorgeous shade on you :)

  10. Hud je! In čestitke za uvrstitev med 50 :D

  11. divna je boja <3 i tako sam ljubomorna na vas sto ste dobili depend, nadam se da ce ili doc kod nas ili da cu ja napokon opet malo do ljubljane pa poharat vase dmove

  12. It's so bright, I love how it looks.

  13. Such a slashback: I had exactly this polish some years ago, but it finished (!!). I love it on your nails, too! :)

  14. Divan je, obozavam ovakve boje. :)

  15. I love pink neons too, but to catch real color is mission impossible :D

  16. mrzim lakove u malim bočicama, ja bih to zakonom zabranila, pa to se prebrzo potroši a još ako ti se sviđa... :-P
    čestitam na ulazu u top 50, nisam tamo niti pogledala sve manikure, odustala sam kad sam vidila koliko ih ima :-D

  17. Odlicno za nokte.
    Posjetite i http://www.ponosna.in

  18. Such a summery color, I love it! Congrats on the top 50 :)


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