Tuesday, May 8, 2012

KandNail Stamping Plates CK-03 & CK-04 Review

Weeks ago I got two image plates from Born Pretty Store. I was so excited these. I got 2 KandNails stamping plates ~ CK-03 and CK-04.

When I got them, I saw lots of designs from Bundle Monster's first set and also few from Konad. Everything looks fine, just the patterns are really SMALL, lots of them are even smaller than on BM's 1st set. :/ Here's a comparison I did ~ Konad's vs. BM's 1st set. Some of the patterns are same on the both image plates. They came secured with a blue thin blue film.

Here's a comparison with BM-223 from BM's 2nd set, Konad m64 and an image plate I got from BPS m57,which is supposed to be Konad's dupe but the patterns are smaller, and KandNail CK-04.

So if you don't have really small nails, you'll have to stamp twice or even more to cover your whole nail. :)

Because I was lazy lately, I didn't have patience to stamp all my nails so many times, so I decided to try them out but as an accent nails. First pattern I used was a cheetah pattern from CK-03 over How About a Tumble with Wet n Wild - Black Créme. I had to stamp twice my ring finger and tree times my thumb to cover the whole nail. The pattern transfered to the stamper really great so I didn't have any problems with this plate.
 OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
Ring finger and Thumb: CK-03 & Wet n Wild - Black Créme
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dr

Last time I decided to try more patterns so I stamped an old manicure, which I still need to show you. All the patterns are from CK-03. Where I stamped the whole nail, I had to stamp twice. I stamped my ring and index finger once, creating some kind of french tip.

Nail Tek - Foundation 2
Depend - #34 / 2 coats
CK-03 & Wet n Wild - Black Créme
Nail Tek - Intensive Therapy 2

The reason I only used CK-03 is that I had some problems with CK-04. Almost all patterns I tried didn't transfer to the stamper well or at all. I think this plate I got isn't well engraved, because I saw a review of this plate where all patterns transferred really great.

I still think these are great plates for accent nails, french tips or someone with really small nails or someone who wants to experiment with stamping. My nails aren't so small, so stamping twice or even more is really time consuming for me, because it's much easier to stamp only once and you're done very fast. You get 42 patterns on each plate and they're not expensive ($8.53), so this is quite a nice deal. If you're having troubles with transferring the patterns, I'd suggest you to contact BPS and let them know about that and maybe you'll get a replacement.

I hope someone will find this review helpful! :$
Do you own any of these KandNail stamping plates? What do you think about them? Are you patient enough to stamp twice or even more? :D

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Thanks for reading dear readers and followers and have a lovely day!

Ivana :k 

*Some of the products in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

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  1. nije loše, šteta što su tako mali uzorci... meni bi bili dobri, imam male noktiće ;-D
    šteta za ovu drugu ploču :-(

    1. Ja opet mislim, da nemaš toliko male nokte :D Ako su ti uzorci iz prvog seta BM preveliki, e onda bi ti bili ovi taman. :P

      Da, baš šteta. :/

  2. I also have CK-04 but mine works great! I also have to stamp twice but I don't mind to put some extra time in my manicures. Have you contacted BPS about the bad plate?

    1. Yap, they work just fine if you have patience to stamp twice. :) Yap, I sent them e-mail today, will let you know what they say.

  3. thank you for the honesty!... i got some bad plates from bornpretystore too and i thought it was just me because everybody were writing up on them so glad they bought them and about the great quality and so on.... looks like it`s not that great quality at all!

    1. You're very welcome ana maria! :) I have a few plates from BPS and all work great so this is the first plate I had problems with. I'd suggest you to contacts their costumer service, which is really great btw, and ask for a replamecent. You didn't pay for bad plates so you deserve great plates for your money! Let me know if you did and what did they say. Thanks for reading! :$

  4. e ako ista mrzim onda su to premali uzorci, jednostavno ne znam kako namjestit uzorak dovoljno dobro da se onda to lijepo poklopi

    1. Pa neki uzorci su laki po tom pitanju, a neki nikako... Da imam vremena svaki put štambiljati po par sati, onda bi se i više igrala sa njima, a tako nema boljeg kad si brzo gotov. :D

  5. I love the stamp over the holo!

  6. Šteta za ovu drugu ploćicu...I ja imam jednu takvu,nikako ne mogu prenijeti uzorak cijeli....


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