Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cute phone cases, studs and glitter from BPS

So I have been so uninspired lately and I'm not really wearing anything special on my nails. I got some goodies from Born Pretty Store for review and this will probably be the lamest review but here we go. :i

There was a misunderstanding and I got wrong phone cases I wanted to try out. I got 2 cute Iphone 4/4s cases which obviously don't fit on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I was a bit sad because I was excited about these but okay I'm getting the right ones next time and I already found a new home for them, just need to ship them out.

I really like the bow case because it's so cute and I loove cute stuff! :i Dots looks cute too and both phone cases feel really sturdy.

Then I got some studs. Studs are really everywhere so if you want to be in trend, be sure you check their studs. I got rounded gold studs, maybe a bit too big for my taste but what I really love about them that they are pretty flat and I love flat stuff for nails. Here I took a picture of the neon pink ones I already showed you here so you can see that these are bigger.

I was lacking of inspiration so I just made an accent nail with them...Pretty boring I know! :D
 Gradient: Essence - Very Berry & Essence - Meet me now

Last but not least I got the loose deltoid shaped glitter in iridescent pink which I used on my Halloween manicure. It looks pink in the pot but over black became orange to green but I'll have to use it over different colors. I applied a coat of black polish and put my nail into the pot so the glitter has stuck on my nail. Applied a layer of top coat to get a smooth surface and that's it! 

Close up, full mani here.

I'm sorry for this really bad review. :$ I know you can't really help yourself but I would recommend the studs and the cases, not really a fan of this deltoid shaped glitter, because it's pretty small so you can't really place them on one by one, I'm just too lazy for that. :-D I'm more a hexagonal glitter fan in every possible color, yes please!!!! 

Don't forget to use code J10X31 to get 10% off on your order. ;)

Oh and thanks for all the votes for my Halloween manicure I posted in my last post. I didn't make it to the top 13 but I was happy to at least try!  :D Now please help me bring my inspiration back and tell me what would you love to see here. :)

Ivana :k

*Some of the products in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bloody Manicure for Halloween

It feels like I didn't update my blog for ageees but I just didn't have time or inspiraton so I took a break. Of course I was painting my nails and if you follow me on Instagram - ivanathinkspink - you already saw all the manicures I'll post in the near future. 

Bundle Monster is having a Halloween contest and I really wanted to join but the final outcome wasn't so awesome as I thought it will be. I didn't have time to recreate it so today I submitted my entry. Here it is... Idea on my ring finger was something I was expecting to be much better as it is... I wanted to look like I have a zipper on my nail and it's all bloody when you open it. :D

 "Blood" and stitches were made with PS. I just had to play with photo a bit more to make it more interesting. :D
Pinkie: Gradient with Essence - Back to the 50s & Manhattan - 1010n 
Ring finger: Essence Cafe Olé, BM-202, Essence - Back to the 50s and BPS black stamping polish
Middle finger: Gradient with Essence - Back to the 50s and Manhattan, BM-223 and BPS black stamping polish
Index: Manhattan 1010n and BPS glitter
Thumb: Essence Cafe Olé & Essence - Back to the 50s, dotting tool

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Let me know if you like it! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading!

Ivana :k