Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Essence Metal Glam Gold Topper

Let's try this blogger app on my iphone. :P

I just have to publish this asap! I saw gold toppers floating around but since I'm not spending for polish as much as before, I didn't want to splurge for a top coat with real gold flakes. Until today, but it was cheap as possible - 2,19€ at Drogerie Markt. :)

Essence came out with a Metal glam collection and one of the polish is this gold topper! In stores now! At least here in Slovenia. 

Top to bottom
Orly - Pure Porcelain
Orly - Fancy Fuchsia
China Glaze - Traffic Jam
Essence - Chuck

Let me know if you already got it and how do you like it! I love it and I definitely need a back up. Hands down Essence, you finally came up with something I love. :)

Ivana :k

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Smiley Nail Polish Strips

Few weeks ago I got a package from OMG nail strips to try their nail strips. I already tried out some of the nail strips on the market, so I got really excited to test them out. :)

I picked 2 patterns and here's the first one - Smiley Nail Polish Strips. :L

Application was super easy, I only had difficulties to find the right size for my nails but after one hand, even that wasn't a problem. I applied them on clean nails, I filed the excess down and added a coat of top coat to seal them on. Cute nails that made me smile all the time. :)

I applied them on Sunday and after 5 days there was a tiny tip wear but all in all they still looked wearable. I love that they don't start lifting and they look like I have polish on.
I recommend these especially if you want something special on your nails. Not just a plain color but something fun - a nice variety of patterns on their site. I'm really happy that I got a chance to test them out and I can't wait to put my 2nd set on but I'm saving them for special occasions.

Let me know if you already try them out. :) 

Ivana :k

*Products in this post were sent to me by OMG Nail strips & stickers! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres #1 kit Review

Let's talk about hair today, shall we? :P

I fell in love with Ombre hair some time ago and I always wanted to try it on my hair too. Scared of dead ends and refusing to dye my hair again - it didn't happened. :P But one day I just knew I had to try it when these kits were available everywhere around me. So I gave it a try. Bought L'oreal Wild Ombres set at DM for around 7€. I choose shade #1 for the dark brown hair, but there're 2 shades more for light hair. My ends were darker before because I used to color my hair in black and chocolate brown. I didn't want to go too light because I think I look better with darker colors and I was scared to get that ugly brassy blond on my ends. :) 

The first thing I liked about this kit is that's so easy to use. Love the brush that comes with this set, because it just makes everything easier. I still have it in case I wanted to go ombre again and then I won't have to buy this kit again, just the bleach. :) I left the bleach working for around half an hour on my hair, then I rinsed it off. I was too scared to leave it for 15 more minutes but for a better effect I should. Or I should repeat the process again, because there's so much color left but my friend wanted ombre too so I dyed her hair. So we both have ombre hair. :P

Right after I dyed my hair.

It's subtle just the way I like it and if I'm honest, it shows better on pictures than in real life. :$ The thing I don't like is that it killed my ends. My hair was long and healthy, of course you could find split ends but they were never so dry and damaged. My hair routine was really simple (I used to use only shampoo) but I had to change it. It was impossible to deal with all the knots and mess (even with my tangle teezer) so conditioner solved the brushing a bit. And last week I decided to trim them away again and my hair is shorter for almost 10 cm and this is the second time I trimmed my hair, last time I think I cut off around 5 cm. 

So all in all, I love this kit - easy to use, brush is great and it makes a lovely ombre effect but I'm hating the fact it killed my ends. Or maybe my hair was already damaged and bleach just made them even worse. I might repurchase it again, since I love ombre effect and would love to have a slightly lighter hair but we'll see,  I don't know! :D If you want to try ombre, the easiest and one of the cheapest ways is probably with this set (it's worth to buy it for the first time to get a brush). :) But without any damaged hair, hair dresser is the best solution. :) Maybe it'll work for you.

Here's the before:

Did you try it out? Let me know if you would like to know anything about my hair, so I can blog more about it. :i

Ivana :k 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Rainbow nails

Some time ago I fell in love with rainbow nails. I wanted to try them out but somehow I didn't have patience to do them. So one day, when I was really really bored, I knew I had to give them a try. :P

It's all about gradient and with a perfect color combination you can make amazing rainbow nails. I wish I had a collection of neons, because you know how much I adore neons and rainbow neon manicure sounds awesome! :L

This is how my nails looked like more than a week. :$ 

Pinky: China Glaze - Spontaneous & Essence - Fall for me
Ring: Essence - Fall for me & China Glaze - For Audrey
Middle: China Glaze - For Audrey & Essence - Sunny Side Up
Index: Essence - Sunny side up & China Glaze - Peachy Keen
Thumb: China Glaze - Peachy Keen &; Essence - Very Berry 
Essence - Better than gel nails Top Sealer Fast Dry 

"Stop posing Ivana, scratch me!" xD

Did you ever try rainbow nails? :i

Ivana :k

Monday, July 29, 2013

Connect the dots with Shocking pink

Hot Monday and I'm ready to post something here. :)

The biggest problem I have now is that I'm wearing just simple manicures all the times - mostly neon pink on my nails. I didn't stamp my nails for ages, only layering here and then. 

Few weeks ago I spent a week at aunt's place in Croatia. I was bored so I decided  to try a combo I had in my head for ages. Shocking Pink by China Glaze topped with black and white glitter Connect the dots from Lynnderella. I was absolutely happy with the final result. Enough talking, here are the pics. :i

Lately I'm sporting nubs all the time since I can't grow them out. They're weak and they're peeling all the time so I'm rather having nubs at the moment. 

Essence - Protecting Base coat 
Lynnderella - Connect the Dots / 1 coat
Essence - Better than gel nails Top Sealer Fast Dry 

My pics aren't best because neons are really hard to capture on photos but at least I tried. :$ 

What do you think? 

Ivana :k 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY project: Marc Jacobs inspired DOTTED JEANS

Long time no speak, ha? :D I should come back with a manicure but I'm so inspired with this DIY project that I just have to post it asap. :$ More nails to come for sure, but I'm thinking to write more about everything I like at the moment... :)

So, dotted jeans. Something I wanted so bad but couldn't find a pair for myself. Marc Jacobs - too expensive. :( Zara - they're perfect but after trying them on - not really flattering on my body shape. So, I had an idea of making my own pair of dotted jeans.

More after a click. :)

All you need is on the picture below.

1. Pair of jeans (Bershka, 19,99€ on sale)
2. Paper
3. White Fabric Paint (Rayher Ljubljana, 2,79€)
4. 1,6 cm Circle Punch (Rayher Ljubljana, 3,29€)
5. White labels
6. Sponges
7. Chalk

I decided to make a polka dot pattern on A4 piece of paper. All dots are 7 cm apart but you can do it as you like it. :)

Then the drawing begin. Just make dots with chalk. When you're done, you can also place dots made from paper on jeans so you can see the final result. :i

Start painting. :D Don't forget to read the instruction of a fabric paint you're using. I just had to leave my jeans 24-48 hours to dry. 

Picture I made with my baby for instagram (I update there all the time so follow me if you don't - IvanaThinksPink). 

Let me know if you're going to try it! Are you a fan of dotted jeans? :)

Ivana :k

Saturday, April 6, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Pack

Few days ago I got a cute package from a Slovenian online store. They surprised me with a mini pack of OPI Mariah Carey's liquid sand collection. I'm seeing this trend everywhere at the moment and I couldn't wait to test them out. Since I got a mini pack and didn't want to just swatch them, I decided to go with skittles. :P I added 2 coats of each and I was surprised with a gritty effect but I just love it! :L It truly looks like a sand on your nails, perfect! Which one is your fave?

V sredo me je v dobro voljo spravil paketek iz spletne trgovine Za Piko na i. :i Dobila sem priložnost preizkusiti mini set OPI lakov iz kolekcije Mariah Carey. V paketu je bil tudi OPI koledar, ki sem se ga res razveselila in že krasi  mojo sobo. :L 

Liquid sand tekstura je nekaj novega pri OPI-ju in seveda vseh drugih znamkah, ki sledijo tem trendu. V kolekciji Mariah Carey so štirje taki odtenki. Ker nimam 10 rok, kjer bi lahko preizkusila vse lake naenkrat, sem se odločila za skittlse in tako ubila 4 muhe na en mah. :P

Stay the Night - The impossible - Can't let go - Get your number

Posušijo se v strukturiran mat finiš, kar jih naredi posebne - kot pesek na nohtih. :L

Z nanosom nisem imela nobenih težav. Po prvem sloju so sicer malo bolj prozorni ampak z debelejšim drugim slojem sem dosegla popolno prekrivnost. Izognila sem se nadlaku, ker bi potem izničila ta mat efekt, ampak tudi to bom morala poskusiti v naslednjih dneh. :L Naj omenim še, da so v živo še lepši, saj mi nikakor ni uspelo ujeti bleščečih drobcev, ki so v živo zelo opazni. :$

Hecno - včasih me je ta grobi občutek pri nekaterih glitter lakih zelo motil, zato sem vedno dodala najmanj 2 sloja nadlaka. :D  Ampak po pliš nohtih, ki jih obožujem, sem vzljubila tudi ta efekt. :$

Več OPI lakov, ki jih lahko kupite na Za piko na i, lahko najdete tukaj.

Kateri je vaš najljubši?

P. S.: Huh, napisati objavo v slovenščini je bilo težje kot sem pričakovala. :$ 

Thanks for reading!

Ivana :k

*Products in this post were sent to me by Za piko na i! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

NOTW 3 ~ Gold Glitter Gradient

Jeeez, times fly by way too fast as I would want to. :( Missed me? :$

Quick manicure for today just to say hi! :)

You can't go wrong with a perfect blue like Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen is. :L Just to make it a bit more fun, I added some gold glitter and to match it a bit better, I added some blue glequins from Born Pretty Store.

Nail Tek - Foundation II
Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue / 2 coats
Sponging: Essence - Make it Golden
Blue Glequins 
Essence Better than gel nails Top Sealer

 Totally color inaccurate photo but I love how it looks like. :L

I got a pack of glequins from Born Pretty Store. 12 little containers with 12 different colors - I think I have a supply for life. :D The glequins I decided to add...

Don't forget to use code J10X31 to get 10% off on your order. ;)

Ivana :k

*Products in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

NOTW #2 ~ Purple Glitter Gradient and Foil

Here's another Nails of the week post. :i I wore this manicure for a whole week because I loved it. I don't know why but I'm in love with glitter gradients lately and yes, I'm wearing one at the moment too. :$ They're easy to make but they look so stunning.

I decided to dig out the foil from Essence I already tried once for this cute manicure, as an accent nail. :D
 Nail Tek - Foundation II
Color Club - Vintage Couture / 2 coats
Sponging: Orly - Bubbly Bombshell & OPI - Servin' up Sparkle
Ring finger: Essence - Style me Love / 1 coat & Transfer foil set in Style me Pretty
Essence Better than gel nails Top Sealer
 Let me know how do you like it. :i

Ivana :k

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hot Pink Velvet Nails

I'm so excited about this trend so I had to make a blog post right away! :) Yes, velvet/fuzzy nails or whatever you want to call it... :L :L


Last week I got a package from Born Pretty Store and I couldn't wait to try this neon pink flocking powder. The container is huge, I expected it to be smaller but at least I won't run out of it anytime soon. :D

5 easy steps you need to follow to do fuzzy nails:
1st step (optional): Apply base coat.
2nd step: Apply similar base color.
3rd step: Sprinkle flocking powder on your nail when the polish is still wet.
4th step: Dab the powder gently with your finger.
5st step: Sweep away the excess with a brz.
D-o-n-e!! :i

I got tweezers, flocking powder in the the shade Hot Pink and that little brush, which I don't recommend, because it sheds like crazy. Use a fluffy brush you don't need, or those fan brushes you get in a nail art brush set. :) I used this brush but all the bristles ended in the flocking powder so I couldn't put it back to use it later. I really don't want them on my nails next time. xD

I wish you could touch them!! :D So funny!

 Nail Tek Foundation II
Neon Pink Flocking Powder

FYI: This powder is neon pink and not so orange as it shows on my pictures. :) 

It's So Fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Don't forget to use code J10X31 to get 10% off on your order. ;)

Ivana :k

*Products in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

NOTW #1 ~ Glitter Half Moons

It's time for another post, right? :)

I've been still pretty busy but I'll try to update my blog more often. I feel quilty when I see a number of followers but at the same time I just love to be lazy when I can and do nothing. Seriously, I'm so lazy you can't even imagine. xD

This manicure I wore last week. Simple but elegant! I used loose glitter for half moons I got from BPS, which I used for framed nails. Pretty simple to make one, all you need is patience to place the glitters. 

Nail Tek Foundation II
Essence - Rosewood Hood / 2 coats
 Essence Better than gel nails Top Sealer

I think I even find the perfect nude for my skintone. It's from Wild Craft LE I randomly picked, but I absolutely love how it looks on my nails!
 What do you think?

Ivana :k

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beach Cruiser Make it Golden for 2O13

2O13 is here, can you believe that? :o I can't, time flies by way to fast as I'd want to. I had b-day on 28th December and I'm 24 now. Not that I feel old but...

...and that's who I am.
But what can we do. :i At least I got some pretty awesome gifts. :party

I didn't have to think twice what to wear for B-day. :L It was all about neon pink this year and I really started to love gold lately so here is a winning combination I'm still wearing. :)
OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
Orly - Beach Cruiser / 2 coats
Sponging: Essence - Make it Golden
Essence Better than gel nails Top Sealer

What do you think? :)
...and that's who I am.
Hope you are too! Healthy, happy and full of love 2O13! :h

Ivana :k