Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hot Pink Velvet Nails

I'm so excited about this trend so I had to make a blog post right away! :) Yes, velvet/fuzzy nails or whatever you want to call it... :L :L


Last week I got a package from Born Pretty Store and I couldn't wait to try this neon pink flocking powder. The container is huge, I expected it to be smaller but at least I won't run out of it anytime soon. :D

5 easy steps you need to follow to do fuzzy nails:
1st step (optional): Apply base coat.
2nd step: Apply similar base color.
3rd step: Sprinkle flocking powder on your nail when the polish is still wet.
4th step: Dab the powder gently with your finger.
5st step: Sweep away the excess with a brz.
D-o-n-e!! :i

I got tweezers, flocking powder in the the shade Hot Pink and that little brush, which I don't recommend, because it sheds like crazy. Use a fluffy brush you don't need, or those fan brushes you get in a nail art brush set. :) I used this brush but all the bristles ended in the flocking powder so I couldn't put it back to use it later. I really don't want them on my nails next time. xD

I wish you could touch them!! :D So funny!

 Nail Tek Foundation II
Neon Pink Flocking Powder

FYI: This powder is neon pink and not so orange as it shows on my pictures. :) 

It's So Fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Don't forget to use code J10X31 to get 10% off on your order. ;)

Ivana :k

*Products in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

19 Comment(s):

  1. So cute! Haven't tried flocked nails myself.

    Also love the Agnes gif!

  2. Hahahah SO FLUFFY! :D Jao ne mogu ni da zamislim kakav je osećaj imati takav manikir. Moraću da probam!

  3. tale gif je priceless <3 pa lepi nohtki! :)

  4. Haha! It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! I love that movie!

  5. ful dobro pride <3 komaj čakam da sprobam to :)

  6. waaa its so fluffy :) hahaha ta risanka je zakon:) hehehe

  7. ajde da je i tebe nesto toliko ushitilo da odma krenes pisat post :D svidjaju mi se mekani nokti :)

  8. That is awesome! It's the perfect pink!

  9. what a great look, and I love the color of this matches your skin tone...

  10. Super zgleda :) pa še lepa barva

  11. obožavam... a od tebe nisam ni očekivala neku drugu boju ;)

  12. Sooo cute!
    GIVEAWAY on my blog!

  13. Looks great on your nails :)
    Please tell me how long will the manicure last before chipping if you will wear it for some time, thank you!

    p.s. you can enter giveaway on my blog

    1. Hi illy!
      I wore it for 5 days and I didn't experience any chipping. Just the surface wasn't smooth as it was freshly made and it was dirty a bit but it still looked nice. :) So it's quite long lasting but it's the most beautiful the first day you made it. :L

  14. These are gorgeous! I love that color of pink!

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