Thursday, June 2, 2011

Essence TE NAILS in style Preview

Essence is going crazy with new limited editions. :) Next 3 months will be crazy, I have to save some money so I can buy all I want (even some MU). If we ever get this stuff of course. :)

First one I'm showing you today is NAILS in style, which will be available in July 2011.Take a look:

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A collection full of nail thingies. :i

Nail Polish
"following in the tracks of the summer… four exciting, shimmering nail polishes put a touch of summer on your hands and feet. whether you select a petrol color reminiscent of lampions from a garden party, turquoise blue and holographic shades like the depths of the sea, fruity berry colors like the fruits of the summer or silver like the early-morning horizon – with these polishes, you can set fascinating accents to go with your mood. available in 01 style for summer nights, 02 style me holo, 03 style me love and 04 style-ish baby!"

Holographic? Yeah right, like all "holographics" till now, right? Why they don't just use the word duochrome?  Sooo annoying. xo

I'm most interested in nail foils... It's really hard to get any nail foils (read: can't get at all) here so these will be perfect for trying them out, of course I want the pink one. But let's just wait the swatches... Sometimes things aren't that great like they look like. :)

Ivana :k

9 Comment(s):

  1. The nailfile looks interesting :)

  2. Oh I love Essence, I hope this all becomes available here in the Netherlands!

  3. i ja jedva cekam folije :)

  4. rašpica je super!
    a i setići su slatki. sad još to treba vidjet u živo!

  5. The pink polish does look like it might be a subtle holo, but I'm with youon the entire "essence holo" matter, LOL. Duochrome sells just as good :)

  6. So cool!
    I can't wait to see this!

  7. ajmeeeeee, no mogu vjerovat da ubacuju transferne folije *.*

  8. OMG essence is coming out with foils!!! I love essence I hope they release this collection in the US!

  9. Oh the nail transfer foil sets seem cool! I've got to keep an eye on that! ;D


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