Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orly - Bubbly Bombshell

Hey there! :k How are you all doing? :) 
I just started being sleepy because few minutes ago I was still full of energy. I didn't sleep much in these 2 days, I had two exams in a row and that never work for me... It's quite hard to study when you're sleepy, I drank some energy drinks and my tummy was hurting, I's shaking from inside this morning... No more energy drinks for me. I really love their taste but... No thanks. :D Anyway, today was such a bad day, I had a bad feeling about my exam but then my professor told me that I've oral exam next week so there's still a chance. This is my first oral exam on this faculty and I'm already nervous but at least I have a whole week to prepare myself even better. :) Now I'll take few days off and then again...
When I arrived to capital today, my feet were hurting, I got a blister on one of my foot because of sneakers, which I'm wearing like 2 years and I never have problems with them. :D But something was wrong with my pinkie on my left foot. My nail was obviously too long so it cut my finger and there was a loooot of blood. When I saw my socks, I thought that I lost my finger. xo But that didn't stop me from some shopping, I didn't buy polishes at all, I went to pick some flip flops (but I didn't find any I'd like) so I picked 2 pairs of ballerinas and cardigan. I'm going back tommorow to spoil myself just a little more. :D 
 Enough or talking... Probably no one doesn't read this anyway. :i

If you follow me on Twitter, you already saw this beauty, which I've for few days now on my nails now. :D I's posting picture of my weekly manicures there almost all the time. :)
Bubbly Bombshell is another beauty I got in swap with blondie711. :L I still didn't took pics of all polish I got but I'll do that probably these days. :$ This one is from Orly's Pin Up collection. It's such a stunning magenta two size glitter in clear base. I added 3 thin coats and a layer of TC. Look at this stunner. :L

I took a blurry picture to show you how this beauty sparkles! And of course it's sparkling even more in RL. :)

Sun - Blurry

If you're wondering if Petunia Sparkle from Nubar it's dupe - I'd say that color is almost same, but the main difference between them is Orly's two sized glitter as you can see on the picture below. :) This is how Bubbly Bombshell looks with one coat.

1 coat
It's the fifth day I've it on my nails and it would still look without chips if I hadn't take my sneakers off and back on so many times today while trying so many shorts and I'd to use my fingers. :D

I hope you like it so much as I love it! :L Another fave for sure! :) Do you picked any colors from Pin Up collection?

P. S.: Can you see how many smileys I'm using totally unconsciously. :i

Take care,
Ivana :k

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  1. eh, šta ti je studentski život ;-)
    lak je krasan, ali... bojim se da ne oslijepiš zbog njega na suncu :-p

  2. Aww bless you! I'm sure you did well in your exams and I know your gonna do great in the one you'v got coming up! =]
    And damn that must have hurt?! Ouch =S
    WOW that polish looks stunning on your nails! =D

  3. Take are of your finger honey!
    The nail polish looks great on you, your nails are so pretty.
    Good luck on your next test!

  4. you make me want everything you post! haha

  5. perfect <3 <3 <3 če se ga kdaj naveličaš se priporočam ;)

  6. kako je lep :L nohtke pa imaš že ful dolge, I like :)

  7. Joj Ivana kok imaš lepe nohte :L Itak pride vsak na WL, ko ga na tvojih nohtih vidim, GROZA :~

  8. @nail crazy: Super je, ali zna biti i malo previše stresan ponekad. :| I ne brini, još vidim. :P

    @Sara ♥'s ...: I got results today and I passed one! :e I'm waiting for results for another one. :) It hurt soooo much, I almost didn't want to walk anymore. But when I put some tissues it's better so I get home in one piece. :P Thank you for your comment! :k

    @Carolina: I'll! It's better now and thank you so much! :k

    @rebecca: Yeah. :h So, what are you waiting for? :P

    @.sparkle*: Velja, čeprav ne vem, če je to možno. :P

    @Tinna: Jaaa, da potrkam. :) Jih zdaj še bolj pazim. :D

    @With love, Ana.: Ja hvala enako!!! :)

    @Nina: U pravu si. :L

  9. Does this shade come in package with sunglasses? :D Keeping my fingers crossed for the other exam.

  10. @Gejba: :O It should! :r Thank you! :h


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