Monday, June 20, 2011

~* Happy Birthday *~

I can't believe it's one year since I start my blog. :o That's quick though. When I look back - I don't like anything - shape of my nails, pictures, nothing. :) At least I improved my photo skills till today and I'm still improving them. I hope I'll get one decent camera soon. :i
Anyway, 1 year - 110.365 views & 617 followers. All I can say is THANK YOU! Every comment I get makes my day and when I see that new follower joined my blog - it means me a lot. :h
From time to time someone unfollow me, it feels strange, I always think what did I do wrong but hey, I can't be interesting for everyone. :P That's why I'd like to thank all you girls who're staying with me. :)
Joining the blogsphere change my life a bit - of course the number of my nail polishes increased a lot... But I meet so many kind people, who are so friendly, kind and nice to me from all over the world. :) 
~*Happy Birthday*~ :party

I didn't make a happy birthday manicure but I've a surprise for you, I'll keep it simple, more after a click. :party
As you can probably see, I joined the Sigma Affiliate program and they're sponsoring this giveaway I have prepared for you. You can win Sigma Miss Taylor Flat Top Retractable Kabuki. I'm waiting for mine to arrive but because of my blogoversary I decided to lunch this giveaway today. :)

"Get some Hollywood Glamour! The Sigma Makeup retractable flat top kabuki is the easiest way to apply powder products such as blush, bronzer, foundation, and highlighter on-the-go. Practical and classy, the Hollywood Glamour collection is a must! Featuring the SigMax fiber for high definition application."

Rules are simple:
1. You must be a public follower. Let me know your Google Friends connect nickname and your e-mail adress, so I can contact the winner. (1 entry)

No additional entries this time. Probably the ones who start following this blog just because of the prize then unfollow me when giveaway ends and I'm so "sad" when I saw the number instead of going up it's going down. :D And I want you to follow me because you like my blog, not the prize. :)

Giveaway is open till 11st July. Winner will be picked with Please leave your information in comments section. When giveaway'll be closed, I'll remove them so your e-mails won't be seen in the future. :)

And a biiiig thanks goes to Sigma who's sponsoring this awesome giveaway and when I pick the winner, the brush will be sent to him by Sigma.

That's it. :) In case you have Twitter you can find me here. :i I start loving twitter, it's so great to talk with some of you more personal then just answering on your comments. :h

I really can't wait to get this brush. :e I'm not so much into make up but lately I really want to start using more MU on me. I usually use just mascara and blush. :$ And going through Sigma website make me want so many new brushes. :D You can't start if you don't have great brushes, right? :P

Ivana :k