Saturday, June 18, 2011

KIKO - #255 Viola Microglitter

It's so nice to be back with posting almost every day and like I said, it's so hard to be away from my blog. :) But I'm taking advantage of my free days until I get to books again. :P I removed Bubbly Bombshell yesterday and that's was such a horrible removal which I ever experienced. I had glitter everywhere - on my face, arms, legs, hands, everywhere! I even found a piece of glitter on my mom's face today. :D I's using foil removal but it's still hard to remove it. :i
When I removed it, I have naked nails till midnight... I don't like painting my nails when it's hot, I hate bubbles on my nails, which I get mostly when the temperatures are hot. I's thinking what to use because I have so many beauties to try out but then I picked KIKO #255, which I got recently from one very lovely girl. KIKO cosmetics isn't available in Slovenia, so she bought me 2 from my WL in Italy. They're on sale now - 2,5€ for piece. Nice deal! :)

#255 Viola Microglitter (they don't have names written on bottles but I find them on their page) is a dark violet polish with a stunning holographic glitter. :L It's quite opaque, I think it'd need one thick coat for a full opacity but I added 2 thin. It dries not so shiny and gritty so I added a coat of TC and then it became alive even more!

It's so hard to capture its beauty with my phone, I did my best but believe me, it's even prettier in RL. :L

Sun - blurry
I told you it has holographic glitter, look at this rainbow! :rainbow

AMAZING! :i This is another polish worth having so if you have access to KIKO you should get it. :) What do you think, like it or not? 

Ivana :k

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  1. Such a pretty color! looks good on you too!

  2. gorgeous! i'm so glad you're posting again because i love all your polishes and photos.

    i looked at your valentine's day mani again today and decided i NEEDED orly lollipop. so i went to sally's and got it!! haha!

  3. This is adorable and goes to my wish list immediately.

  4. @Lydz: Ty. :)

    @rebecca: Awww thank you! :k You always made my day with a comment! :) And Lollipop is a great pick for sure, you won't be sorry. :P

    @Carolina: Ty! So bad we don't have Kiko cosmetics here. :(

  5. I absolutely want to buy this one asap!

  6. krasan... nema ga ni u hrvatskoj, naravno... bad kiko bad :-p

  7. You have a award in my blog

  8. I love Kiko polishes, and have a rather large stock of these. And this one is so gorgeous!!

  9. @Elsa P.: If you can get it, don't think twice! :)

    @Lendoxia: Slažem se. :)

    @nail crazy: Baaaad Kiko! :@

    @La loca de los esmaltes: Ty. :)

    @Une Ruxi à Paris: You lucky girl! :P

  10. WOW that is the prettiest polish ever! LOVE that glitter!

  11. Res je lep. Tole je edini izmed 3 kiko lakov, ki ga še nisem sprobala. Bo mogel kar hitro na nohte.

    So pa kiko laki res super, za tako nizko ceno(ko je akcija) =)))

    Za bleščice je pa res problem ko se odstranjujejo =). Ampak so pa tako lepe(ne morem verjet, da to rečem jaz, ki jih nikoli nisem marala), da so vredne vsakega napora =).


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