Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winner is...

Finally! I worked extra hard to check all entries till now. :D I had 358 valid entries! I love Excel so it wasn't hard to organise all the entries by color too. :D
Some tips: Be precisely when you're entering your GFC name, if you have/don't have a space in your name or dots and everything like this... Why? I usually copy the name you wrote down in form and search with browser's order to check if you're my follower. If you miss anything, names don't mach. But for all entries I didn't found for the first time, I checked one by one if I can find anything similar. :) I don't mind getting double entries just because I'm sure I've entered more than once in lots of giveaway just because I can't remember if I already fill the form. :D So, that's just fine.

I used to pick the winner. Enough talking, the winner of my 2nd tiny miny giveaway is #5:


Congrats sweety! :) I'll email you right now, you've one week to answer.

Thanks again to all who have entered my giveaway. :) I hope I'll made another giveaway in near future. :$

I read all your comments and they're so sweet. It really made me happy just to read it. Every compliment I got it makes me just feel great It feels so good, when you told me that you like my blog, my nails, my manicures... :h You're the reason I'm doing it! Someone asks me if I'm on FB - I'm not. :) If you have any question you would love to ask me, leave a comment down below and I'll try to answer in my next posts.

Thanks again! :h
Ivana :k

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