Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color Club - Fashion Addict

It was a sunny day yesterday, so I picked this holographic beauty. I couldn't capture holographic rainbow like Scrangie did here at all. I even didn't see any rainbow like that on the sun, with flash, really weird. :i

Fashion Addict light lilac holographic polish. You can get away with 1 coat, I added 2. You have to be a little careful with brush, because if you apply thick coat you can see brush strokes and that's not what we want to see on nails. :)
Picture spam. :D

I really like it and I'll definetely use it again when I'll need one quick manicure, its application is really easy :) From Color Club holographics my favorite is still definetely Wild at Heart. And yours?

That's all for today!
Ivana :k

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  1. I just got this one and Wild at Heart in my latest haul. Have yet to try either, but looking forward to it (sporting a St Patricks day mani at the moment!) Yep, looking at your pictures just make me that much happier I now have Fashion Addict!!

  2. Your nails have such an amazing shape, I keep admiring them when you post! This colour is really cute, a real spring holo :)

    My favourite - and only - Color club holo is Revvvolution. I want this one and Wild At Heart too :)

  3. Nokti su ti dugacki i lepi kao i lak.
    Lak mi se svidja kao i njegova boja ^.^

  4. I'm not sure, but it seems like there are two different kind of Fashion Addict out there.. I have one and it's a bit older and has that rainbow effect. But I've noticed that when you look at this or some other Color Club holos at Trans Design it says that in the description of the polish that it's not holographic (or something like that..). So I figured that there must be different qualities out there or something, though I'm not sure as I only have one. Anywho, this look really pretty!

  5. @Anonymous: Try WAH first, you won't be sorry. :P Tnx for your comment! :h

    @Jette Fromm: Aww thanks! :h I'm still not satisfied with my pointer. :D Revvvolution is also beautiful but since I don't like black on my nails, I don't need it. I hope you'll get WAG and this one soon! :)

    @Ixy99: Hvala. :)

    @Annie: Tnx Annie, I was assuming on that too, but since I haven't read anywere about this, I wasn't sure if there's another verison of FA. Bad news, now I want a real holo too. :( This one has holographic particles, but still I want a rainbow on my fingers. :P

    @Tinna: :h

  6. Gorgeous! The polish color, your application, and your nails. Jealous, sigh. :)

  7. What Annie says is correct, I've seen it happen before on other blogs too.. luckily it still is holo somewhat! Mine isn't all crazy holo either :(.

  8. Čudovit je, res škoda da ni take mavrice kot pri Scrangie. Ampak je kljub temu zelooo lep =)

  9. @Natalie: Please don't be jelous, I usually break my nail when someone say that. :D Thank you for your comment. :h

    @alluring_mum: Tnx. :) I really like it too!

    @nail crazy: Ma nemoj. :P

    @Deborah: I really don't know why are they doing that - and this is not for the first time - like MPJ from OPI (same thing) and they always discount holographic polishes (OPI DS Glamour, Exclusive, Divine, Signature,...). Why? I want holos! :D

    @colorfulbottle: Ma ja, če ni - ni. Bomo morali biti tudi s tem zadovoljni. :)


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