Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OPI - We'll Always Have Paris Suede

I prepared something else for today but since I fell in love with this polish today (again :$ ) I decided to show you this manicure first.
We'll Always Have Paris Suede was my first OPI which I bought for myself. My first bottle is thick, I still didn't add thinner like I was planning. :$ I'll probably use it for stamping, because I got a new bottle from Carolina in our latest swap. I was so happy! :h
I didn't know what to pick next for my manicure but when I saw Zoya Harlow at Joise's Nails I decided to pick a matte too, but since I don't own Harlow yet, I picked this Suede beauty. :L It's a shimmery rose color with really amazing shimmer.
You probably know that Suedes start chipping quite fast even if you don't do anything with your hands. It helps a lot  if you make a "sandwich" with BC (I'm using Essie - Fill the Gap at the moment). So, I did 1 coat of BC, WAHPS, BC and again one coat of WAHPS. And it works! I added just 2 coats on my thumb and it already chipped, all my other nails are still perfect. :e
I made so many pictures, because it was a perfect sunny day. :) I wish I added a TC too but I just enjoy wearing suede finish. And it feels so soft when you touch it. :$

Close up, blurry
This is definetely my favorite OPI I have! :L Application is maybe a little tricky like with all mattes/suede. It dries extremely fast so you have to work fast too but nothing that we can't handle. :D

I would also like to thank you to all my 458 followers. :party Do you remember how I wanted just one more to get 400 and now I have almost 460. :o THANK YOU! When I saw #441 I wanted to reach #444 and I did too! :D Hope you won't stop following me when my tiny miny giveaway ends. :D If you haven't entered yet and you would love to, there is just one day left - enter here.

Today is also an International woman's day and here is one little flower for all of you! :k :h :k
Nighty night,
Ivana :k

16 Comment(s):

  1. Ahh! I need this! The color is beautifullll. I've always loved the OPI Suede finishes but I still dont have any. I'm sure it looks amazinggg with a top coat!

  2. I don't have this one yet, will be on my next haul.
    Beautiful color!

  3. This polish is one of my first OPIs. <3

  4. Srecan svima 8. mart.
    Lak je prelep

  5. Čudovit opi<3. Suede finiš je pa res tak lep "mehek" na otip =).
    A bojo tud Top coat slikce? more bit res lep tud z nadlakom =)
    Tole tehniko s sendvićem bom pa tud js sprobala =)

  6. Tole izgleda čudovito! <3
    Sicer pa, če ti povem po pravici - na tebi so mi bili do sedaj všeč ČISTO VSI lakci. Perfektni nohtki, ni kaj! =)

  7. I ADORE this polish.. it's so pretty. And I actually love the matte formula, no drying time :) Great pics!

  8. You've got a lovely blog :) And this polish is really beautiful!
    Have a nice day ;)

  9. Such a great color! Glad the "sandwich" method works so well.

  10. I love this colour! It looks amazing on you :)

  11. Prekrasan je :L Je li matt ili samo izgleda tako na slikama?

  12. Wow! Is that pretty! I wish mattes actually stayed matte on the hand, I put on so much lotion throughout the day that it looses the "matte"..LOL :)

  13. Este esmalte é lindo...
    Eu amo essa cor!
    This polish is beautiful...
    I love this colour! :)

  14. @LacquerSmack: I hope you'll get any of them soon, they're just stunning and like you said - with TC looks amazing too! :L

    @Carolina: You won't be sorry. :)

    @Rachel Marie: Just like mine, I fell in love with this one at first sight. :)

    @Ixy99: Hvala. :)

    @colorfulbottle: :h Ja sem potem morala dodati še TC. Sendvič verzija deluje perfektno! :)

    @Kvacka: Awww, hvala. :$ Sem kar zafarbala. :)

    @Tinna: Preveč. :L

    @Mona: I totally agree with you. :)

    @Elsa P.: Thanks! :)

    @KarenD: It did! I still have it on my nails just because I love it so much! I couldn't remember who told me for this sandwhich method and when I read your comment I knew it was you, when I posted Savita pictures. :) Tnx. :h

    @Jette Fromm: Thank you! :h

    @Deborah: Me too! They're all so special and beautiful. :L

    @Nina: Jeste, jeste. :)

    @Jackie S.: :D That's funny! :) No hand creams for you when you're wearing mattes! :P I'm lucky because I use hand lotion so rarely. :P

    @BellasUnhaseCia: Thank you! :k


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