Thursday, March 3, 2011

OPI - Sweet Heart + Konad

Shiny! was right! Sweet Heart is a nice base for stamping too. :) I'm not posting konadicures together with my base polish just because I usually don't stamp it right after I apply a polish but next day or even later. 
I used roses pattern, because it obviously become my favorite pattern, from M65 and China Glaze - Harmony. Like Admire this is also a perfect polish for stamping. I smudge the pattern on my middle finger just a little, oops. :$

Daylight, cloudy day

I definetely need more metallics from Romantique and Khrome in my collection so I could stamp my manicures over and over again, because it's really so easy. 5 minutes and you're done with all 10 fingers! :D That's a record for me! :) I prefer waiting few minutes that pattern is perfectly dry, so the TC doesn't smudge it. I wasn't so patient today. :P

What do you think? Do you have any polishes from Romantique and Khrome collection? Are they all good for stamping? 

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

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  1. so feminine and delicate! very nice.

  2. the colors & stamp combo is perfect!! so pretty :)

  3. Lovely! I've been seeing a lot of that design and I still can't believe why I haven't bought it! :f

  4. Gorgeous! Looks super sweet :)

  5. spet te rožice :) hehehe... cute

  6. That turned out adorable :)
    And yeah, gotta <3 Khromes and Romantiques! I have several, mainly for stamping :)

  7. e, ova manikura meni izgleda baš 'tvoja' :-D

  8. zelo bi mi bilo všeč če bi večkrat uporabljala štampiljkice, ker tole je res čudovito :L

  9. OMG!! I loved this design soo much that I did a pedicure as soon as I saw it! It's sooo pretty && I love the color combos! Thanks for the inspiration!! I posted pics on my blog && linked back<33 *prettyfulz.blogspot*

  10. Thank yooouuuu girls, I'm so happy you like it! I really like this pattern. :L So perfect and feminine! :)

    @rins: I'm sure you even don't need this image plate, because you're so good with freehand nail art. :)

    @Pink_Diamond: Če so pa tako lepe! :$

    @Shiny!: Tnx, now I'm going to search for more to add them to my WL. :P

    @nail crazy: Hehehehe, piše na njoj I v a n a. :P

    @Tinna: Hvala. :$ Potem moram nabaviti več lakov, ki tako super sodelujejo s konadom, ker drugače mi štempiljkanje vzame preveeeč časa. :(

    @Prettyfulz: Awww, that's so cute that you're inspired by my mani, it means a lot to me. :$

  11. That manicure is SO pretty !
    That image plate is definitely a must-have !
    Xx. S


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