Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catherine Arley - 670

Time for some Catherine Arley! Are you ready? It was a sunny day so I tried all my 4 new Catherine Arleys. :D I have like million pictures which are waiting to be checked and posted. :D 
Let's start with the lightest pink I got - #670 - what a name, right? xo It's sooo subtle. :) I added 2 coats. Application is great! They're a little sheer so maybe I should add one coat more but I like it anyway. :L Holographic effect isn't very strong but it's still there. :) They're also drying super fast! What do we want more?
Really low price, 14 ml of polish, quicky drying, super glossy finish and also holographic - they're just awesome. :L

I didn't add any coat of TC but even without they're sooooo super glossy and shiny. I'm sooooooooo in love with all of them! :L If you don't have them, don't think - just grab them! :)

evercouldbe asked me if I could take a picture of their brush and compare them with OPI and H&M brushes, so here it is:
H&M - Sinful Señorita, H&M - I'm a Saint, Catherine Arley - 675, OPI - DS Original
Their brush is little wider than H&M but narrower than OPI. 2 Catherine Arleys brushes were wonky so I decided to trim them a bit. But when I tried to grab that piece of brush which was too long, I easily pulled it out. :i That's why I removed just those which were too long, because I didn't want to pull out the whole brush. :D Application of these holos isn't difficult,  that's why you can apply polish just easily with thier brush. I  personaly like OPI brushes most.
I hope this was helpful. :h

I was really honoured when Prettyfulz picked my previous manicure for nail of the week at her blog. Thank you so much! :$ She has also one lovely blog, be sure that you'll check and start following her. :) She started posting video tutorials too, keep them coming! :)

I just noticed that Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... for todays bloglight picked me. :$  You're so sweet, thank you so much for your sweet words! :h Go and check her blog too and show some love there, you won't be sorry I promise. ;)

That's all for today! Take care ladies.
Ivana :k

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  1. What an gorgeous feminine pink! I really love the subtle holo shimmer, it really fits the pale girly color!

    And thank you SO much for the brush comparison! I really appreciate it!! :D I love seeing how brushes compare to each other and peoples opinion on them, especially with polish brands that I've never tried myself.

    I can't what to see the rest of the colors! :e

  2. What a lovely shade! Now I regret getting that one.. xo

  3. Čudovit je <3. Komaj čakam da sprobam svoje =)

  4. I'm in love !!
    It's so pretty ! :)
    Xx. S

  5. @evercouldbe: Thank you and you're very welcome, I'm so happy you like it! :) It wasn't hard to take a picture of all of them. :P Their brushes aren't nothing special but still easy to work with. :)

    @AmyGrace: Thanks! At least one I have and you don't. :P If you'll order some, be sure you'll get it, it's soooo subtle and pretty. :)

    @Paulina: I agree. :)

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala. :$ Sploh ne vem kaj čakaš... :L

    @S.: I knew you'll like it. :k

    @Sara ♥'s ...: Thank you. :)

    @Carolina: Thank you sweety. :)

  6. Such a pretty shade of holo!
    Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  7. I need to get some of theese holo's :D

  8. Oh wow, this is absolutely STUNNING!

    xo Elize

  9. Very pretty color and looks great on you! And I really like your blog so you deserve to be in The Bloglight!

  10. @Sarah B.: You'll enjoy them I'm sure! :)

    @Kathrin: You should, I don't knwo what are you waiting for. :P

    @Elize: Thank you. :k

    @Deborah: Thank so much again. :h


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