Friday, March 25, 2011

OPI - DS Original

Tired of Catherine Arley already? :D I've got something moooooore holographic for you today. I think I've got an obsession with holos lately. xo I want so many of them but so bad they're mostly all discontinued. or sold by ridiculous prices. :( I really have to say big THANKS to Leslie. Thank you so much! :k I'm soooo happy I got it from you and I can't even tell how much I love it. :L

Designer Series - Original - light lavender/purple with scattered particles too. AMAZING! Can't stop looking my nails. :$ I added 2 coats, it dries fast, perfect brush, amazing rainbow... I'm in love (again). :L

I want more holos in my life! :o It's so fun how they look just plain on daylight and just become alive on sun! :L I took like a million pictures and I hardly pick just these. :D I didn't want to spam with pictures. :P What do you think? I'm playing with light all the time.... I wanted to try a crackle over but I'll wait till I get some tip wear, it would be a shame to cover this rainbow. :D

OPI please make some more holos for us! PLEASE. :c

I wish you a holographic dreams tonight. :P
Ivana :k

16 Comment(s):

  1. :O, Looks incredible, I need to get this one ASAP.

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  3. We all want more holos! Let's sign a petition to all nail polish manufacturers!

    This DS is unbelieveble, I bet you catch the sun all day :)

  4. I love holos too! This is really amazing!

  5. Oh wow, wish I owned this :o

    xo Elize

  6. beautiful!
    could you do a comparison with this and color club fashion addict?
    fashion addict is on it's way to me from ebay, and i want to know if i should also get this one!
    but if they are really similar i won't get it.

  7. Čudovit je in res krasna mavrica!

  8. uh sad bi rado da imam jos neki holo :)

  9. i am so jealous you have this polish! did u manage to get it when it was still in stores, or did you have to get it on ebay? Oh yeah, the new series of bundle monster image plates will have BIGGER full sized images that will fit the whole nail!! I bet ur excited now! lol <33

  10. @Carolina: Agree! :) It's just stunning, I hope I'll see it on your nails soon! :)

    @Megan Harmeyer: It is. :L

    @tongchen@seattle: Yes I'm. :) Thanks.

    @Ixy99: 8)

    @Stickers: I'm in! I would be sooo happy if they re-release Divine or Exclusive. :D I did, it's like hypnose. :P

    @Mína: Thank you. :h I'm so happy I got it. :$

    @Elsa P.: I hope you'll get this one somehow, you won't be sorry. :) So bad they're so hard to find. :@

    @rebecca: I will do it soon. :) But I can already tell that this one is way more holo and more lilac like FA, but you'll see the comparison pictures soon. :) I really think you NEED this one too. :$

    @With love, Ana.: Ane? Prav prekrasen. :L

    @Lendoxia: I ja isto. :(

    @Deborah: 4?! :o I really add just 2, I think it would be even better with 3 but even 2 were enough. Did you use any BC?

    @nail crazy: :h

    @Tinna: Zelo. :L

    @Prettyfulz: I really don't know where did Leslie get it, I got it from her in swap few weeks ago. :$
    I can't believe they'll make bigger patterns, wooohooo for that. :e I was so mad when I tried one beautiful pattern and it was too small for my nails. :D


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