Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OPI - Sweet Heart

It was really hard to decide which one should I use next. :D But because I'm a big fan of pastel pinks I decided to use this cute OPI - Sweet Heart. I love its name. :$ Adora Belle who sent me this beauty matches to its name too, because she is a sweetheart too. :)

It's a beautiful very light creme pink, but it's quite sheer. On some fingers I added 3 and somewhere 4 coats,  because it can be  still streaky after 3, but I usually add thinner coats. To speed up its drying time I used 1coat of Essie G2G. :) The result is stunning. :L

Outside, cloudy day

Window, cloudy day
What do you think about this polish? Is 3+ coats a big no for you?

It's sooo cold outside, no sun and it's snowing a little too! :( Nothing like Spring at all. :)

Ivana :k

16 Comment(s):

  1. Waw ful ful mi je všeč! :L

  2. Ohhh I love the look of this polish! So Sweet!

  3. Love pastel nail polishes! This is pretty :)

  4. What a sweet, soft color! I think it might make a nice base for some stamping too.
    If it's a nice color I have no problem with 3 coats, or even 4, as long as it dries then :)

  5. res lep nežen odtenek :L škoda da je potrebnih toliko plasti...

  6. joj, kako lep nezen odtenek:)....Lepo ti pristaja:)

  7. Three coats is not a problem for me, but if it goes more than that, it needs to be a really special color.

  8. Very pretty, I love super glossy pastels :)

  9. That's a great color! :e

    But I was looking for a light pastel pink that doesn't need as many coats.
    Can you recommend any?

  10. Wow what a beautiful colour! :)
    Gorgeous gorgeous xxx

  11. Thank you girls for you comments! :h

    @Shiny!: Agree, but I prefer using a fast drying TC so I don't have to wait long for fully dry manicure. :P

    @KarenD: Agree, if it's a special color, we always can work with lots of coats with no problem. :D

    @Stickers: Perfect pastel pink is definetely China Glaze - Something Sweet (it needs 2 coats and has really amazing application), but it isn't so soft like this beauty. I really can't think of any pastel pink like this now. :$ If I remember, I'll let you know. :) But if you're looking for a pastel pink, SS is the winner! :i

  12. lijepo izgleda :) i +3 je uobicajeno turn off za mene

  13. @Lendoxia: Hvala. :$ I ako je neka baš prekrasna boja? :P

  14. my mom just bought me this bottle of OPI, will be trying it next week. I change my nail color every week.


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