Friday, March 11, 2011

Pink Leopard French Manicure

I just wake up, ate my breakfast and now I'm relaxing in front of computer like every day. Checking my mails, read the news, check all blog updates and now I'm wriing a new post. :) 
For this manicure I was inspire by Leslie from Nail Polish Art Addiction, who really make awesome free hand nail art. I'm not good at free hand nail art at all, so I used Konad image plate and try to make something similar like Leslie did. :)
My leopard mani has to be pink. :D For diagonal french tips I used scotch tape, so I easily stamped the pattern just on the tips. It was quite easy to do it. :)

Base color: China Glaze - Rich & Famous
Stamping: Manhattan Quick Dry 1010N + M75 + filled with China Glaze - Admire

When I's taking pictures, I didn't pay attention to base color but on the pattern and my fingers. :D So, what do you think? If you'll try this mani, share a link. :)

I really like it and I'll definetely have this manicure for few days on my nails. :i

Ivana :k

30 Comment(s):

  1. Love how you've just done the tips on three nails. Stunning colours too :)

  2. ohhh..I love the idea of diagonal french tips!!! :L

  3. Excellent job! I love the added twist to make it your own.

  4. wooow! that is seriously too cute!! :D

  5. it's amazing :) maybe one day you colud try yourself doing leopard mani since it's easy :)

  6. I think it would look great with Matte top coat :)

  7. This is gorgeous and I love that colour too.

  8. Wonderful manicure, I like the first picture!

  9. love iiiit! something about leopard print manicures always makes me happy.

  10. aww i love how you did the french tips! && that pink color is sooo pretty<3

  11. Inače ne volim te životinjske manikure, ali ovo je stvarno predivno ali stvarno!!!

  12. Ovo mi je super,definitivno ču ti ukrasti ideju :D

  13. Bom dia Ivana!
    Ficou linda suas unhas....

  14. Res čudovita kobinacija barv in seveda tud celoten look je super + še perfekten odtis. All I can say is that I'm loving it <3

  15. Ivana... I LOVE this! my favorite of yours yet!!!

  16. 29 comments! :o :b Thank you so much for your comments girls! :h I never got so many comments till now. Yay! :e

    @Sophie Isobel: Thank you! :h I think it would be too much if stamped all nails like my ring and thumb. :)

    @~Leslie~: Thanks for your compliment and inspiration too! :h

    @Alice @ NailsbyAlice: Maybe one day. :) But I know I wouldn't like it because I'm a big perfectionist and all have to be just perfect. :P

    @Biberlee: Definetely! :D But I forgot it at home so I can't try it over this mani and I'm still wearing it. :(

    @Nina: Samo ti kradi. :r

    @colorfulbottle: Aww hvala. :$ Meni je tudi zelo všeč, no saj zato je pa še vedno na mojih nohtih. :D

    @Annelise: Thank you! I'm so happy you like it. :$ I'm still wearing it, I think today is the 5th day. :D That's a record for me. :P


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